Re:Connect – Kiera Dreamseeker {Part 1} – Chapter IV

Chapter Four:

The Keyblade

Kiera ran breathlessly through the warm, glowing streets of the Traverse Town. It was clearly in the dead of night. However the wacky neon signs still gleamed against the black sky like Christmas lights. When she ran into an open courtyard, people were fleeing and throwing the large district doors open and cramming through the exit. Kiera could hear the sounds of slashing swords. Monsters were skulking around the courtyard. They appeared similar to the monsters on the island, except these particular monsters looked like little knights in bulky metal helmets. Kiera also spotted Sora, surrounding by the creatures and battling against them with a vengeance.

“Sora!” Kiera called.

Sora whirlwind through half a dozen monsters before turning around. His eyes widened.

“Kiera!?” Sora gasped.

Kiera high jumped across the hoard of monsters and landed next to him.

“Shock!” She shouted.

A light glowed from Dreamseeker. Lightning bolts suddenly barreled down from the sky and electrocuted a whole group of monsters, causing them to disappear into black dust and glittering hearts shimmering into the sky.

“Let’s take care of these clowns!” Kiera exclaimed.

Sora nodded. “Right!”


At last, the final monster was cleared from the courtyard. There was a moment of silence as the two keyblade wielders paused to catch their breaths.

Then, Sora cried, “Kiera! You’re alright!”

Kiera ran and embraced him. Sora was surprised, but soon, he was hugging her back just as tightly as her.

“I’m so happy you made it off the island in one piece!” she exclaimed.

“I was afraid…that I had lost you too!” Sora hissed.

Kiera chuckled. “Nope! I’m here. I’m alright!”

Sora chuckled back.


“What happened to you, Sora?” Kiera asked.

“I was gonna ask the same of you,” Sora replied, “You were knocked out, and I tried to protect you. Then this big monster showed up! I was able to beat ‘em within an inch of its face, but in the end, the dark portal sucked me in. I thought I was dead for sure!”

“He…wanted to protect me?” Kiera thought, admirably. Then replied: “Well, I don’t remember much, either. I remember everything going dark. Then, my light friend helped me wake up, and I met Aerith and some other new friends!”

“Good. That’s good.”


Sora then looked down at Kiera’s keyblade.

“So, both of us have keyblades?” he asked.

Kiera nodded.

“Yep! It seems so.”

“But how is that possible? I was told that only one can wield the keyblade!”

“Well, clearly that’s not the case,” Kiera responded, “I’m a bit surprised as well-” she once again glanced at her keyblade, “-everyone I’ve met in this world feel the same way. Apparently, I’m not supposed to have one.”

“Well, whatever the case, you kick major butt with it! You were awesome!” Sora exclaimed.

Kiera grinned.

“Thanks Sora!”



A window suddenly shattered above them, and two people came flying out of it and falling towards them. Kiera and Sora both let out a cry of surprise, and ran to try and avoid colliding with them, but unfortunately, only Kiera managed to get out of the way, leaving Sora to get nearly crushed by the crashing individuals. Sora and the others groaned as they lifted their heads. It was Donald and Goofy.

“The key!” the anthropomorphic duo exclaimed in unison.


“So, Sora’s keyblade is the one you’re after” Kiera announced.

“They too, have been searching for the keyblade.”

A young man with long, straight brown hair, appeared along with a shorter girl with short black hair, dressed like a ninja.

“You must be Leon and Yuffie” Kiera observed, “I don’t understand. What makes Sora’s keyblade so important?”

“Sora’s keyblade is what’s known as the ‘Kingdom key’,” Leon explained, “It has the power to lock, and unlock whole worlds. The reason it has appeared now, is because of the Heartless’ return. The only way to be fully rid of them is to lock the worlds shut, thus cutting off entrances to them completely.”

“I see…That makes sense. Then, what about my keyblade?” Kiera inquired, “If the Kingdom Key showed up when the Heartless appeared, then why has mine appeared?”

“That remains to be seen” said Aerith, “Long ago there were many keyblades, all with different abilities, some stronger than others. But those keyblades are all but gone. I suppose…you’ll find out in due time. You’re very lucky.”

Kiera thought for a moment. “So, if my keyblade is called ‘Dreamseeker’, does that mean it has something to do with dreams?” 

Then, she thought of her light friend, how she always visited him and spoke with him in her sleep.

“Does he have something to do with my keyblade?”


“Maybe Riku and Kairi are on one of those worlds…” Sora suggested.

“But how are we going to get to them?” Kiera asked, “The only way we got to Traverse Town was sheer luck and the destruction of our home! How are we going to get the next world? Let alone all of them!”

“Oh…” Sora responded, a bit discouraged, “I didn’t think about that…”

“Hey! Why don’t you come with us? We can go to others worlds in our vessel!” Goofy recommended.

The two kids picked up their heads.

“Really?” Kiera cried.

“Of course!” said Donald.

“I agree, I suggest you go with them Sora, Kiera,” said Leon, “Especially if you want to find your friends.”

“Yeah…I guess” Sora said, trailing off.

Kiera frowned. So many worlds. So many places to look. Was it even possible to find them?

“But you can’t come along looking like that” said Donald, pointing at Sora’s droopy expression, “The only way our ship works is the power of positivity! No frowning. No sad faces, okay?”

Sora didn’t seem too convinced. His head hung low and somberly. Then, Kiera encouraged:

“Come on Sora, let’s give it a try!”


There was a moment of silence. Then, when Sora raised his head, he smiled the biggest grin he could possibly grin. His expression was one of trying really hard to demonstrate his happiness, but in doing so, led to cringy dorkness. Everyone stared at him in surprise. Sora raised an eyebrow, then his cheeks grew red with embarrassment. Donald and Goofy suddenly burst into laughter.

“That’s one funny face!” Goofy declared.

“I don’t know, I think his lame attempt at humor was even funnier!” Kiera added.

“Hey, I tried my best!” Sora whined.

Kiera laughed harder.

“Donald, Goofy, I think we’re ready to go!”


Donald and Goofy put their hands together.

“Donald Duck!” Donald announced.


Sora put his hand in the circle.


Then, Kiera put her hand down as well.


“All for one, and one for all!”

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