Re:Connect – Kiera Dreamseeker {Part 1} – Chapter X

Chapter Ten:

Merlin the Magician

“The gummi block that came out of that glowing hole… It’s not like the others. Wonder what it’s used for.”

“I dunno.”

“Maybe Leon’ll know!”

“Hmm… He might. Back to Traverse Town, then?”

“I wanna be pilot!”

“Hey! Stop it!”

“Oh come on, Donald! I’m the keyblade Master!”

“You’re one of them, and I don’t care who you are! No!”

“Here we go again…”


The keyblade gang journeyed back to Traverse Town, where Kiera, Sora, Donald, and Goofy took the Gummi block to a man called Cid, who owned a workshop there. When Cid received the Gummi block, he was surprised.

“Hey! Well, if it ain’t a gummi block” he exclaimed.

“Yep!” Donald declared.

“What’s this one for?” Goofy asked.

“You’re kiddin’ me! You’re flyin’ a gummi ship and you don’t know nothin’ about navigation gummies? Bunch of pinheads. Interspace ain’t no

Sora huffed. “There’s a lot we don’t know. So what! We have to use the gummi ship to go to other worlds. We don’t have a choice! We have friends to rescue!”

“Easy Sora” Kiera warned.

Cid raised his hands in defense.

“Woah, I didn’t know. No hard feelings, all right? Well, I guess could lend y’all a hand, then.”


“Basically, with navigation gummies, you can go to new places. You want one on your ship, right?” Cid inferred.

The team nodded.

“I’ll install it for you. But I got this thing I gotta gotta deliver first.”

“What do you need to deliver?” Kiera inquired.

“Just this book. It’s real old. When the guy brought it in, it was practically falling apart. Too beat up to restore it to the way it was. But overall, I did a decent job puttin’ it back together. Anyway, you mind deliverin’ it for me? It’s the old house past the Third District. Look for a big fire sign” Cid instructed.

“You got it!”


Suddenly, there was a loud, ringing sound, shaking the entire workshop and everyone in it.

“What the blazes was that!?” Kiera exclaimed.

“Hmm? The bell at the gizmo shop is ringing. Go check it out if you want, but deliver that book for me first. When you’re done, stop by the house in the Third District. I’ll be there.”

“Gotcha, Cid!”


As the team turned to leave, Kiera told Sora:

“Go on without me Sora. I’ll catch up with you.”

Sora cocked his head, curiously.

“What? You sure? Is something wrong?”

“Oh, no!” Kiera chuckled, shaking her head, “I’m fine. Go on ‘n’ skedaddle.”

Sora smiled, and nodded.

“Okay, see ya in a bit, Kiera!”

Kiera nodded back, and Sora, Donald, and Goofy exited the shop.


Kiera turned back around.

“Cid, can I ask you one more question about something?” She asked.

“Ah, What the heck, shoot!” Cid replied.

Kiera pulled out the rusty, dirty relic from a magic pocket she learned to cast.

“I found this. I’m not quite sure what it is, but…it seems familiar” Kiera stated.

Cid was usually gruff, and good at hiding what exactly he was thinking. But in this case, his curiosity was piqued. He said nothing, and slowly took the relic from her.

“Now…this is somethin’…!” He breathed.

“Ya have any idea what it is?” Kiera referred eagerly.

“I have a theory,” he replied, “This looks like an ancient armor piece worn by keyblade wielders.” Kiera’s she’s widened. “Really!?”

“But I can’t say for sure. You’d have to ask Merlin. He knows History better than anyone I know!”

“Merlin? Who’s Merlin?”

“He’s a wizard. He’s actually taken residence in Traverse Town, though, no one knows for sure where he’s actually stayin’. He likes to make it hard for folks to find ‘em.”

“So, what’re my chances?”

Cid chuckled dryly.

“As good as anyone else’s. However, I’d bet my money that he’s in that old gizmo shop! It’s been abandoned for a long time, but lately, that old bell’s been ringing from time to time. However, people that go in there and see for themselves ‘cause they think it’s haunted.”

Kiera nodded.

“Perfect! I’ll start there!”

“Be careful now, y’here? It ain’t wise to be on a wizard’s bad side!”

Kiera scrunched up her nose.

“Hey, I may not be the chosen one, but I can take care of myself!”

Cid chuckled again. “I have no doubts, missy.”


The doors creaked as Kiera pushed open the doors. It was dark, and almost spooky. Kiera decided the long stretch of steep stone stairs. Cautiously, she descended them. Drops of water echoed throughout the black halls as she walked. Then, she came into a large chamber, empty, with a circular pillar in the center. Strangely, a headache grew in the back of her head.


“…but…if I come back here, will I lose my memories too? And my purpose?” 

She pulled out her starcharm and clutched it.

“I can’t abandon~~~. I have to remember so I can find him again.”

“Let me see your Wayfinder.”

Kiera obeyed. A woman pointed her finger at it and a small light came out and touched the Star Charm. 

“The protection spell upon this world will not harm you, as long as you have your Starcharm with you. It will see that you are no threat, and you are a keeper of Light.”

Kiera absentmindedly drew her charm from her pocket.

“‘Master’s keyblade’? ‘Protection spell’? Who was that?” 


“Ahh, you have finally arrived, little one.”

Kiera jumped with fright and whirled around, nearly summoning her keyblade and attacking. In the entranceway stood a tall, thin old man with a tall, blue pointy hat, blue robe, and a long, white beard that stretched all the way down to his feet. He was carrying a brown duffle bag in one hand.

“Oh good gracious, stand down! I’m not here to harm you little Kiera” said the man.

“‘Kiera’? How do you know my name?” Kiera asked.

The man chuckled. “I know many things about you! You and your friends!”

He stretched out his hand to her.

“My name’s Merlin, Merlin the Magician.”

Kiera gasped.

“It’s you, then!” She exclaimed, “I’ve been looking for you!”

“I know,” Merlin replied as he walked to the other side of the pillar and set his back down, “Now, give me a moment to unpack and I’ll make us some tea!”


Merlin opened his bag and began waving his fingers, then moved his hands up and down as if he were conducting an orchestra. Books began to float out of it. It started with one, then two, then three. Then plates, then bowls, then cups, then saucers. Then more plates, a vase of flowers, a grandfather clock, a bookshelf; goodness! How much crazy stuff did the wizard manage to squeeze into that tiny duffel bag! Kiera was in awe.


Then, with a flash of light, the room was fully furnished. It was no longer cold, musty, and dark, but warm, cozy, and filled with the smell of cinnamon apples. The pillar became a table, covered with a rich, velvet red tablecloth, and a neat dish arrangements set for two.

“Come, sit and show me what you have” Merlin ordered.

Kiera slowly sat in a cushiony, fancy chair, next to Merlin’s.

“Strange, I figured Sora would get here before me” Kiera commented.

“Well, in any normal circumstance he would,” said Merlin, “but I wanted to see you first.”

Kiera was surprised.

“Why? He’s the one with the important keyblade!”

“That, he does. However, what you possess is just as special.”

“My keyblade? Dreamseeker?”

“Yes, and much more.”


A floating tea cup and saucer appeared before Kiera, waiting for her to take it. Kiera quickly handed Merlin her mysterious relic before grabbing the cup. She took a sip. She was surprised.

Apple cider. So that’s why she was smelling cinnamon.


“Mmm, most intriguing, most intriguing indeed!” Merlin observed as he squinted his eyes to look  at the relic with a magnifying glass.

“Do you have any idea what it is?” Kiera asked.

“It…looks like to be a piece of shoulder armor,” Merlin announced, “but not just any piece of armor. This is magic armor, worn by the ancient keyblade masters.”

“So Cid was right, then?”

“Indeed! This armor piece, when hit in the center, would allow a full suit of magic armor to form around the wearer, and protect them not only from their enemies, but also the vacuum of space.”

“Woah…!” Kiera breathed in awe.

“But that’s not all,” Merlin added, “In addition to armor, this piece can also summon a special vehicle used for space-travel, like the Gummi Ship, but only for one person, and it’s faster too!”

“Can it still work?”

“Mmm…possibly” said Merlin, “but for one thing, it needs a good cleaning!”

He suddenly whistled, and clapped his hands.

“Bucket! Sponge! Come here please!”

Just then a bucket full of soapy water came splashing forward and a sponge floated by.

“This relic needs to be washed spotless, if you please. Now get to it!”


The relic floated towards the bucket, then dunked itself inside. A brush and oddly-shaped stick with cotton-ball ends came over as well to help. Kiera took another sip of her cider, which strangely enough, despite it sitting in the open cup for a few minutes and should’ve been getting cold, was still fresh and warm. Merlin pulled out a plate of cookies inexplicably from underneath the table.

“Would you like one?” He asked.

Kiera was dumbfounded, but took one anyway and giggled.

“Mr. Merlin, you’re spoiling me!” She exclaimed.

Merlin laughed.

“Ohoho, please, just Merlin will due, little one.”


After a few minutes, the restoration of the relic was completed. The relic gently floated its way back to Merlin and into his hands.

“Ahh, lovely, thank you bucket, sponge, and company, marvelous job!” Merlin thanked.

He handed it to Kiera.

“Here you go, my dear.”

“Wait, I get to keep it?” She asked with delight.

“Of course! You’re a keyblade wielder. You can make better use of it than I! Besides, you’ve found it first!”

Kiera grinned, and eagerly took the relic back.

“Thank you, Merlin!”

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