Re:Connect – Kiera Dreamseeker {Part 2} – Day 358/2

The Chamber of Waking

I watched painfully as Roxas vanished before my eyes in a flash of light.

“You know Xzylair, you can go with him if you want” said Naminé, “You won’t remember any of this. You and Roxas can be happy together. I can leave your bond of true love in your memories.”

I shook my head.

“No. He’ll remember eventually, and he’ll be angry at me again. It…would probably be best if he doesn’t remember.”

I glanced at the glimmering red wayfinder Riku had placed in my hand.

“Besides, I have somewhere I need to be,” I announced, “I’m going to the Chamber of Waking.”

Naminé gasped.

“But…! The Organization will find you! They’ll kill you!” She exclaimed.

“Maybe…Either way, I’ll be going back to Kiera, right?” I rebuttled, “I broke all the promises I’ve made today. If I’m going to die, at least I’m going to die knowing I kept one.”

“How’re you even going to get inside the Chamber of Waking?” Riku asked, “No one is able to find it, let alone unlock it.”

I looked up.

“I do.”

I reached out my hand, and summoned a keyblade. It was the purple and steel keyblade I had found months ago. A memory recalled in my head:


“I must use the Master’s keyblade to prevent anyone else from coming here. You are not suppose to know this, but since you are here, and is about to see what I’m going to do, I must tell you. This world is very special to Keyblade Masters and has many secrets that the keepers of darkness must never know. I must lock it away.”


“This keyblade will unlock the door. The time has not yet come for Ventus to wake up. But I must honor Kiera’s promise she had made.”

“You sure this isn’t foolish, Xzylair?” Said Riku.

I nodded.

“The Organization will never have its secrets.”


Castle Oblivion was quiet, eerily quiet. No one was inside as far as I could sense, but that didn’t mean it would stay that way. I progressed further inside.


I let the keyblade guide me to the Chamber. It only took a few minutes of searching before I found the door. The same, soft curved door I had seen when I came with Roxas and Axel. I took a deep breath and sighed.

“Well Kiera, here we are…”

With the Master Keyblade in my hand, I raised it up the door. It made a sound, and the blade shimmered. Then, a beam of light burst from the keyblade and to the door, where a keyhole appeared. There was a click, and suddenly the door creaked open. Its croaking echoed loudly throughout the castle until finally, it fully spread wide. I stepped inside, and the door slowly closed behind me.


The Chamber of Waking had the layout of a throne room, with a long corridor. Outlines of chains glimmered up and down the walls. At the end of the hall were three white thrones, immovable and planted into the floor. A figure sat in one of them.


My breath felt snatched away when I saw him. I walked forward. Spiky blonde hair, a black and white jacket with a red collar, a black turtleneck and an armor piece on his left shoulder. I finally reached the two steps of stairs reaching the throne.

“Ventus…” I breathed.

The boy’s eyes were closed, as he sat limply in the chair. I walked up the stairs and reached my hand out to him. Slowly, I touched his right cheek. I gasped.

“You’re real…!” I said, “So…it wasn’t just a dream.”

I knelt down, looking up to him.

“I…I know I’m not Kiera,” I began, my voice wavering slightly, “Believe me, I’m sure Kiera would want nothing more than to be here.”

I chuckled. “I brought a pillow-” I pulled one out of my pocket, “-You’re going to have serious back pain when you wake up if you can’t get comfortable.”

I slowly put it behind his head, and moved his body slightly to a more comfortable position.

“There, that’s better.”

I felt my hand drift towards his. I felt my emotions take over at this point. I clutched it.

“You’re so cold” I stated.

But it wasn’t my voice.

I rubbed his hands a bit to get them warm. With my other hand, I stroked his cheek.

“I’m so sorry I can’t come sooner, Ven” I spoke, “I miss you…So bitterly…I wish…I could stay here forever. Be by your side. Wait for Aqua to find Terra, until you wake up. But…That’s not what destiny had for me. For now, this’ll have to be enough.”



 I raised my head up quickly. My mind flashed back to Roxas and I, sitting on the clock tower of Twilight Tower, and him smiling at me. I could swear I heard him speak. But it wasn’t Roxas. A tear fell down from my cheek. I knelt there for a long moment, breathless. Then, painfully, I stood up. I let go of his hand, and said:

“I’ll see you soon. I promise…Ventus.”

And with that, I walked back down the hall, glancing over my shoulder a couple times, before leaving the chamber.


I locked the door behind me, and the Master Keyblade vanished.

“So, that is the key…”

I whirled around. There was a face I hadn’t seen in a long while. I growled.


There they were. All remaining members of the Organization, hoods over their faces (except Xemnas), and weapons drawn.

“Congratulations, Number XIV,” Xemnas declared, “You have fulfilled your purpose. You have found the Chamber of Waking as you followed Kiera’s call, using the Master Key. Now, we can finally fulfill our ultimate goal. The darkness, will swallow the light.”

“I will never give you the key!” I rebelled, getting into fighting stance, and summoning Heartbreaker.

Xemnas chuckled. “You have no chance of victory over all of us, Number XIV. Give us the Master Key.”


I chuckled. The Organization members looked at each other, a bit puzzled. I summoned the Master Key in my other hand.

“Good girl” said Xemnas, “Now, hand it over.”

Then, my chuckling turned into laughter. Finally, I declared:

“I never had any intention of making it out alive.”


Suddenly, I threw the Master Keyblade into the air. With one shout of “FURY,” I pointed Heartscorcher at the Master Keyblade, and struck it. The Master Keyblade shattered, and fell into dozens of light pieces. Needless to say, the Organization was shocked, even Xemnas.

“You give up your chance to reunite with the other half of your connection, Guardian of Dreams?” He gasped.

I smirked.

“Ventus and I’s connection, will never be broken by the likes of you!”


Then, it was all over. My breath was forcefully taken as a felt a jarring pain in my chest. A keyblade, a black and gray, ancient keyblade, stuck out through my chest.

“Your time is up, Number XIV.”

Then, the keyblade was removed. I fell to my knees. One by one, every Organization member disappeared through dark portals. I fell to the ground. I closed my eyes.


“Kiera…” whispered a voice.

Keira opened her eyes to be standing on stained glass. One half was swirling red and the other was green.

“Ven?” Keira shouted into the dark.

“Kiera…thank you…for trying” the voice whispered.

“Ventus, where are you?” Kiera cried.

“I had to fight Vanitas. We forged the X-blade.”

    “Ventus! It’s alright! The keyblade is destroyed! Vanitas is gone! You’re free now!”

“Kiera, listen. I had to sacrifice myself to destroy the X-blade. Now, I must go to sleep for a while. I’m afraid, we won’t be able to go to Disney Town like I promised…”

“You mean…No! That can’t be! We defeated Vanitas! The X-blade was destroyed!”

Hot tears formed in her eyes and then a light came towards her. It was Ventus’s heart. It suddenly took form as Ventus and walked towards Keira. Ventus wiped the tears from Kiera’s eyes and lifted her chin.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t do more with you” he said.

“Don’t apologize,” said Kiera, pushing his hand away from her face, “and don’t beat yourself up over me. I’ll be there when you awaken, and then, we can truly be together.”

Ventus smiled. “You were always very headstrong. Nothing can get in your way can it?” he said.

“Not if they are blocking my path from getting to you” Keira joked.

Then, Keira’s body started to flicker in and out.

“Oh no! Ven, I’m…I’m waking up” she said, starting to cry again.

“Though me we may be seperated for a long time, our hearts are one” replied Ventus, “we’ll see each other again.”

He put his face closer to hers as they disappeared into the light.

“Our connection…will never be broken.”


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