Blaze the Fire Genasi | Dnd Sonic Cast

More of my sister’s artwork! We’ve been getting into Dnd the past few months and she wanted to draw Sonic characters as Dnd characters. Here we have Blaze the Cat as a fire Genasi Monk! Enjoy!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Mammals (Sonic/TMNT Crossover)

Bethbloks - This was also inspired by SonicSong182! They were talking about being the teenage mutant ninja mammals tho they had to confirm whether or not Knuckles was a mammal. Me and my little brother also came up with some of the characters. Infinite wants revenge on Shadow for calling him weak! His sons Sonnonardo, … Continue reading Teenage Mutant Ninja Mammals (Sonic/TMNT Crossover)

#Shadowforpresident (Sonic the Hedgehog Fan Art)

Bethbloks - I was inspired by SonicSong182! Shadow said he would start his campaign in 2020 so I decided to help him out! Also he gave everybody the task of taking a picture of themselves in front of the earth, so I drew him in front of the earth! Yeah Shadow! I do my homework!