Teenage Mutant Ninja Mammals (Sonic/TMNT Crossover)

Bethbloks - This was also inspired by SonicSong182! They were talking about being the teenage mutant ninja mammals tho they had to confirm whether or not Knuckles was a mammal. Me and my little brother also came up with some of the characters. Infinite wants revenge on Shadow for calling him weak! His sons Sonnonardo, … Continue reading Teenage Mutant Ninja Mammals (Sonic/TMNT Crossover)

#Shadowforpresident (Sonic the Hedgehog Fan Art)

Bethbloks - I was inspired by SonicSong182! Shadow said he would start his campaign in 2020 so I decided to help him out! Also he gave everybody the task of taking a picture of themselves in front of the earth, so I drew him in front of the earth! Yeah Shadow! I do my homework!