Re:Connect – Kiera Dreamseeker {Part 2} – Day 147

The Destiny Islands

Roxas still hasn’t awoken. I wish I could stay by his bed today. I could see the shells that Xion had been collecting and placing it on his bed. Maybe I’ll pick up one on my mission today.


I was out doing missions in a beautiful new world. It was an island. Warm sands, warm water, beautiful shells, palm trees. It was so pleasant. I realized that this place matched the look of the beach that I always say Kiera and her friends at. Maybe that’s why that world felt so much…like home. I hoped maybe this was the place, and I could find answers.


But what I found, startled me. I was now having visions in broad daylight, causing my heart to throb and my knees weaken.

I saw the blue haired woman, Aqua.

I saw the man, Terra.

I saw the boy, with spiky brown hair and blue eyes, smiling back at me.

I saw the girl, with red hair sleeping.

I saw the boy that looked like Roxas.



I saw a girl with blonde hair and white dress drawing something in a sketchbook. This was the first time I’ve seen her in my visions. I couldn’t question who she was for there were so many memories flashing through my mind at once, I couldn’t process them all. The voices were loud, ear-piercing. My head was hurting so bad that I passed out…


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