Re:Connect – Kiera Dreamseeker {Part 2} – Day 80


It’s been a long time since I’ve written here, mostly because there’s little to nothing to report until now. I haven’t had those weird dreams in a while. Just peaceful void, which isn’t so bad. Roxas and I have continued to be partners on missions. Sometimes with other members, but it’s mostly just the two of us, which was perfectly fine. I liked being alone with Roxas.


The Organization has a new member: Number Fifteen: Xion. I couldn’t see what she looked like, for she had her hood over her face. Her gender was literally all I could decipher. The only other detail I noticed, was that she kept looking at Roxas.


We went on another mission with a fellow member. This time it was Lexaeus, Number V, the other ominous scientist. However, he’s a young man of few words. He is matter-of-fact, and straight to the point. No insults, no praise, just simple instructions, and that was perfectly enough for me.


When we finished up our mission and got back to the castle, I saw Xion staring at Roxas again. He must’ve seemed familiar to her somehow. I wonder what her backstory is…


Aside from that, a new dream. This time, it was of a young man. He was considerably older than I was. We were sparring in a castle courtyard, which was outlined by soft grass and flowers. I could see my keyblade clash with his weapon. I deflected his blow and began spinning my keyblade rapidly and bright pink orbs came charging out. They hit the man in the shoulder, making it numb. Unfortunately, it wasn’t his fighting hand. He charged at me again. He bruised my right shoulder, but I continued on.

“Light!” I cried as I shot more light orbs at him.

He was blinded, and a charged at him with a spinning blow. I hit him, he tumbled onto the ground. Finally, the battle was over.

“Had enough?” I asked, resting my keyblade on my shoulders.

He stood up.

“Not bad…not bad at all” the man said, breathlessly.

I walked back towards two figures, one I recognized as the blue haired woman, the other as the Roxas look alike.

“Wow! You almost beat him Kiera! You’ve learned fast!” said the boy, smiling.

“Well, he’s only older than me by seven years, not fifteen” I declared.

The two chuckled.


So, at one time, there was more than one keyblade wielder. If that’s the case, where did they all go? What happened?


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