Re:Connect – Kiera Dreamseeker {Part 1} – Chapter XI

A Different Kind of Mission

“Now my dear, I do have a task for you, if you’re up for it” said Merlin.

“What’s that?” Kiera asked.

“A good friend of mine has recently lost her world to the darkness,” Merlin explained.

“Oh, that’s terrible!”

“Nearly everyone on her world was lost. However, she believes her godchild may have been able to escape the blackness and is now on another world.”

Suddenly, there was a loud poof! Kiera turned around to see a doll carriage, formerly sitting in the corner of the room, transform into a kind-faced old woman, wearing a light blue robe and a pink bow around her neck. Kiera jumped.

“Hello dear, I’m terribly sorry for scaring you,” she spoke softly, “I am the Fairy Godmother. The king has asked me to guide you and your friends on your journey.”

“‘The king’? You mean the king Donald and Goofy talked about?” Kiera asked.

The Fairy Godmother nodded.

“I am deeply worried about my goddaughter, Cinderella. When our world was swallowed by darkness, I thought she would be lost as well. But I have this feeling that she has landed on another world somewhere, and I need to make sure she’s alright!”

“Cinderella. Why does that sound so familiar?” She wondered.

“I see, you want me to go find her?”

“I would be forever grateful if you did” said Fairy Godmother.

“But what about the others?” Kiera asked, “they have to lock all the worlds shut so the Heartless won’t eat anymore worlds! I don’t have a vessel of my own!”

“Oh, but you do, lass” said Merlin, pointing at the armor relic, whom Kiera had secured on her shoulder, “That relic will allow you to travel to different worlds on your own. I believe it still works. Go ahead and try it.”

Kiera glanced at her shoulder. She raised her hand.

    “~~~!” a boy shouted.

    “It’s okay,” said a different person, cooly, rubbing the boy’s head, “I’ll be back soon.”

Then, a blurred figure looked over his shoulder to Kiera.

    “Kiera, you ready?” He asked.

Kiera nodded.

“What? You too?” the boy asked in surprise.

Kiera turned around and rubbed the top of his head, similar to the blurred man.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be back before you know it. I promise” she responded, smiling. 

I know what to do. 

She hit the center of the shoulder armor. Suddenly, there was a shining light. When it dissipated, the first thing Kiera noticed was that now a helmet covered her face. She looked down. Sure enough, she was now wearing a delicate, but durable, feminine-fitted suit of armor. Merlin took a mirror and held it up to her. Her helmet had a black, blast shield, and the rest was a sleek silver, matching the rest of her armor, which was also silver, but with some small hints of carmine red and brown. 

“Woah!” Kiera exclaimed, excitedly

She examined herself more closely in the mirror.

“This is incredible!” She cried. 

“You have a vehicle as well, dear” the Fairy Godmother added.

“However it’s a tight squeeze in here” said Merlin, “So you may want to try summoning it outside.”

A huge, mischievous grin grew on Kiera’s face. Almost instantly, she dashed back outside and into the courtyard. Somehow, she knew instantly what to do. Kiera summoned her keyblade. She pointed it at the sky, then, spun around in a full circle. There was another bright flash. When it vanished, Kiera found herself sitting in the cockpit in a single passenger aircraft. In contrast to her suit of armor, this relatively small aircraft was dominantly carmine red, with only small hints of silver. Kiera laughed in elated bliss.

“This is AWESOME!” She cried.

Merlin and Fairy Godmother stepped into the courtyard. 

“Ahh, excellent Kiera! Excellent!” Merlin praised.

The door to the cockpit opened. 

“Well, I guess I have no excuse then!” Kiera declared. 

She looked at Fairy Godmother.

“I’ll find Cinderella for you, Fairy Godmother” she announced.

“Oh thank you very much, dear!” The Godmother exclaimed, relieved. 

“One last thing before you go, Kiera.”

Merlin handed Kiera a red crystal shaped like a Star. 

“The only way you can find out where Cinderella is, is to figure out what happened before her world was swallowed by darkness. This, is a starshard. There are many starshards, but this is one of the few that allows time travel to be possible. I want you to use it to travel into the past to Cinderella’s world. Use it carefully now, and do not interfere with the timeline. The temptation will be great. Be on your guard.”

Kiera nodded.

“Gotcha! I won’t let you down!” 

As Kiera was lowering the cockpit door and She rose up into the sky, she called:

“Hey, if Sora asks where I am, tell them I’m fine!”

“Of course! Good luck Kiera!” Merlin called back, waving. 

Kiera waved in return. She held the starshard in her hand. It began to glow, then it became blinding. Until finally, Kiera disappeared in a cloud of sparkling stardust. Finally, a mission where she was needed!


I didn’t realize I hadn’t uploaded this chapter and somehow skipped over it! My sincerest apologies!

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