[Art] Arms of the Dragon Queen

I fell in love with Coat of Arms after discovering them at a Classical Conversations Play Camp, and later re-discovered at Busch Gardens, Williamsburg. So I’ve been experimenting with art, colors, and symbols, which all have their own meanings! This is a good start with the supporters and colors, but I may try a few more things.

The color red represents warrior, martyr, or military strength, while orange represents worthy ambition. The shape of the red stripe, referred to as “Reguly,” represents “difficulties that have been encountered.” Scallop shells are said to be associated with travelers and naval victory. Falcons symbolize perseverance, “One who does not rest until objective achieved.” The bird, specifically a swallow or martlet, has multiple possible meanings, three being peace, prophecy, and merit. Finally, the viking runes read the name of the bearer of these Coat of Arms.

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