[Old] Bumblebee and Taylor McCarthy Poster | Transformers: Renascent

Hey guys!

I figured while we’re in transition to new Fanfiction entries, I’d like to start showcasing some old art I did for my series’. These are from 5+ years ago, so you may see a decline in quality. This is also back when this series was called “Transformers: Revolution” and not “Transformers: Renascent.”

This is one of my first attempts at photoshopping, and still one of my favorites I’ve made. It was the first time I felt like my characters really came to life. This poster really looked like a hypothetical movie or game that could come on the big screen. At the time, I chose Emma Stone as my “face claim (a term for a person whom a fan chooses to be the visual representation of a fictional character)” for Taylor McCarthy, aka Captain Knightingale of the Red Delta Squadron. Since then, I’ve used Lyndsy Fonesca and sometimes Effy Stonem as face claims.

Bumblebee from the War for Cybertron/Fall of Cybertron has always been my favorite design and voice, so he has been the primary inspiration for my version of Bumblebee. Johnny Young Bosch is my favorite voice actor for Bumblebee (though Dylan O’Brien could’ve been a contender if he had more lines in the Bumblebee movie), and I really want more of him in this role (as well as Dylan O’Brien).

Link to original

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