First Time YouTube Tag! 

Hello everyone! Happy National Pie day! I am not able to make any pies today unfortunately, but I can do a tag! I’ve decided I’m going to do the “First Time YouTube” tag. This isn’t YouTube obviously, but I do have a YouTube channel and try to upload weekly. Additionally, the questions in this tag I feel are still important regardless. So let’s dive in!

1. First Friend

I’ve hung out with many people that were more acquaintances than friends. It wasn’t until around 8th grade when I made my first real friend. I took many online classes that year for school, and I met my first friend through my English class. We bonded over Lego Hero Factory and later Ninjago. Our favorite activity was role-playing, and we did it all the time through messaging (she lives all the way on the Pacific side of the U.S., and I am on the Eastern side). Those hours of role-play also began my love of writing. It was providence that we became friends that year, because that was an extremely rough year and I needed her more than ever. If you’re reading this friend, you know who you are. Thank you for your friendship! ❤

2. First Pet

My first pet was a goldfish I got for my 6th birthday. They didn’t last long, as I wasn’t mature enough to take care of one. After many goldfish, I gave up on fish as pets. Props to my readers who are excellent fish owners!

3. First Crush

I don’t get crushes. Believe me, I try. If I do get crushes, they last a maximum of two weeks, so I never count them. However, I have a fair number of fictional crushes. I believe my first fictional crush was Bumblebee from Transformers G1. It started when the first Michael Bay movie came out. I didn’t watch it, but I did buy a Bumblebee action figure, because I loved the concept, was oblivious to the fact it had existed for the past twenty years at the time, and because that was the only name I could remember. Then that same year, my aunt gave me the entire 1980s show, Generation 1, for Christmas.

I’m not sure what made me love Bumblebee so much. Maybe it was because he was so friendly with humans, maybe it came from the pity that he got kidnapped so much. Regardless, he’s been one of my crushes for years.


Now, I don’t love EVERY interpretation of Bumblebee. For example, I can’t stand Bumblebee in the Michael Bay films or in the Animated series. However, my other favorite version of Bumblebee is from the Cybertron games. I don’t know, even though he’s not entirely in the spotlight, I absolutely adore Johnny Young Bosch as Bumblebee! I wish the people behind the Cybertron video game series to do a TV series and have the same voice cast! Oh well, one can dream…

4. First Boyfriend

I’ve never had a boyfriend. I have no interest in being a relationship unless its serious and we plan on getting married. On top of that, I’ve never had a real crush, so I’ve never had a desire to date anyone.

5. First Drink

Mommy’s milk, back when I first came into the world.

6. First Celebrity Crush

I’ve had a few temporary crushes on some YouTubers. I won’t say who they are, but I will say that every time I realize I have a crush/great admiration, I create a character in my novels inspired by them. The same could be said of quite a bit of my fictional crushes.

7. First Job

I have yet to have an official job, but I hope to open an Etsy shop before the Summer. There will be more details later as more develop.

8. First Car

I don’t have a car yet, but I will say my dream car is a yellow Volkswagen beetle because it looks similar to Bumblebee. I’ve been told it’s a horribly structured car, so I hope there will be safer models in the future.


9. First Home Away From Home

My first home away from home is probably my local museum. I’ve been working as a Junior Docent there for four and a half years, longer than anyone currently there and I almost completely know my way around and there have been multiple times where I’ve worked at the museum the entire day.

10. First Instagram Photo

First Instagram pic watermark.png

This was back when YouTuber Paulsoaresjr. was settling merchandise and was holding a contest where he would name the prisoners in the Escapists after the winners. I lost, but I still loved the T-shirt

11. First Tweet


I don’t even know why I tweeted the first one. I don’t think I knew how Twitter works.

12. First Facebook Photo


The story behind this is actually interesting. This was before I was able to draw characters myself, so I would look for pictures that looked like my characters. This is actually supposed to represent my former Kingdom Hearts original character. Eventually, my drawing skills improved, and I moved her to an original story.


Thanks for reading! Like and comment if you enjoyed reading! I’m going to try and a new posting schedule and have one post per week around 4 pm EST (excluding chapter posts). Have a great rest of your day!

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