Valentine’s Day 2019: Mailboxes and Yummy Pizza!

Happy belated Valentine’s Day!

Before I get started, I’d like to briefly review what Valentine’s Day is all about:

Valentine’s Day is a day put aside to honor St. Valentine, an early Christian living in the days of the Roman Empire.

Legend has it, while he was in prison for proclaiming his faith, he met a jailor named Asterius, whom Valentine had been witnessing to during his jail time. Finally, after some time, Asterius told Valentine:

“If Jesus can heal my blind daughter, then I will believe in Him.”

Valentine put his hands on Asterius’ daughter, and her eyesight was restored.

Valentine, like many other Christians during that time, was thrown into the Roman Colosseum with the lions for his faith, and Valentine’s Day was put in place to remember him and remember the mighty power of Christ.

I recommend The Legend of the Valentine, my favorite children’s book for the holiday! You could argue it covers Black History Month and Valentine’s Day at the same time!

Now, let’s get started with the festivities:


Valentine’s Day has always made me somewhat sad every time it comes around. Not because I’m single, but because I am too old for group card exchanges, and that was always my favorite part of Valentine’s Day. I loved all of the small, store-bought cards which you would fold and put a small heart sticker on. This year, I wanted to start a new tradition similar to that in our home.

I encouraged everyone to get mailboxes. The idea was to have them in our rooms, so that, when Valentine’s Day rolled around, we would secretly put our cards/treats in each other’s mailboxes. Some of us decided to design them!

My sister simply applied adorable Valentine’s Day stickers onto her box, and attempted to create the illusion of icing dripping down the lid. I believe she succeeded!

My youngest brother is a big fan of Marvel, as well as Legos. So he decided to combine them for his mailbox! I gave him a bit of a helping hand but he did most of the work himself!

My oldest-younger brother preferred not to design his own, but he still put stickers on his box.

And finally, because I love art journaling, I decided to design mine using that similar method. I went classic H.N. Simpson and designed mine based on my upcoming, multi-fandom Fanfiction series (which I’m still currently brainstorming). It took me a period of 2-3 days to finish it, but I’m elated of how it turned out!

I bought a mailbox for my parents too because I wanted them to be included.

My Valentine’s Day cards of choice were Black Panther and Transformers. I bought Wonder Woman too, but I wasn’t impressed with the quality of the puzzle/card hybrid.

My youngest brother gave me a How to Train Your Dragon pencil with a card attached to it. My sister gave me one of her extra special pencils with a cute tag My friends got me a box of chocolates and a stress-Koala, so I was happy!

I wanted to make something special for Valentine’s Day for my siblings since my parents were going out, so I made heart shaped pizzas.

I wanted them to be Philly cheese steak pizzas, but we were missing some ingredients. So I had to improvise. For example, the recipe required beef, but I did chicken.

I wasn’t able to make enough, but they were more successful than I was anticipating!

The kids loved them, but personally I found it a bit dry. I wanna try Alfredo sauce next time and see if it makes it better.

Also this is the first year I’ve bought discounted Valentine’s Day candy the day after. Derp. :3


Thanks for reading! Please leave a like if you enjoy’d!

Comment below what your favorite Valentine’s Day 2019 moment was! Hope you had a great holiday!

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