Re:Connect – Kiera Dreamseeker {Part 2} – Day 147/9

Kiera’s Memories

Riku didn’t answer immediately. But to my dismay, he eventually nodded.

“Xzylair, the memories you have that aren’t yours…they belong to Kiera” he announced.

Something in my chest fell.

“So the dreams and visions I’ve been having, those are Kiera’s?”

“When our world was swallowed, Kiera went with Sora to other worlds, locking every one tightly as they went. However, Kiera eventually sacrificed herself to save Sora from…” Riku stopped a moment before continuing, “Kiera became a heartless for a short time before waking up. That’s how you were created.”


I shouldn’t have been surprised. Nobodies all come from somebody. It makes sense that I came from Kiera. But it still hurt.

“That explains why I have no memory of who I was before” I realized, “Because Kiera didn’t really ‘die’, only in deep slumber .”

Riku put a hand of my shoulder. I restrained my typical knee-jerk reaction to someone touching me.

“Xzylair, Kiera can’t wake up unless you merge with her. Come with me, and you can help her.” 

He was eager and restless. I could understand why. If I found the key to saving someone I cared about, I would get it without hesitation. But he seemed to be giving me a choice. 


It was an important decision. I wanted to help Kiera, but at the same time, I knew I couldn’t leave when Roxas was still asleep. Two thoughts played in my mind when I thought about Roxas.


“Just go with Riku! Roxas has Xion and Axel to wake up to. They can take care of him.”

“Who cares if he has Xion and Axel? You are his friend! You can’t leave him! Not after what you’ve discovered!” 


“Riku…” I said finally, “I…I know how important Kiera is to you, and I want to help. But…I have people who are important to me too. I can’t just up and leave, not yet. My best friend is in a coma, and he already believes that one of his friends are dead. I can’t do that to him.”

Riku frowned. I could tell he didn’t like my choice. 

“I’m sorry Riku. I’m just not the lifeless shell you wish I was.”


There was a moment of silence between us. Finally, Riku resolved:

“How about…I give you time to think about it?”

“Yes. Thank you…Riku” I said.

As he turned to leave, I suddenly asked:

“One more thing! Do you know who Ventus is?” 

Riku paused. 

“No, I don’t know any Ventus.”

I was quiet. He opened a dark portal and began to leave. 

“Riku, your sister misses you.” 

Riku stopped for a moment, then stepped through the portal, and left.

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