Re:Connect – Kiera Dreamseeker {Part 3} – Chapter XXXI

Glimpse of a Gone Future

Kiera sat on the beach for hours. She didn’t know what to do. She just walked away from everything and everyone she had ever known. She didn’t know who to trust, or where to go. The only thing she was certain of, was this place, the Destiny Islands, was once her home. Was it still…?


“Hey, I remember you.”

Kiera turned around. She saw the silver haired boy, the one she had met before. Kiera smiled, sadly.


The boy cocked his head again, and approached her closer.

“You look sad” he observed.

Kiera scoffed. “Crushed…actually…”

The boy slowly sat next to her.

Kiera continued. “I’ve just walked away from everything. Everyone I loved and trusted; and now I don’t know where to go.”

The boy was quiet for a moment, as he stared at the setting sun.

“Well, the Destiny Islands is a great place. The grown ups around here are real nice. I’m sure there will be someone here that can help you figure that out.” 

He looked up at her. He was so calm, and his voice unwavered.

“I’m sure you’ll be fine.”

Kiera chuckled. “You sound pretty mature for your age. How old are you?”

“7” the boy responded.

Kiera smiled. “And what about your friend? Do ya gotta watch out for him? Keep him out of trouble?”

The boy scoffed. “Definitely. He’s very friendly, especially with strangers. But sometimes I think he’s too trusting.”

Kiera raised an eyebrow. “Well you seem to be alright talking to me.”

The boy giggled softly. “That’s true. You mustn’t be so strange then.”

Kiera laughed. She turned to look at him.

“What’s your name again?” she asked.

“Riku” the boy replied.

Kiera cocked her head. 

“Riku…That sounds familiar.”

“Well, you did just hear it earlier.”

Kiera laughed again, then responded sincerely.  “No, I mean it. I feel like I knew someone with that name.”


“Kiera! We’re home!”

She dashed down the stairs excitedly. Her father closed the door behind them and gestured to her. Her mother held a bundle of blankets in her arms.

“Come! Come see!”

Kiera eagerly rushed to them. Her mother bent down slowly.

“Meet your new baby brother.”

Kiera looked into the blankets to see a little baby, with bright, blue-green eyes, staring serenely at her. She watched in awe.

“Riku!” she announced.

“Yes! That’s right, Kiera. His name is Riku.”


Kiera’s eyebrows furrowed. She observed the boy more closely. Could it be? Riku picked up on the fact that she was processing something. 

Finally, Kiera spoke: “Riku…huh…”

Then, her heart sank. She brushed it off.

“Nevermind. I think it was just a coincidence.”

Riku raised an eyebrow.

Kiera noticed a flash of light, on a particular island close by. It was a familiar light. She saw a figure walking down the beach. Suddenly she knew. She stood up.

“I think…I need to go see where that is.”

Riku glanced at where she was looking.

“Do you need a boat?” he asked.

Kiera shook her head.

“No, that’s okay. I have my ways.”

She turned to Riku.

“Thanks for talking with me, Riku. I needed that.”

Riku smiled, and nodded.

“You’re welcome.”

And with that, Kiera started down the beach. Once she was out of people’s sight, she summoned her vehicle, and started toward the island.

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