Re:Connect – (KH) (Cover) Kingdom Hearts: Kiera Dreamseeker {Part 1}

ReC KH KD P1 Cover w-o character stained glass WATERMARKED.png

A cover for my completed Part one of a story from my new series, Re:Connect:

A series where I take minor original characters I can’t do a whole series/complex story on, but rather write simplistic stories or summaries instead.

This is also my first successful attempt at combining sketches with photo shopping! I figured out how to get my printer to work and also a new method of watermarking my artwork. So hopefully we’ll be back to better quality images.

Enjoy! And stay tuned for more!


Kingdom Hearts Logo (c) Square Enix

Dive to the Heart Background (c) Square Enix

Kiera Stained Glass (c) Tomboyhns

Re:Connect Coat of Arms (c) Tomboyhns

Kiera Dreamseeker (c) Tomboyhns

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