Mixtape | May-July 2018

Hey y’all! Still working on stuff for the blog, and I don’t really have anything for a Monthly Notes segment, so I’m just gonna do a mixtape of the music I’ve discovered. Though, those who listen to music for story inspiration will probably benefit from this more than others. 😛

Black Panther

• “Wakanda” from the Black Panther Motion Picture Soundtrack

• Pray for Me by Kendrick Lamar & The Wknd

• All the Stars by Kendrick Lamar & SZA

(Note: This song contains foul language. While I self-censored the song for my own benefit, it’s difficult to find a high-quality censored version.)

– Tommee Profit

• Will I Make it Out Alive (ft Jessie Early)

• I Know Your Secrets (ft Liv Ash)

• In the End (ft Fleurie)


• Wake Up World (ft Ruelle)

• Be A Witness (ft Fleurie)

• For This You Were Born (ft Fleurie)

• Revolution (ft Ruelle)

– Fleurie/Ruelle

• Breathe

• Carry You

• Hurricane

• Soldier

• Daydream

(Can you tell I may have some new favorite artists?)

– Journey (Ready to Fly) by Natasha Blume

– Hero by Mountains Vs Machines

– This is the Planet Earth by Audio Network (Julien Emery & Adam Noble)

– Wonderwall by Ex Makina (Oasis Cover)

– Heroes (Generdyn Remix) ft Zayde Wolf

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