Top 3 Beginners Coasters at King’s Dominion

Hi everyone! So, since I’ve started working as a Ride Operator, I’ve been thinking about what tips and tricks I can give guests coming with their children. Like other families with thrill ride enthusiasts, my parents encouraged me to ride coasters with them to experience their exhilaration, no matter how scary it looked. It didn’t take me too long to overcome uncertainty and voluntarily ride coasters for fun. However, other parents may not be so fortunate with their children. Thus, I’ve decided to dedicate a post, recommending the top three coasters for first time thrill riders. Keep in mind, this is my own personal opinion based on my experience of each ride. If you’d like to see a full ranking based on thrills and/or intensity, let me know in the comments! I would also recommend to get your children’s height requirement wrist bands as soon as possible when entering the park. Getting onto a ride will be faster, and it frankly makes ride operator’s jobs a lot easier.

#1: The Great Pumpkin Coaster

Located in Planet Snoopy, this is the best first coaster! In my opinion, it’s the just right amount of thrills without being too terrifying. It’s a very small track where you go around twice over fun hills! Minimal height requirement is 40″ to ride alone, and 36″ to be accompanied by a parent. There are photos available after the ride if you desire to capture your kid’s first coaster experience!

#2: The Woodstock Express

The Woodstock Express, also located in Planet Snoopy, is a perfect step-up from Great Pumpkin! Even as an adult, this wooden roller coaster still remains a good time! It’s a little more intense, but it’s super fun! As of early June 2021, photos are sadly not available for this ride. Minimum height requirement to ride alone is 46″ and 40″ to ride with a parent.

#3: Racer 75

This roller coaster is not in Planet Snoopy, rather in Candy Apple Grove. This wooden roller coaster is a great option for kids who are ready for more grown-up rides! This is one of three coasters that don’t go upside down, and isn’t too rickety and doesn’t shake you around that much. Minimum height requirement is 48″. Sadly, there are no photos available for this ride.

Thank you for reading! Hope this list is helpful for you as you plan your trip with your family! If you want more ranking King’s Dominion posts and have suggestions, leave it in the comments! Have fun and enjoy your day at King’s Dominion, ride on!

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