Re:Connect – Kiera Dreamseeker {Part 2} – Day 355/2

Dormant Warriors

“So, you’ve come to us at last.”

I slowly sat down at the glass table. On the other said, was a blonde haired girl with blue eyes, wearing a white dress. To the right of her was a man in a large red robe with red and black wraps covering his face, Xzylair discovered his name to be “DiZ.”

“I need to know, Naminé,” I said, “Who are Ventus, Terra, and Aqua?”

“Ventus, is the heart connected to both Sora and Kiera,” Naminé explained, “I can’t tell you much about him, only that he and Kiera had known each other before, long ago, and shared the bond of true love between one another.

“When he went to sleep, his heart left his body, and went to search for a hiding place. For whatever reason, he hid in Sora’s heart. It seemed that he hid his own heart so deep, that no one could ever find him. But Kiera, Kiera has a gift of communicating with sleeping hearts. Even though Ventus himself didn’t tell her who he was for the longest time, Kiera was always able to speak with him while she slept.

“As for Terra and Aqua, they are also connected to Kiera and Ventus. They were keyblade warriors a long time ago, who trained together. But something drove them apart, and Aqua and Terra have disappeared. Shifting through Kiera’s memories, I don’t think she even knows…”

Naminé looked up, a saddened expression on her face.

“Because Ventus resides in Sora’s heart, Roxas needs to be reunited with Sora before he can wake up.”

Xzylair was quiet for a long while, taking everything in, slowly. 

“Before I can agree to this, I have two conditions” Xzylair decided, “One: I must be able stay with Roxas until it’s his time to be united with Sora. That way, we can wake up together. Two: You must confirm this theory to me: Is Roxas, Ventus’ Nobody? It would be crazy to think that they wouldn’t, considering they look nearly identical.”

“You would be correct, Xzylair” said DiZ.

He glanced at Xion, who had been standing in the room, quietly this whole time.

“Xion is Sora’s true Nobody. She was mainly formed by Sora’s memories of Kairi; and because of their uniquely strong bond, Xion took on the appearance of Kairi. Both her and Roxas are essential to Sora’s awakening.”

I looked back over my shoulder to Xion, who had her head down, saddened. 

I thought it was because of the hard decision she had just made…

I looked up at Naminé, then DiZ, then said:

“Okay. I’ll do it.”


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