TF: Revolution – Knightingale Flies Again – Chapter 4

Chapter Four:

Stars Aligned


Knightingale spent two weeks in Las Lunas. She got a job as a cashier in a drive thru, saved up her money, and headed back out on the road. Unlike Daniel Witwicky, not everyone who drove down the highway was hospitable. Day after day went by and she was unable to hitchhike. She didn’t mind though. She wasn’t bitter, and she understood the risk. Next, she found her way into Oklahoma. She spent a month working as a bartender. The owner was particularly impressed with her when she broke up a nasty fight that could have cost a lot in property damage, and even let her stay up in the attic of his house. Once she earned enough money, she kept moving.

Why didn’t she try to find a place to settle into? Well for one thing, she wasn’t happy working odd jobs. She didn’t want to spend the rest of her life being a waitress or a bartender. She also couldn’t find a place where she felt was home. Obviously, there wouldn’t be a place that would remind her of Cybertron. But if she wanted to carry on her mission, she felt as though living happily would be more honoring. So, she kept moving across America; to Kansas, through Missouri, to Illinois, till finally, Taylor crossed into Michigan.

Fall was creeping in. The crisp air was blowing through the trees, bringing the smell of bonfires with it. Once again, Taylor managed to find a boarding house and got another job as a waitress at a fast-food restaurant. It was also when she decided the job she wanted to pursue: She wanted to be a teacher. She loved books. In particular, she loved world History. She was so excited, she wanted to tell everyone what she had found, but in a proper fashion.

After she got off work, she would go to the library and research colleges and how to apply for them. She studied hard to qualify (which wasn’t hard, considering human education was so easy to comprehend). There was one problem: She had nowhere near enough money to afford college. That would mean she would have to apply for a scholarship. Taylor crossed her fingers and hoped for the best. But what she didn’t realize, was that the stars were beginning to align again, and she would meet a familiar face…


Taylor rushed into the back to grab some more supplies. It was lunch hour, and extremely busy. People were bustling in and out to grab lunch and then back to work. Taylor then put the supplies where they belonged and rushed to the counter to take another order. “Hello. May I take your order?” Taylor asked, dronley. Then, when she looked up, she saw Daniel Witwicky, who had picked her up from the road a year before! She stopped for a moment and stared.

“Hey, I remember you! You’re the young woman I picked up on that deserted road” Daniel exclaimed, “Erm…Taylor!”

Taylor smiled a little. “Yes. I am” she said. She leaned over and saw Daniel’s son, Jacob peeking out from behind him. Taylor chuckled. “Hello there, darling.”

“Hi?” The little boy asked, questionably.

“Wow, what are the chances I’d meet you in our home town of all places! You sure you didn’t find out where we lived?”

Taylor giggled, shaking her head. “No, I would never have guessed. I will say though, I’m glad. You’re the only human that I’ve met so far that’s-”

Taylor was suddenly cut off by someone shouting, “EVERYONE GET DOWN!” They heard a gunshot. Taylor whirled around and saw a customer had come in with a gun. “GET DOWN! OR I’LL SHOOT!” the man shouted. The whole joint was suddenly panicked and crying as everyone went to their knees. Taylor froze as the man pointed the gun at her. “Get the cashier open!” he ordered. Taylor stared at him as her eyes narrowed. “I said-!” said the man as he pointed the gun at her head, “Get the cashier open!” “Okay! Okay!” Taylor slowly turned around and slowly got out her key to open the drawer. She stepped back as the man eagerly grabbed the cash that was in there. The thief turned around. “Get the other ones open, NOW! Taylor glanced at Daniel with Jacob, who was crying silently in fear. “My patience is wearing thin, girly!” Taylor suddenly whirled around, and karate chopped the man’s back! The man hit his chin on the counter as he collapsed to the ground, his back nearly broken. Taylor grabbed the gun and pointed it at him. “Someone call the police!” Taylor ordered. One of the customers hastily got out their cell phone and dialed 9-1-1. Then, Taylor turned to see a machete coming at her foot. Taylor jumped out of the way as the man got up. Taylor held him at gunpoint. “Stay back! I don’t want to hurt you unless I have to!” Taylor warned. “Don’t be stupid!” growled the man. The man then punched her in the stomach and took the gun from her. Taylor coughed as she hit the ground. The man turned to leave but Taylor sweep kicked him. The man exclaimed in pain as he hit the ground. Taylor bent over and quickly kicked the gun and knife from him. She then grabbed his arm and twisted it behind his back. “Now I have to!” She snapped, angrily. “No! Stop! Don’t break my arm!” exclaimed the man in terror. “Then don’t move!” Taylor shouted. “I’ll give you half the money! Just please let me go!” the man pleaded. “I’m not interested in money. I only care about the safety of these innocent people you would have slaughtered for your own self-interest!” Taylor snapped as she pulled the man’s arm closer to breaking it. “Okay! Okay! Fine! Just don’t break my arm!” the man exclaimed. Taylor suddenly heard the alarms of the police cars. Three officers burst into the joint. “Is everyone alright? Does anyone need medical attention?” said one of them. “No sir,” said Daniel, “Ms. Taylor saved our lives!” The officer turned around, but Taylor had disappeared. She had left her fast food uniform behind.

“Where’d she go?”


Taylor was on the run for a while after that. She also changed her last name. Instead of “Smith,” it was “McCarthy.” She grew out her hair, making it long enough to go all the way down her back, and she wore fake glasses in order to become more unrecognizable. She took the money she had saved for school, and spent it on a single room apartment, and was working alone in the supply room at a department store. She was back to square one. Once again, she had no contacts, and no friends, nor did she want any. She was afraid to be recognized. “I’m sorry, Optimus Prime…Bumblebee…I think I’ve failed you.”


She took a deep breath and sighed. “For now on, you’re staying with me during missions and/or patrol” she announced.

Bumblebee gave a look of surprise.

Knightingale faced him. “I’m speaking as your captain now. Until we find another alternative…you can’t go anywhere alone.”

Bumblebee looked hurt and offended and gestured, “Why?”

Knightingale spoke with fierce determination in her voice. “I made an error: an error that nearly ended the life of my teammate. I’m surprised Optimus is even letting me keep my position! I’m not making the mistake again.”

Bumblebee folded his arms across his chassis, unconvinced.

Knightingale frowned. “I’m not saying you’re faulty, or glitched. Far from it! You’re one of the most courageous and determined scouts in the whole legion! And that’s why I-I mean-We… Can’t lose you. You’re too valuable. We need you, Bee.”

Bumblebee’s scowl melted away and bit his lip. Knightingale gently put her hands on his shoulders. “Everything will work out. Everything’s gonna be okay. I promise” she assured. Bumblebee looked down at the ground for a moment, before slowly nodding. Knightingale gently embraced him. Bumblebee was a little surprised at first. But then wrapped his arms around her, as the cool breeze blew.

“Everything’s gonna be alright.”


“Is it okay if I sit down next to you?” Taylor didn’t look up. She only nodded as she heard the person sit next to her. Taylor was sitting in a park, in front of a playground, in mid November. The wind was blowing, kicking up leaves as they tossed in different directions. “Taylor?” Taylor looked up. She was surprised to see that once again, it was Daniel. “It must be destiny that we continue to meet each other” he said, smiling. Taylor smiled a little. “Daniel” she replied.

    “What are you doing now?”

“Inventory. In a department store.”

“Why aren’t you still working at the restaurant?”

Taylor didn’t respond for a minute before continuing, “I quit.”

There was a long period of silence before Daniel asked, “Ms. Taylor, are you from the military? Or…former military?” Taylor frowned as she tightened up the cover of her coat as she felt a shiver down her spine. “Why do you ask?” “Your quick reflexes, your combat skills. I don’t think any ole fast food cashier would have that kind of training.” Taylor sunk her neck into her scarf. “I guess you could say that” Taylor replied. Then, she looked face to face at him. “I quit because I don’t want to retain the memories…The memories of…war…fire…death… I don’t want to remember the deaths of my friends.”

Daniel put his hand on her shoulder. “I want to thank you, Ms. Taylor. I know that, that must have unearthed some unpleasant memories. But you saved me and my son’s life, risking yours. I can’t do enough to repay you, but I can do something: I want to invite you to Thanksgiving dinner.” Taylor was surprised as she stared at him in shock. “You don’t even know me!” she gasped. “You’re right. I don’t. But the way you’ve acted in the last two times I’ve met you, I don’t believe you’re dangerous. Please, Ms. Taylor. Let us repay you. At least let my son thank his rescuer in person.” After a moment, Taylor smiled. “Alright. Thank you, Daniel. Also, just call me Taylor.” “Well, alright then…Taylor.”

And that, was the start of a sacred relationship…


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