Transformers: Renascent – Into the Fray – Chapter 16

Chapter Sixteen

Nightshock was on her tip-toes, diving through hallways and flying past guards. She noticed how few of them there were. It was when she advanced near the med bay, when she began to notice the amount of Decepticons lying sprawled onto the ground. Piles of drones were deactivated, and some barely getting around, groggily flailing about like zombies.

“We can’t keep up like this much longer, Soundwave…” commented the Decepticon Blitzwing, a cybertronian with the same design and function as the triple chargers, Starscream, Skywarp, and Thundercracker, only bigger. He was more level-headed than the other Decepticons, a rare trait among their ranks, which was why Soundwave preferred him by his side. Soundwave was a Decepticon of few words, but he was very intelligent, and carefully calculated. As his second-in-command, Megatron had complete faith in Soundwave to take command in case something happened to him. His monotone, computerized tone, and lack of emotion while killing, sent chills down his enemies’ spines.

“…We can’t just blow through drones anymore. We don’t have the supplies to chuck out new ones like we were able to do on Cybertron. We must conserve our resources.”

“Agreed” Soundwave replied, simply.

Blitzwing huffed, frustrated.

“So why are you just letting Starscream do whatever he wants!? You know his ambitions. He wants to see Megatron removed from power.”

“Affirmative, Blitzwing. Stratagems are in place. Starscream is purely a scapegoat. His stupidity will destroy himself. Just let him believe he really is in command. I am pulling all the strings.”

Blitzswing sighed, but nodded.

“Knockout reports that the tests on the formula are displaying promising results. Hopefully, we’ll get back on our feet soon enough, and we can kick that hybrid’s aft for what she did.”

Nightshock continued on.


Time was almost up. Nightshock finally made it to a database access point. Two drones were posted outside it. There was an electric crackle. The drones both froze, then flinched drastically and melted to the floor. Nightshock hastily pulled up the hand of one of them and placed it against the scanner. Once it flashed green, the door opened. Nightshock hastily looked around for enemies, then quickly pulled the unconscious drones into the room, and locked the door behind her. She pressed on the communications module in her audio-receptors.

“Can anyone hear me? I’m in, over.”

Her hands flew on the keyboard. An application for a passcode. Nightshock muttered something under her breath. She rushed back over to the drone. Taylor’s voice came in.

“*CSHHH* I copy but *CSHHH* connection is bad. Must be the *CSH* hull. Status?”

    “The database is asking for a password. I’m going to scan these drone’s memory chips I knocked out. If I can’t find it, it’ll take me a bit longer to hack the system and find it.”

“Roger *CSHH* Just keep me posted.”


Nightshock took a deep breath and sighed. She raised her hands. The tips of her fingers gave way for gnarly wires. She quickly decided which drone she’d start with first, and she inserted the wires on the sides of the drone’s headplate. She winced as her head suddenly throbbed. Images appeared in her line of vision. In addition to cloaking, Nightshock could also access the memory chips of any cybertronian of the Beta and Gamma class (Beta being the 120 feet tall, and more construction and cargo/passenger-centered cybertronians, and gamma being 40-80 feet tall, the average height Cybertronians). However, her own memory chips and brain capacity can only take but so long. If she didn’t pull out fast enough, her brain module would be permanently damaged.


She shifted through the drone’s memories as quickly and as efficiently as she could. As she began to lose hope she’d find anything, and the pain was becoming unbearable, she finally flashed to a memory of Blitzwing entering the passcode within the drone’s vision. She memorized the passcode, then pulled out of the drone’s memory chips. She groaned and clenched her head for a moment, processing the throbbing in her head. Then, she rushed to the database computer and plugged in the password. It was accepted.

“Got you.”

She pressed her communication module.

“I’m in. Searching for the files now.”

Her optics rapidly processed the files names as they flashed in and out of view. Finally, she found file names with promising titles. She opened them. Sure enough, most of them contained test results. Most importantly, the in-progress formula for energy conversion.

“I’ve found the formula. Starting download.”


Suddenly, there was a pounding on the door.

“Hey! The database is off limits! What are you doing in there!?” shouted a voice.

“Scrap!” Nightshock hissed. She informed: “I’ve been found. They think the drones I electroshocked are accessing the computer. If they get in here and get a good look at me, the mission is compromised!”

“Copy *CSHHH* Do what you can! If you’ve been *CSHH* -ized, we’ll come in *CSHH* blazing and get you!”

Nightshock glanced at the duration of the download. Fifteen earth minutes.

“I said open up! Or we’ll bust the door down!”

She didn’t respond. THUMP!

“Get this door open, now!”

There was a sound of electricity crackling and whirring. Nightshock’s optics were now glued to the door. Any moment it could raise, and there will be fire.


Taylor was getting anxious. The situation was looking grim.

“If Nightshock is compromised, and the alarms are set off, we may not be able to get in to help” Bee warned.

“We don’t know how many of them will be in there!” added Iris.

“They might be knocked down, but they will still have dirty tricks up their sleeves” said Roadshot.

Bumblebee turned to Taylor.

“Gale, if we give Nightshock backup, we need to do it now.”


Finally, Taylor resolved.


Hotline was startled to hear his name, but he was also paranoid of all the creatures swimming around him, as well as the repulsive squish of the sea floor.

“Huh!? Yes…, sir?” He asked.

“I need you to find the security panel for this door and get it open.”

“Captain, are you sure that’s a good idea?” said Wadewatch.

Taylor nodded. She turned back to Wadewatch.

“Wadewatch, you and Marie remain here with Lennox and his team. Roadshot, Hamilton, Bumblebee, Fisher, and I will cover you.”

“Aye sir.”


Roadshot and Hamilton went first, Hotline following slowly behind, following Dakota, and Bumblebee and Taylor the caboose. They slowly crept up to the giant, hidden door. Hotline froze for a moment, nervously, glancing at the warriors, before feeling for the hidden exterior panel. It took a few minutes before Hotline finally found it. He attempted to get his fingers underneath the metal panelling, but seemed to be having trouble. Roadshot exchanged glances with Taylor. Taylor nodded. Roadshot marched up to Hotline, dug her fingers underneath the the panelling, and ripped it off. The screeching of the tearing echoed quietly throughout the ocean. The team froze for a split second.

“Thank you” Hotline said quietly.

“Don’t mention it” said Roadshot.


Nightshock had her weapons ready.

“Hurry up!” she heard behind the door.

“Oh suck it up! If I just blast it open, Megatron will have my head!”

Suddenly, there was a soft beep, and the door began to rise. Nightshock ducked into the corner. Once it rose high enough, Nightshock initiated cloaking. The Decepticons were immediately alarmed to see two dead drones in the room. They rushed over to them.

“Autobots” One growled in disgust, “It has to be.”

One of them turned to the database computer. Nightshock optics widened. She glanced at the download time. Ten Earth minutes.

“Someone’s been attempting to download a copy of the Chief Medical’s work on energon conversion!” He exclaimed.

“Knockout? Here!?”

He started typing away on the keyboard to stop the download. However, before he could remove the memory chip that was inserted into the computer, Nightshock suddenly lept from the ceiling and fell on top of him. Before the other could react, she zapped him. The one she clammored on top of, she wrapped her legs tightly across his throat. The energon cut off from his head and his vision was growing obsolete.


Shockingly enough, the Decepticon whom Nightshock attempted to eliminate with her shocks was still moving. He pulled himself up and was struggling to the alarm. Nightshock struggled, and zapped him again. The Decepticon froze for a moment, but still kept moving. Suddenly, Nightshock was ripped off and frown against the wall. The Decepticon ran to the alarm system.

“No!” Nightshock hissed.


Suddenly, a fist thrusted through his chassis. The drone’s optics widened. He squeaked. The fist thrusted back. The drone fell onto the floor, and died instantly. Taylor, Bumblebee, Roadshot, Hamilton, Hotline, and Fisher. emerged from the darkness. Bumblebee ran to Nightshock.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

Nightshock didn’t answer right away. She took Bumblebee’s hand and he pulled her up. Instantly, she scrambled to the computer and resumed the download.

“I’m fine. Just a dent” she said finally.


“Someone probably heard that!” Dakota warned.

Taylor pressed the comm link in her ear.

“Major, we’ve been possibly compromised. Be ready to get over here as soon as I give word.”

A few seconds later, Major Lennox answered: “Copy that.”


There was a sound of a scuffle, which caught Bumblebee’s attention. He converted his right hand into his blaster. He silently signaled to his partner that something was lurking about. Taylor nodded and armed her weapon as well. After signalling to Iris and Nightshock of their movements, they cautiously peeked outside and into the hallway. There was no one to be seen. There was another sound. This time, a sort of smooth, graceful electronic sound. Nightshock kept the search running, but slowly turned around to locate the source. Suddenly, she cried:


She unsheathed two blades hidden in her arms, and swiped. There was a screech of metal. A large Decepticon suddenly decloaked, with red shades, and spiked helmet, shot Nightshock straight in the stomach!

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