King’s Dominion | 2018 Review

Howdy folks!

Welp, 2018 has now passed. I think it’s time for me to start reflecting on my adventures, and we’ll begin with Kings Dominion in Doswell, Virginia!

My Dad spoiled us with golden memberships to go all year round, meaning I (and by extension we) can enjoy Kings Dominion all through 2018! Let’s get started!

International Street

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This was one of the most aesthetically pleasing areas in the park! It was very cute, clean, and dripping with atmosphere and great music!

I want to not that it’s unlikely to find a restaurant at Kings Dominion that was completely horrible! It will be difficult to find a restaurant you will be completely unsatisfied with!

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The Border Burrito is not 3 Amigos standards, but it’s the first Mexican restaurant other than 3 Amigos that I’ve been pleased with. We’ve been here more than once, alternating between the burrito bowl and the burrito salad. Once again, portions are plenty! You have a wide variety of choices of what goes into your bowl and can completely fill you up and even leaving with extra!

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(Photo by CP Food Blog)

Because my Dad got us dining plans, our only option at Panda Express was a meal which consisted of Orange Chicken or Beef and broccoli, and rice or Lo Mein. However, regardless of what we chose, we received a generous portion, very tasty and just the right amount of food!

Berserker 1 Watermarked.pngBerserker 2 Watermarked.png

I didn’t ride the Berserker until around the Fall, and that was because it was a little intimidating. It threatened to hang its riders upside down for a short period of time, but it was short enough for me to worry if I could handle it. Until finally, I convinced myself to go with my dad. The safety belts were super tight and I felt like my freedom to breath was a little small, but I’m glad I rode it!

Planet Snoopy

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Ahh, another location at Kings Dominion that’s full of nostalgia! Planet Snoopy is a great place for the kids with many exciting rides perfect for them! It creates an atmosphere full of delight brought to you by the Peanuts Gang!

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(Photo by CP Blog)


What can I say? It’s Chick-Fil-A! If you decide to purchase either the eight count nuggets or the sandwich, you will receive a large fry, which will leave you feeling spoiled! Chick Fil A is awesome and what a blessing to have them at Kings Dominion!

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(Photo by Theme Park Reviews)

The Woodstock Express is King’s Dominion’s kiddie coaster, and its a very fun ride if your kids are too scared to ride the big boys. It still carries a sense of thrill, even though it’s for children, and it is more thrilling than the Air Grover’s Kid Coaster at Busch Gardens, Williamsburg!

Red Baron 1 Watermarked.png

One of my brother’s most favorite attractions!

Safari Village

The Safari Village was the most roller coaster-heavy place in the park! It’s a fun little glimpse of the feel and whimsy of Africa!


(Photo by CP Food Blog)

The Hungry Hippo is a burger joint in Safari Village. It was one of the very few restaurants I didn’t find very impressive. The buns were cold, beginning to go stale, and the portions were small. I would recommend the next joint…


Outer Hanks has some of the most delicious fried seafood, especially the fries! Some visits will have slightly smaller portions than other times. But all in all, fantastic!

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The Volcano is my Dad’s favorite coaster in the park. It’s one of the few coasters in the park that gives us excited butterflies each time we get on! Unfortunately, we only got to ride it once before it closed for the rest of the year. But fear not! Rumor has it, it’s back open in 2019!

KD Blog Safari 3 Watermarked                  KD Blog Safari Watermarked


(Photo by Coaster Buzz)

The Flight of Fear was a coaster a bit higher on my favorites at King’s Dominion. It’s similar to the Verbolten at Busch Gardens, Williamsburg in regards to its sense of mystery and atmosphere. The only downside is, I suspect (because I wasn’t even born yet), because it was originally The Outer Limits (1997), and they had to strip most of its story due to copyright, it doesn’t have as much “wow” factor as it could’ve. Still, the initial launch of the coaster continues to give me the fearful jitters, and in a good way! In addition, the employees often running the Flight of Fear are complete trolls and always launches the coaster when you least expect it! I give them props for trying to have fun and add to this coaster’s terror.


(Photo by Trip Savvy)

The Intimidator 305 is certainly true to its name! This coaster is not for the faint of heart! If I didn’t breathe properly during this ride, I would probably pass out! I had to stop shouting the hearty coaster cry because of it! Regardless, this isn’t a coaster to pass up if you’re an adrenaline junkie!

Candy Apple Grove

Candy Apple Grove attempts to recreate the aesthetic of an exciting carnival full of games, treats, and prizes, straight out of the 1950s!

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KD Blog Apple Watermarked

Singing mushrooms watermarked.png

Classic icons of King’s Dominion: The Singing Mushrooms!


(Photo by CP Food Blog)

I personally believe the Jukebox Diner is the best burger joint in Kings Dominion. The buns are good, you have a large range of toppings, and a generous portion of fries!

Just be warned, during the Summer the bees are terrible and if you’re melissophobic like I am, you’ll be getting up from your table every other minute to flee from them! And don’t try to kill them, or you’ll have a swarm coming after you!


(Photo by CP Food Blog)

KD Blog Apple 7 Watermarked

The Mac Bowl is my favorite restaurant in the park! It’s a brilliant concept: Mac & Cheese with a meat topping and anything else you want, including tomato, onion straws, spinach, barbecue sauce, and more! The portions are also enormous! The only sad thing is it isn’t open long enough throughout year!

KD Blog Apple 4 Watermarked

I’d like to briefly review King’s Dominion’s newest attraction and insane hybrid coaster, the Twisted Timbers. The Twisted Timber’s is a mixture of steal and wood, with multiple airtime hills and a 109-foot tall barrel drop! It’s an intense ride, but it’s a lot of fun! The only aspect that annoyed me was I couldn’t bring my fanny pack on the ride. Perhaps the seats needed to be so tight and secure, that nothing was allowed to obstruct it.

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Twisted Timbers also has the best merchandise. I got a Twisted Timbers navy-blue ball-cap and I wear it all the time!

Pretty blossoms watermarked.png


(Photo by Theme Park Review)

The Rebel Yell-, Oh, I’m sorry, the Racer 75, was the first roller coaster I ever rode, so it has a special place in my heart. It is one of the largest and longest coasters at King’s Dominion, as well as one of the oldest in the park. There are two train cars that ride almost simultaneously and meet together at the climb up. But be forewarned, if you decide to race your friend, there is always one particular train that is faster than the other.

(Still salty over that name change though KD)

Old Virginia

Old Virginia encapsulates Southern Virginian charm. It’s one of the more quiet and peaceful sections of the park, with a beautiful green tunnel with rocking chairs to relax and an attracting lily pond next to the Country Chicken.

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The Cirque show was a fun experience and the perfect entertainment to wind down to! The cast was also hilarious with their interactions with the audience at the very beginning with their improvisation sensations. Overall, the Cirque show is full of goofy jolly!


(Photo by CP Food Blog)

The Country Chicken is a quaint little place with a beautiful lily pond that’s a great choice for all your southern cravings. The mac & cheese and mashed potatoes were fantastic, and the biscuits were good! Ironically, the only food they served that wasn’t the best, was their chicken. Its breading is thick and the meat chewy. But if that’s your cup-of-tea, the Country Chicken is the perfect place for you!


(Photo by CP Food Blog)

The Wayside Grill was closed often when we tried to eat there, so I’ve only been able to try one of their meals, which was the Corn Dog. Luckily, their corn dogs were fantastic, probably the best I’ve ever had! A perfect place to go for a snack!

KD Blog Dino 4 Watermarked                    KD Blog Dino 3 Watermarked

The Dinosaur’s Alive attraction is one if not my all time favorite place in the park! The life-sized animatronics of all our favorite dinosaurs were absolutely incredible! And it’s so tragic that 2018 was its last run. Thank you so much for the amazing experience, my reptilian friends! Rest in peace.

Bonus Meme:

meme screenshot

And that’s a year retrospective of King’s Dominion 2018! Stay tuned for my review of King’s Dominion’s Haunt, and its first ever Winterfest!



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