Re:Connect – Kiera Dreamseeker {Part 3} – Chapter XXXIX

Chapter Thirty-Nine:

The Next Mission

Kiera sat calmly on the leaning palm tree. The wind blew through her hair and the seagulls cackled overhead. She took a deep breath to inhale the familiar, salty hair, then exhaled. The evil had been defeated. Xemnas’ plan to unleash Kingdom Hearts had failed. Sora, Riku, Kiera, Kairi, and all their friends returned to Destiny Islands, safe and sound. Riku no longer bore the face of the evil Ansem, but only himself. Kiera wanted to fully embrace him once again as her protective, loyal big brother, but the scars of the past were too fresh in her mind. She couldn’t look at him without the rise of bitterness, and anger…


“Hey Kiera, watcha thinkin’ about?”

Kiera turned to her right to see Sora hopping next to her, and swinging his legs over. She smiled, sadly.

“About Ventus…Terra, and Aqua…” she replied, “I wish I could find them…”

“Well, why can’t you?” said Sora.

Kiera frowned. She clutched her locket.

“If I returned to Castle Oblivion, I wouldn’t be able to open the Chamber of Waking. The Master Key was lost with Aqua…”

Kiera frowned. 

“Besides, I lost my Wayfinder. That was my only compass through Castle Oblivion without losing my memory.”

Sora straightened.

“Oh! Riku wanted me to give something to you!”

He reached into his pocket, and pulled out a gleaming, slightly battered red starcharm. Kiera gasped.

“How did he get that?” she cried.

“He said you gave it to him. He said you wouldn’t remember. You only told him to keep it safe for you until you woke up after Naminé pieces your memories together; and that…he felt better if I gave it to you, instead of him.”

Kiera frowned, and stared back down at the sand below them.


After a moment of silence, she changed the subject.

“Huh…I wish I could’ve found a way to better repay Naminé. It’s because of her I remember my Light Friend-er-Ventus…”

“I’m sure she knows you’re grateful.”



Sora put a hand on Kiera’s shoulder.

“We’ll find them, Kiera,” he assured, “I promise, I’ll get them back for you.”

Kiera glanced at him and smiled. Her mind flashed to a familiar, spiky haired blonde with blue eyes, smiling a big dorky grin.

“Thanks, Sora.”

When Sora left her, Kiera slowly put her finger between the clasps and opened the locket. She sighed. Inside was a photo of Ventus and Kiera together, grinning, and holding hands, with a carousel and spinning teacups in the background.


“Say cheese!”

Kiera and Ventus put on their biggest grin they could muster. There was a flash which caused a few floaties in her eyes. The worker handed them two small photos, both exact copies, one for each of them. They beamed. 

“Cool!” Ventus exclaimed.

Kiera placed the photo in her pocket. 

“That’s a keeper!” Kiera proclaimed. 


Kiera smiled sadly, and looked back at the pictures.

“Now we just need one with all four of us…!”

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