Re:Connect – Kiera Dreamseeker {Part 2} – Day 250

A Peculiar Keyblade

I returned to the Destiny Islands on the way back from a mission. I realize why I felt a strong connection to this place. Because my counterpart lived here. It’s strange that I never see Kairi. She was the only one that made it back to the Destiny Islands. Is Sora’s disorganized memories affecting her too? How would that work? Would she be at home with a cold?


As I sat by the waters, I saw a large object floating in the water. At first, I thought it was a giant log. Then, it became clear that was contrary. I lept to my feet and stepped into the water. Thankfully my boots make it unable for water to seep inside of them. I kept moving, the ends of my coat growing wet. I reached into the water and grabbed it. It…was a keyblade. It was made of silver steel and purple shaded iron with a strange symbol as its keychain. I wondered why and how it would’ve washed up there…


I had a memory recall to me, just an echo of a voice saying:

“Careful! Focus! Once you let darkness get a foothold in your heart, it will ensnare you!”


Something was telling me this keyblade was extremely important. So I decided to hide it away. Somewhere the Organization would never find it. Maybe Riku will know what it is…

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