Re:Connect – Kiera Dreamseeker {Part 2} – Day 358


Xion left again, just as we planned. In these last few days, I’ve felt incredibly sad. All these wasted months of me running away from everyone, and I could’ve had wonderful friendships. Xion and I have only been friends for a few days, and now, she’s going to be erased from everyone’s minds, including my own. I wish there was another way, but Xion wasn’t supposed to exist, and that’s how she will go back to be. I wish there was something I could do! Some kind of memento that will keep her in my memory! It doesn’t have to be much! Maybe…


I’m going to go to the islands today, and I’m going to take Xion with me. Maybe…Maybe we can have one day of being together before the storm arrives.


Shell charms. That’s what I’ll do. 

“Remember Xion…”


It’s done. Xion wanted to face Roxas alone, and I’ve decided to respect her wishes. I held the shell charm tightly in my hand as I watched them fight from the rooftop. I shifted the shell to its bottom, where I’ve etched:

“Remember Xion.”

I hope it’s enough. I hope that it won’t be erased when Xion returns to Sora, and Naminé untangles his memory.


Roxas saw me. He’s furious with me. He’s already resigned from the Organization, but he has nowhere to run. Riku and I…we have to get him before the Organization does. I hope that one day, Roxas can forgive me. I wish I could say everything’s fine. He won’t remember Xion, so he’ll have nothing to be angry about. But I get the feeling, the guilt will never leave me.


The rain poured down over the World that Never Was. The neon lights buzz overhead as Neo-Heartless begin to appear. Riku decided to fight Roxas. He’s much more powerful than I. He will bring him back.


Neither I nor Riku anticipated Roxas to grow so much an identity of his own, he was able to summon a keyblade other than the Kingdom Key. Not just one, but two different keyblades! One was white, soft curves and angelic wings for the hilt, with five cross edges on its blade. The other blade was black with bat wings for the hilt, with a chain flowing down towards a more, jagged, disturbed edges.


With two keyblades, Roxas surprised Riku with more strength and endurance than expected. Even with Riku’s persistence, he was sent sprawling to the ground. He struggled to pull himself up.

“Why? Why do you have two keyblades!?” Riku demanded.

Roxas stared at his two keyblades, then brushed it off.

“Shut up!” Roxas snapped.

Roxas rushed with his two keyblades to finish Riku off. I couldn’t let that happen.



I jumped in the way and pushed him back. Roxas was shocked and he jumped back.

“Xzylair!?” He exclaimed.

I looked at my left hand. I was no longer  holding the Dreamseeker, the keyblade originally belonging to Kiera. This was was a blaze, with fiery edges and a cracked, heart shaped hilt. The blade had a heart in the center, trapped by chains wrapped around it. I too, formed an identity of my own. 

Heart Scorcher.

I looked up.

“Roxas, please. Don’t make this more difficult than it needs to be” I pleaded.

“Why? Why would you be working with the imposter!? Why did you just let Xion die!?” Roxas shouted, grief in his voice.

“It was her choice, Roxas. I couldn’t stop her. Instead of fighting, I decided to support her. It was the least I could do to make up for what I did to her”

“How do I know you didn’t kill her yourself!?” Roxas shouted.

Those words stung. I raised my keyblade.

“Roxas…Please…Don’t make me do this,” I begged, “We can go together. It doesn’t have to end this way.”


He flung his keyblades towards me. I blocked it, but the force sent me skidding back. I dig my feet into the ground and pushed him back.

“FURY!” I cried.

I threw my keyblade into the air and a vortex of fire came swirling forth. Roxas jumped out of the way, the flames only singing his coat.

“You promised!” He cried, “You said we would be together! You lied to me! You betrayed me!”

My chest throbbed and ached.

“I didn’t lie to you!” I insisted, “We can be together! When our Others find each other, we will be together! I wish you could understand!”

“I understand plenty!” Roxas snapped, “You’ve given up! You want to go back to your Other instead of being your own person! WHAT HAS HE FILLED YOUR HEAD WITH!?”

Riku grunted.

“Xzylair! Stop!” He exclaimed.

“Where do you think we can go, Roxas?” I asked, “Tell me, where else can we go where the Organization won’t find us!?”

“I’ll think of something!” Roxas insisted, “There’s always another way! I’ll bring you to your senses, and we’ll run together!”


Suddenly, Someone grabbed the hood of my coat. It was Riku. He pulled me back behind him, and I slid to the wall of one of the abandoned buildings.

“KIERA!” Roxas screamed, then stopped in surprise.

Riku smirked. He raised his hand. A barrier appeared, blocking Roxas from running.

“Riku…!” I cried.

Riku ignored me. Roxas glared at him.

“Come on Sora, I thought you were stronger than that!” Riku taunted.

Roxas grunted.

“Get real! Look which one of us is winning!” He spat.

Roxas stopped, and covered his mouth. That wasn’t his words. 

Riku chuckled dryly.

“There you are.”


Roxas summoned both Keyblades and ran to strike Riku again. Riku dodged the first attack, but the second one and was struck in the arm. He sprawled to the ground.

“Riku!” I shouted.

I pulled myself up and threw myself on the barrier.

“Roxas, stop please!” I pleaded.

He ignored me.

“How many times do I have to beat you!?” Roxas growled at Riku.

Riku held his arm and pulled himself up.

“Riku! You have to stop him!”


Riku sighed.

“All right, you’ve left me with no other choice” he declared.


“I have to release the power in my heart-“

He reached for his blindfold and removed it.

“-That I’ve been holding back-“

A pillar of darkness rose up from the ground, completely swallowing Riku. When it dissipated, Riku was no longer there. Instead, a tall, strong built man, with long gray hair and yellow eyes, and a giant heartless with a hallowed chest in the shape of a heart, covered mouth and huge fangs.

“-Even if it changes me…Forever…”

The Heartless grabbed Roxas by the waist, completely locking his arms to his sides. I watched in horror as Roxas was being squeezed as the fist tightened. Roxas squinted his eyes and grinded his teeth. He looked over at me with pleading eyes.

“Xzylair-! Help me-!”

But I couldn’t do anything. I was helpless to stop him. Finally, Roxas’ keyblades clattered to the ground and vanished. The Heartless released Roxas, and he fell to the ground unconscious.


The barrier was lifted. “Roxas!”

I ignored Riku’s warnings and ran to Roxas. I fell to her knees and nestled his head in her lap.


I leaned forward, touching his forehead with hers. In complete opposition to nobodies’ concept of no emotions, I started to cry. I cupped his head with my hands and sobbed. Riku, his hood covering his face, watched.

“I’m sorry, Xzylair. I know how much he meant to you. I hope in time, you and Roxas can forgive us.”


A dark portal appeared a person stepped through. It was DiZ.

“DiZ, he could feel Sora” said Riku.

“Oh, he told you how he ‘felt,’did he? Ridiculous. A Nobody cannot feel anything” DiZ responded, dryly.

“And this is not living proof that they can?” Riku asked cooly, pointing to Xzylair, who was still crying, only more softly and quietly. DiZ said nothing. Instead, he commanded:

“Bring them to Naminé quickly, before the other Nobodies find out and come here.”

I sniffed, and lifted my head.

“No, they don’t care about us anymore. She…wasn’t the only one who was a puppet” I said slowly. I felt anguish. I was barely able to remember her name. I was about to lose two friends, all in the same day.

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