The Piper Chronicles: (Cover WIP) Venture into the Black Forest

Here’s a peak into how I make my artwork. I’m very eclectic: Sometimes I like going full photoshop, but most of the time, I do a mix of traditional and photoshopping. I attempted to draw Piper and the Doctor straight in the chairs of the car, but I hated the way it looked, so I drew them separately, and photoshopped them in. Also, this cover is heavily inspired by the cover of the now extinct Verbolten Custom DVD cover, except I added the bridge and changed the “Road closed” sign from English to German.

TPC Venture into the Black Forest 1 rotated WatermarkedBlack Forest 2 WatermarkedTPC Venture into the Black Forest 1 rotated 2 Watermarked

Busch Gardens Germany 6 Watermark

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