Sneak Peak! | Transformers Revolution: Immigration to Earth (One-Shot)

TFR Fray ReEnter Watermarked.png

“Hey…” she called.

Bee’s head was lowered enough that she could reach up, and touch his face with both of her hands. His optics met with hers.

“Everything’s going to be alright. I know it. We just need to have courage and perseverance. We’ll get through this.”

Her yellow friend stared at her for a long moment, then smiled.

“I’m glad you’re here, Knightingale” he replied, softly.

Taylor smiled back, tenderly. They leaned forward, touching each other’s foreheads and closing their eyes. Her heart raised and soared.

“Me too…Bumblebee.”


This series has been the hardest for me to plan! It’s not like Doctor Who where there’s already a world built, fairly easy to grasp, lends itself to a bunch of short story possibilities, and only 2-4 characters to consistently maintain.

In this series, I’m building the world from the ground up, I’m struggling to balance plot twists and character chemistry, and I have at least a dozen characters! And I want to make sure they all get equal attention and character chemistry so you guys can enjoy and root for them! So any tips at all down in the comments would be greatly appreciated!

Currently the status for this series is this: I have kind of a One-shot that’s in editing phase, and Fray Re:Enter sorely needs to be restructured. I’ve got a bunch of great scenes and ideas, but they’re all in a cluttered mess and I need to sort it all out.

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