[Old] Partners in Crime – Old vs. New | The Piper Chronicles

2015 2018 This was inspired by fan art of the 10th Doctor and Rose I found on DeviantART. This is a piece I wouldn't mind updating again because I find it so cute! Link to original 2015 Version Link to original 2018 Version

[Old] Bumblebee and Taylor McCarthy Poster | Transformers: Renascent

Hey guys! I figured while we're in transition to new Fanfiction entries, I'd like to start showcasing some old art I did for my series'. These are from 5+ years ago, so you may see a decline in quality. This is also back when this series was called "Transformers: Revolution" and not "Transformers: Renascent." This … Continue reading [Old] Bumblebee and Taylor McCarthy Poster | Transformers: Renascent

[Art] Arms of the Dragon Queen

I fell in love with Coat of Arms after discovering them at a Classical Conversations Play Camp, and later re-discovered at Busch Gardens, Williamsburg. So I've been experimenting with art, colors, and symbols, which all have their own meanings! This is a good start with the supporters and colors, but I may try a few … Continue reading [Art] Arms of the Dragon Queen