Re:Connect – Kiera Dreamseeker {Part 2} – Day 10

The Dream Girl

Floating. Paralyzed. Endless darkness. My eyes were glued shut. No strength to move. Then, I heard a voice cry out in the blackness:

“Ven? Ven, where are you?”

I suddenly felt strength return to her. I opened her eyes and pulled myself up. 


A light appeared from above. It slowly descend with a warm glow. It was an orb, light and ethereal. Just then, the orb took form in the shape of a girl. 

“Hello?” The girl asked.

“I heard you calling. What’s wrong?”

The girl frowned. “I’m looking for my friend. I can’t see him anymore. I thought, once I fell asleep, we could be together. But it only resulted in him being farther away.”

The girl stared down at the dark abyss below them. 

“I guess I now understand how lonely he must feel when I’m not there…”

“Sounds like he meant a lot to you.”

The girl nodded. “Yeah, he does.”

Then, the girl looked back up at her. 

“What’s your name?” The girl asked.


“Xzylair. That’s a cool name. My name is…”


Today, I had a mission with Roxas again. Saïx said that he and I will be partners until further notice. This made me get that warm feeling inside my chest again. I couldn’t figure out what it was. 


Saïx is Number VII, a stone-faced, long blue haired, yellowed eyed young man with an “X” slashed across his face. He never spoke a word to me casually, only ordering me around. I had no interest in speaking to him either. 


When I got downstairs this morning, I was met with Roxas’ radiant smile.

“Good morning, Xzylair!” He greeted.

“Good morning, Roxas” I replied, unfortunately not as enthusiastic as him. 

I still felt like a machine, with a small change in my programming when I saw Roxas. Then, Saïx told us that Larxene, number XII, would be joining us. I don’t think Roxas was thrilled, and neither was I. 


Larxene was an Organization member that I partially admired, partially. Her confidence and disregard for others’ opinions was something to be admired. However, she was extremely conceited, with an abrasive attitude and verbally abusive. I was not appreciative of her constant criticism. For a moment, I was convinced that Larxene could find a way to declare the very act of breathing repulsive. 

“Ugh, this is the worst. Whose idea was it to send me along on your stupid baby mission? Do I look like I run a nursery?” Larxene exclaimed, disgusted.

“Says the gal who’s number twelve” I rebuttled, cooly.

“Ouch!” Larxene replied, sarcastically, “That one almost hurt. Just remember if you don’t pull your weight, Number Fourteen, you will be quietly removed from the Organization. After all, we only need Thirteen members.”

I said nothing. It didn’t matter to me what Larxene thought. I was only there to work.


Larxene was supposed to teach us how to fight not with a keyblade, but instead solely using magic (this later proved pointless considering that the keyblade was Roxas and I’s sole purpose of Organization XIII). I was able to handle herself relatively well, my most desired type being fire magic. However, Roxas was just barely able to make it through the training exercise in one piece. There was even one point where Roxas was simply being knocked around by plant-based heartless like a pinball. I managed to step in and give him a hand and heal him. I reached out my hand to him.

“You alright?” I asked softly.

Roxas gave a small look of surprise, then nodded and took my hand.

“Yeah. Thanks Xzylair.”


“I’ll admit, you’re not that awful, mandarin-hair,” Larxene declared, “But dear me, Roxas! Well, let’s just say if you’re our big-shot Keyblade wielder, then we’re in deep doo-doo!”

“I thought your signature weapon were dual hair combs” I said, calmly, “At least Roxas’ has some practical use. He’s actually able to collect hearts. What do you use yours for? Styling your hair? I think you need more practice, Antenna-brain.”

Roxas almost went pale by the amount of insults I dished at our fellow member, especially one of a higher rank. But I didn’t care. I had no sympathy if I made her mad. Larxene laughed, heartily

“Oh Xzylair, you’re so hilarious!” she cackled, “I mean it! You’re cute! Keep that up, and you might also be a decent roast-giver.”

I couldn’t help but smirk under my hood. 

“I’ll take that as a compliment.”


As Larxene summoned a dark portal and departed, Roxas said to me:

“You know, you don’t have to defend me, Xzylair. I can handle myself.”

I pulled my hood back.

“I’m sure you can,” I replied simply, “But her words mean nothing. She’s covering up for something.”

“‘Covering up’? ‘Covering up’ what?”

I shrugged. “I don’t know. Insecurity, perhaps.”

I summoned a dark portal. As we walked into it, I added:

“Also, I want to stick up for you, Roxas.”

I need to ask someone what the warm feeling inside my chest is.


Number VIII was surprised to see Roxas and I together when we arrived at Twilight Town’s clock tower. I held my stick of blue ice cream awkwardly in my left hand as I followed Roxas to the ledge.

“Xzylair! This is a surprise” Axel stated.

“Yeah, it’s the least I could do after she saved my life today” said Roxas, smiling.

We sat down. Roxas told Axel all about our mission, and how many heartless we defeated. Roxas also mentioned the “spit-fire” war that Larxene and I performed. Axel laughed. 

“Well, I can’t say Larxene didn’t deserve it!” Axel exclaimed, “You’re alright, kid.”

Xylair nodded, smiling a little.



There was another moment of silence as the three of us finished our ice cream bars. Then, Axel asked:

“So, Xzylair, what makes you the wielder of a keyblade?”

I shrugged. “I don’t know…”

“You don’t remember?” Roxas asked.

“No,” said Xzylair, “All I know is that it’s giving me the most work out of all the members.”

Roxas scoffed. “I know, right? Everyone tells me that I am unique. But…if I’m special, then…should I be treated differently from the others?”

“What makes you think that?” I asked.

Roxas shrugged. “I don’t know. I just thought the title would mean something different.”

“Like Xzylair said, having a keyblade means you get extra work,” Axel explained, “The rest of us can only corral the Heartless. When we defeat a Heartless, it just simply pops up somewhere else. The Organization depends on you and Xzylair to fuel Kingdom Hearts. Only a keyblade can release hearts.”

“Then how come you don’t have a keyblade, Axel? Or anyone else for that matter?” I asked.

Axel didn’t answer for a moment and leaned back against the wall.

“Y’know, I haven’t really thought about it.”

As we watched the sun set, Roxas looked down at his empty popsicle stick. 

“So neither of us have our memories…” Roxas mumbled under his breath.

I heard him. There was something else we have in common.


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