Re:Connect – Kiera Dreamseeker {Part 3} – Chapter XXXVII

Chapter Thirty-Seven:

Castle Oblivion

Aqua and Kiera reached the end of the portal. Their eyes widened with horror. It was the Land of Departure, only it was in ruins. The castle had missing rooms and the windows were smashed. The courtyards were cracked and the sky was black with stormy weather. 


“What happened here?” Kiera breathed.

Aqua frowned. “Xehanort…It has to be.”

They stood in mourning silence for a long time.

“Now what?” Kiera asked. 

Aqua looked down and saw Ereques’s keyblade lying on the ground. Aqua reached down and picked it up. She frowned, but continued inside the castle. Kiera followed, puzzled, but trusting that her friend knew what she was doing.


Aqua and Kiera walked in to find the main room dark, crumbled, and cold. The two chairs in front of the room were still standing. 

“What must we do?” asked Kiera. 

“I must use the Master’s keyblade to prevent anyone else from coming here” Aqua answered.

Aqua gently placed Ventus into one of the thrones. 

“You are not supposed to know this, but since you are here, and about to see what I’m going to do, I must tell you,” she explained, “This world is very special to Keyblade Masters, and has many secrets that the keepers of darkness must never know. I must lock it away.”

Kiera bit her lip. She took another look around the castle, recalling the time she had spent in this castle, remembering the good times she had with the ones she loved, somberly.

Finally, Kiera replied: “I see…but if I come here, will I lose my memories too? And my purpose?” 

She pulled out her starcharm and clutched it.

“I can’t abandon Ventus. I have to remember so I can find him again.”

Aqua thought for a moment. Then, she said, “Let me see your Wayfinder.”

Kiera obeyed. Aqua pointed her finger at it and a small light came out and touched the Star Charm. 

“The protection spell upon this world will not harm you, as long as you have your Starcharm with you. It will see that you are no threat, and you are a keeper of Light.”

Kiera nodded. 


Aqua placed Ventus upon one of the chairs. She motioned Kiera to stand next to him. Kiera obeyed. Aqua took hold of Eraqus’s keyblade and pointed it to the chair where Ventus was sitting on. A keyhole appeared. Kiera was surprised. Power surged through the keyblade and struck the keyhole. The light shined so bright that Kiera was blinded.


The whole place was entirely transformed: The walls became white as snow. Symbols (similar to the one on the starcharms) were everywhere and chains shined up and down on the walls. The three chairs had turned into one huge chair the shape of a throne. The one that Ventus was sitting at. Aqua looked at Ventus and stroked his head. 

“I know it’s a lonely place, but you’ll be safe” she cooed, “Terra, Kiera, and I will be back to wake you up before you know it.” 

Then, Aqua got up and headed towards the door. She watched as Kiera knelt down in front of Ventus. She smiled sadly, and quietly exited the room.


Kiera knelt down to look at Ventus’s face. Tears once again filled her eyes. Already, she missed his voice, already, she missed his smile. And who knows when she would ever see or hear those things again? 

“I’ll come visit. How’s that?” Kiera resolved, “I have the Wayfinder. I won’t get lost. With Aqua’s help, I can see you! You won’t be able to speak but…I’ll talk.” 

She closed her eyes, gripping his hand tightly. She leaned forward and pecked a kiss on his forehead, and held there for a moment.

“I love you Ventus. Don’t ever forget that.”

And with that, with difficult steps, Kiera walked away, and out of the chamber, the doors sealing shut behind her.


“I brought a pillow” She pulled one out of her pocket, “You’re going to have serious back pain when you wake up if you can’t get comfortable.”

She slowly put it behind his head, and moved his body slightly to a more comfortable position.

“There, that’s better.”

She felt her hand drift towards his. She felt her emotions take over at this point. She clutched it.

“You’re so cold” She stated.

“Congratulations, Number XIV. You have fulfilled your purpose. You have found the Chamber of Waking as you followed Kiera’s call, using the Master Key. Now, we can finally fulfill our ultimate goal. The darkness…will swallow the light.”

“I will never give you the key!” 

He chuckled. “You have no chance of victory over all of us, Number XIV. Give us the Master Key.”


She pointed H̵͈̀e̶͖͠ȁ̶̤r̶̳̐ṭ̷̍ṣ̸̍c̷̭̎o̷̝͛r̴͎̋c̷͔͛h̶͔̊e̴̘̿r̴͕̚ at the Master Keyblade, and struck it. The Master Keyblade shattered, and fell into dozens of light pieces. 

“You give up your chance to reunite with the other half of your connection, Guardian of Dreams?”

She smirked. 

“Ventus and I’s connection will never be broken by the likes of you!”

Then, it was all over. Her breath was forcefully taken as a felt a jarring pain in my chest. A keyblade, a black and gray, ancient keyblade, stuck out through her chest. 


“I have to do something! Or we’ll all be lost!” Aqua cried.

Then, she disabled her vehicle and lept out of her armor. But the armor seemed to be still holding the limp, white-haired Terra. 

“Aqua, what’re you doing!?” Kiera cried. 

Aqua put her keyblade in his hand. Then, she glanced at Kiera was tear-filled eyes.

“I’m with you” she said. 

“Aqua, wait! It doesn’t have to be this way!”

“I’m sorry, Kiera.”

Suddenly, she shouted. “GO!”

The armor went up and towards the light portal, carrying Kiera with it.

“AQUA!” Kiera screamed.

The armor soared through the portal, and everything faded to white. 

Aqua smiled as her eyelids grew heavy.

    “Ven, I’m sorry, I may not make it back as soon as I thought. I may not be there when you wake up.”

She closed her eyes. “Kiera, take care of him. Both of them. I trust you.”


“Hey? Are you alright?”

Kiera was lying down on a beach as the water washed up on the shore. Her vision was blurry as she opened her eyes. She could make out the face of a boy, silver hair, green-blue eyes, looking down at her. 

“Who are you?” he asked.

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