Re:Connect – Kiera Dreamseeker {Part 1} – Chapter V

Chapter Five:

Crew of the Gummi Ship

The ship looked just like a rocket. It had a red base, and a large, round dome window on the top, and long, cylindrical yellow barrels on the sides as guns. Kiera started at it in awe as they went inside. There were three seats in front of a large control board.

“I call shotgun!” Sora exclaimed as he barreled into the center seat.

“Hey!” Kiera exclaimed.

Sora snickered as he straightened, feeling a bit more grown up sitting on the seat.

“You don’t even know how to drive!” Kiera exclaimed.

“Well that’s okay, ‘cause he can learn!” Goofy declared.

“Yeah, don’t worry, we’ll make sure no one dies!” Donald added.

“Hey!” Sora snapped.


“Hot diggity, you found the key holder!” cried a voice.


Sora and Kiera looked around.

“Who was that?” Kiera asked.

“Down here!”

Kiera looked down. About a few inches away from her feet stood a finely dressed, little cricket with a top hat and a journal under his arm.

“The name’s Jiminy! Jiminy Cricket! I’m the book keeper of this journey!” He introduced.

“Woah!” Kiera gasped in awe. She got down on her knees and observed him more closely.

“You are so cool!” She cried.

Jiminy chuckled. “Well thank you, dear! What’s your name?”

“My name’s Kiera!” Kiera introduced, “That Little nutball in the front seat over there is Sora!”

“Nice to meet you both! So, which one of you is the wielder of the Kingdom Key?”

“That would be me!” Sora answered, “Kiera has a keyblade too, but we’re not sure what it’s for.”

“Yeah-!” Kiera summoned Dreamseeker so Jiminy could examine it, “-It’s called Dreamseeker.”

“Fascinating! Seems like you have a big role to play in this story too, Kiera” said Jiminy.

“You really think so?” Kiera asked.

“I know so! Keyblade wielders were a thing of ancient times, and to have not one, but two appear at the same time, I feel something even grander is about to happen!”

Kiera grinned.


“Well, nothing great will happen until we lock all the worlds!” Donald stated.

“Yeah! Let’s blast off!” Sora crowd eagerly.

Kiera stood up and looked for a place to sit, but found there were only three chairs, in which Sora, Donald, and Goofy had already claimed.

“Um…where can I sit?” She asked.

“Oh, er…”

Donald and Goofy looked around, the back at each other.

“Gwarsh, we didn’t expect to find two new friends. The Gummi ship doesn’t have enough seats!” said Goofy.

“Uhh…you can…sit on the floor?” Donald recommended.

Kiera frowned.

“Really? That’s it?”

“Do you want my seat, Kiera?” Sora offered.

Kiera shook her head.

“That’s alright. I’ll just sit back here…”


The Gummi ship engine cranked into gear and, when Donald and Goofy readied the systems, it shot into the air, and into the atmosphere.


“Say, Jiminy, is that journal where you’re writing about us?” Kiera asked.

Jiminy seemed to warm up quickly to Kiera, and found himself sitting on Kiera’s leg as she crossed them on the floor. Jiminy looked up.

“Yep, I sure am!”

“That must be pretty exciting,” Kiera stated, “Someday people will find your journals, and they’ll learn about Sora and the keyblade from you, like a piece of History!”

Jiminy chuckled. “Well yes, that is certainly an ecstatic thought,” he replied, “But the true purpose of my being on this journey, is to find someone very important to me.”

Kiera was surprised. “Really? Who?”

“A little boy-er-well-, he’s not a boy yet, but he was learning what it means to have a heart,” Jiminy explained, “I was his conscious. I was tasked with looking after him. But then we ran into some trouble, and before we could get home, our world was swallowed up by the darkness.”

“That’s terrible!” Kiera exclaimed, “Did he make it!?”

Jiminy nodded. “I believe in my heart he did. I just don’t know where. I promised his father I would look after him. I hope that, until he I find him, he’ll stay safe and not decide to do anything foolish.”

Kiera frowned.

“That sounds like my brother Riku…”

She looked up. “I mean, Riku’s always been better at looking after himself than me. But lately…he’s been acting really strange.”

“Strange? Strange how?”

Kiera sighed. “Something just felt…wrong. He wanted to leave Destiny Islands so bad! It was almost as if…he was obsessed…! Like nothing else mattered…”

There was a moment of bitter silence. Kiera then shook her thoughts of worry out of her head.

“Ya know Jiminy, would you mind if I got a journal too? I think I would like to write my own side of the story…”

“Not at all! The more people recording the journey, the less we’ll miss!”

Kiera smiled then giggled. “Thanks Jiminy.”

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