Re:Connect – (KH) (Cover; Multi-Glass Version) Kiera Dreamseeker {Part 1}

ReC KH KD P1 Cover w character stained glass watermarked.png

I did two versions of this cover and loved both so I kept both versions. I just love the bold layers upon layers of color, even if it’s admittedly a little busy looking.

Kingdom Hearts Logo (c) Square Enix

Dive to the Heart Background (c) Square Enix

Kiera Stained Glass (c) Tomboyhns

Re:Connect Coat of Arms (c) Tomboyhns

Kiera Dreamseeker (c) Tomboyhns

Ventus Stained Glass (c) Square Enix

Wayfinder Stained Glass (c) Square Enix

Sora Stained Glass (c) Square Enix

Riku Stained Glass (c) Square Enix

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