Re:Connect – Kiera Dreamseeker {Part 1} – Chapter VI

Chapter VI:

Ventus I

“I’m worried Light Friend. Riku has always been weird, but he still cared about Kairi, Sora, and me. But now, ever since the night of the storm…his face…”

“You have to find him, Kiera! You have to find him before it’s too late!” 

Kiera picked up her head. 

“What do you mean?”

The light was quiet for a moment.

“I knew someone like that. He was eager to get to the outside world. But in order to do that, he had to pass a test, a test that would prove whether or not he was ready. He failed.”

Kiera frowned.

“I had never seen him so disappointed. All those years working so hard…!. Now it would be almost impossible…”

“What happened to him?”

“Please be safe Kiera. Don’t make the same mistakes I did. If you’re not careful, people could get hurt. I can’t-”

The light stopped. Kiera’s heart ached at her friend’s reaction. 

“Light Friend…”

She reached out her friend, attempting to touch him and comfort him. 


A sudden violent shake of the Gummi Ship caused Kiera to abruptly wake.

“What was that!?” Kiera exclaimed.

When she looked up, she saw Sora and Donald fighting over the steering wheel, while Goofy stood there, indecisive on how to break up the fight.

“Come on!” Sora shouted, “Donald, let go!”

“No! Don’t touch that-!” Donald cried.

It was too late. The Gummi ship spiraled out of control towards a world covered in thick forests and large bodies of water. As the ship spun, Kiera flew to the top and bonked her head on the ceiling, which was now the floor.

“Sora, what did you do-!?” Kiera screamed.

A hatch suddenly opened. Before Kiera could grab onto something, she slid through the hole and into the open air, falling fast.

“KIERAAAAA!” Sora screamed.

“SORAAAAAA!” she cried.



Kiera crashed into a thicket of trees, and thudded hard onto the ground. She moaned. Her chest and ribcaged ached. Her vision was blurry as she slowly picked up her head. Something was coming towards her, an animal of some kind. It was slow, as if it was frightened, but still curious. Kiera groaned.

“Sora…? Donald…? Goofy…? Where…Where are you…?”


The sounds of keyblades clashed against each other rang through her ears. There was a storybook in her field of vision, with a picture of seven princesses emitting light towards a big door. Suddenly, there was a loud groan. Kiera looked up. The large door to the entrance of the grand hall opened up. The clashing of blades stopped. From the daylight, walked in an old man, devoid of any hair, gray tuft of hair on his chin, and yellow eyes. But that wasn’t what caught Kiera’s attention. Behind the old man, in walked a boy as well. He had bright, spiky blonde hair, with shimmering blue eyes. His eyes drooped, and he stared at the ground, sad, but at the same time, emotionless. Kiera stood up. The old man was whispering to someone else, too low for her to hear. With overwhelming curiosity, she approached the boy.

    “Hi there”

The boy slowly looked up.

    “My name’s Kiera. What’s yours?”

The boy stared at her. Suddenly, he winced. He rubbed his head painfully. Then, he screamed. Kiera and the two figures jumped in surprise. The boy suddenly passed out and fell to the floor. Kiera lept forward and caught him before he hit the ground.

    “What did you do!?”

    “I…I didn’t mean to! I was just asking him some questions!”

    Ventus cannot tell you anything. Because he can’t remember anything!”

There were gasps around the room. Kiera felt a growing warmth in her soul, as she looked down at the unconscious boy in her arms. Slowly, she brushed the strands of hair out of his face. 




Kiera opened her eyes. Slowly, she stirred her aching limbs. She heard a rustle. She looked around, then her eyes widened. There, a few feet in front of her, was a gorilla, a brown one. It stared at her, frozen, half terrified, half curious. Kiera finally managed to pull herself up, rubbing her aching shoulders. The gorilla looked as though she wanted to flee, but wasn’t quite sure. Finally, Kiera addressed her.

“Hi there.”

The gorilla didn’t move.

“It’s okay, I’m not gonna hurt you” Kiera assured.

Cautiously, she took a step forward.

“My name’s Kiera. Can you help me?”

The gorilla grew less frightened, and went forward, pressing her knuckles into the moist, fresh earth. It didn’t seem like the gorilla could understand Kiera, only the tone of her voice.

“I’m…I’m looking for someone” Kiera continued anyway, raising her hands to express her passiveness, “My friends are gone. I need to find them.”

The gorilla paused, then moved forward again. Kiera’s heart began to beat rapidly when the ape was now inches away from her face. Then, the gorilla raised one of her hands and reached for Kiera’s hair. She took a strand, and ran her furry fingers gently through it. Kiera chuckled.

“You like my hair?” she asked, quietly

The gorilla didn’t respond. She made eye contact with Kiera. She took a step back, and steadily gestured into a thicket of palm leaves. Then, the gorilla turned around, and started towards it.

“You…you want me to follow you?”

The gorilla paused and turned around. Kiera had an idea. She pointed to the gorilla, carefully, as to not frighten the gentle creature.


She pointed to herself.

“-want me-”

She took the palm of one of her hands, and stuck out two of her fingers from the other hand, and wiggled them to make a walking motion.

“-to go-”

She pointed again at the gorilla.

“With you-?”

The gorilla nodded. Kiera was surprised, but delighted. She understood her! Kiera nodded back.

“Okay. I’ll go with you.”

As Kiera went to follow the gorilla, she suddenly felt a pain in her chest. A deep sadness washed over her, as her mind drifted to the name in her dream.


The name made tears suddenly form in her eyes and she quickly wiped them away.

“Why does that name sound so familiar? And why do I feel so heartbroken when I think of his name?”


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