Re:Connect – Kiera Dreamseeker {Part 2} – Day 85

Left Alone

Saïx has reassigned Roxas with Xion. He said that I’m capable of doing missions by myself now. I’m feeling something new. I’m feeling…sadness, anger. Something a Nobody isn’t supposed to have. Roxas told me that we could still meet at the clock tower every day. That satisfied me at first. Until Roxas brought Xion with him.


This must’ve been how Axel felt when I first came: fresh blood, invading space. I don’t know what I’m feeling about this. I want to feel positive about this. A new friend. How could this be bad? She stared at me a lot while we were eating our ice cream, as if she knew me.


Today’s dream was different. Instead of the blue-haired woman, the boy, and the young man, it was three entirely different people. Their faces were even harder to make out than the last.


I was putting coconuts down by what looked like to be a raft. I felt the warmth of sunlight on my face and the sound of crashing waves. Then, walking back across the beach, I saw a boy, a spiky brown-haired boy, sleeping on the shore. Then, I saw another boy. He was older, and had silver hair. I found him trying to cut a large palm tree that had fell.

“How were you able to bring a saw here without Mom and Dad finding out?” I snickered.

The boy looked up at me with his bright blue eyes and shrugged.

“I’m stealthy” the boy replied, winking. 

“Yeah sure” I giggled.

I picked up a piece of the tree along with the boy

“Where’s S___? K____ went to go find him” the boy asked.

I frowned. “Sleeping like a little baby.”

The boy groaned.

“Again? Must I do everything myself?” he asked exasperating.

“Hey!” I exclaimed, “I’m helping! I only sleep when there’s nothing else for me to do.” 

He snickered. “Well, let’s head to the beach and find S____ and K____.”


When we got to the beach, I saw the boy again. He was awake this time, and talking to a red-headed girl.

“Say K_____,” asked the brown-haired boy, “What was your hometown like? You know, where you grew up?”    

“I told you before, I don’t remember” the girl replied.

“Nothing at all?” He asked.


“You ever wanna go back?”. 

“Well, I’m happy here. But ya know…I still wouldn’t mind going to see it!”

“I’d like to as well. Along with any other worlds out there, I wanna see them all!”


“Hey, aren’t you forgetting about us?”

They turned around to see us standing behind them.

“R___!” the brown-haired boy, “K____!”

“Happy birthday, K____!” The girl congratulated.

I nodded and smiled.

“Thanks K____!”

“So, I guess we’re the only ones working on the raft?” The silver-haired boy asked.

The silver hair boy tossed the log to Sora, causing him to tumble to the ground. 

“And you,” said the silver hair boy, pointing at the girl, “You’re just as lazy as he is!”

“So you noticed” said the girl, giggling, “Okay, let’s finish it together! I’ll race you!”

“What? Are you kidding?” said the silver hair boy, groaning.

“I’ll race!” I chimed in.

“Ready! Go!”

The four immediately jumped up and started racing towards the other end of the beach.


Something was different about the silver-haired boy. I was speaking to him like he was family. So what about the other three I was dreaming about? Who were they in correlation to me? 

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