Re:Connect – Kiera Dreamseeker {Part 3} – Chapter XXVII

Memories of Nobody

“Do you know a girl named Kairi?”

“Wh-What!? I sure do! How do you know about her!?”

“She was here, and Kiera too! They said they were looking for you-”

“Tell me where they are! Please!”

“Well, that’s the thing…”


Olette giggled.

“What a romantic story!” she exclaimed.

Kairi and Kiera had calmed a bit, and were explaining to Hayner, Pence, and Olette their story, and how they got there. They were fascinated and intrigued.

“So, let me get this straight,” Hayner clarified, “Are you saying, Kiera, that you’re technically a lot older than Kairi? And Sora?”


“I mean, you say all these things about your lost friends like it happened a long time ago. What if, by some strange magic or something, you got turned a lot younger?”

Kiera thought for a moment.

“Huh…I didn’t think about that…”

“Do you think you’ll ever find Ventus?” Olette wondered.

Kiera sighed, disappointed.

“I don’t know,” she replied, sadly, “I still can’t remember where he went. It’s all too fuzzy. I just know he’s asleep…waiting for me…somewhere.”

Kairi frowned. Then, Kiera picked up her head, with a determined look.

“I’ll find him! Even if it takes me a hundred years! He won’t be alone for much longer, I just know it!”

Kairi grinned. Kiera grinned back.


Suddenly, a dark portal appeared in front of them. Kiera and Kairi jumped to their feet. There was Axel. 

“There you are!” he declared, “I was wondering where you went.”

Kiera summoned Dreamseeker. Axel scoffed.

“Come on Xzylair, I thought you said you wanted to be friends!”

Kiera was taken aback.


She scowled. “Not when you’re hurting my friends, I’m not!”

She was surprised. How was she so quick to respond that way? She shook her head.

“Quit trying to get in my head!”


With her keyblade in hand, she charged towards him with a battle cry. Axel smiled, cocky. As soon as Kiera was about to take a swipe at him, he waved his hand. Some black smoke came from it, and Kiera instantly fell. Axel caught her. 

“KIERA!” Kairi screaked. 

For a moment, Axel’s confident attitude changed. For a split second, there was an expression of deep sadness across his face. 

“I can’t have you cause any more trouble. This has to go perfectly according to plan, and I know you know that, Xzylair,” he mumbled, calmly, “I know you’re still in there…Somewhere…”

Then, he lifted Kiera’s limp body and swung her over his shoulder. 

Suddenly, Kairi charged at him with fists up and slammed into his arm.

“Let her go!” She cried.

Axel barely budged. Instead, he grabbed her wrist and began pulling her forward. 

“Ah! Stop!” Kairi cried, attempting to pull away.

She shouted and screamed, helplessly. 


Finally, they disappeared through the portal, leaving behind an eerie silence.


“I’m sorry we couldn’t help them…Kairi tried her best, but she didn’t stand a chance, and we just…froze…”

“Hey, it’s not your fault! C’mon, cheer up…! Like I can even say that…

“I gotta help them. I can’t lose them again…Kairi…Kiera…I’m coming…”


The two finished their ice cream after a while and continued to watch the sun, who had nearly disappeared over the horizon. She rested her hand on his shoulder.

“You know, it’s strange,” she stated, “I feel like…I’ve always dreamed of sitting like this, with someone I love, watching the sun go down.”


“Yeah, except…” 

Her eyes narrowed, as she had to think about it for a moment.

“I seemed to remember picturing it on a beach.”

He chuckled. It was a boy, with spiky blond hair and blue eyes, wearing a long black coat.




“Well, don’t forget what we promised,” he reminded, “On our next day off, the four of us, at the beach. Remember?” 

She grinned. 

“Yeah, I remember.”

She closed her eyes, listening to the wind through her ears. She wished this moment could never end…


No…I don’t remember this…


“~~~, please. Don’t make this more difficult than it needs to be” she pleaded.

“Why? Why would you be working with the imposter!? Why did you just let ~~~~ die!?” He shouted, grief in his voice.

“It was her choice, ~~~. I couldn’t stop her. Instead of fighting, I decided to support her. It was the least I could do to make up for what I did to her.”


What? Who’re they talking about?

“Where do you think we can go?” she demanded, “Tell me, where else can we go where the Organization won’t find us!?”

“I’ll think of something!” He insisted, “There’s always another way! I’ll bring you to your senses, and we’ll run together!” 

There was a girl. A hood was over her face, her features difficult to make out. However, Kiera could see short black hair, and a smile. Kiera’s hand was held up. A shell charm, not a Wayfinder, like Kiera’s red one, but a real shell, composed of yellows and purples, strung up with blue beads.




“~~~I…I want to apologize for the way I’ve acted” She said, slowly.

A girl, fuzzy in appearance, lifted her head in surprise.

“When I first came to the~~~~~, I didn’t trust anyone, especially when it involved Roxas. I was confused, and scared. I…I was afraid you…and ~~~~…Would take ~~~~~away from me…”

“You did?”

She nodded, embarrassed. 

“But I was wrong. That was a lie. Like ~~~~ said: ‘Just because you and him aren’t my best friends, doesn’t mean you can’t be my friends at all’.”

She walked up to her, and took her hands.

“I’m so sorry~~~ Can…Can we start over? Can you forgive me?” 

The girl raised her eyes at me, deep blue, darker than Ventus, but still held all the sadness and wonder. Then, she nodded.


Sbe smiled in surprise.


The girl smiled a little. 


Shell charms. That’s what I’ll do. 





“What are you puttin’ in, Ven?” asked Peter. 

Ventus pulled out his wooden keyblade Terra had given him. 

“How ’bout this?” he asked. 

“But Ventus,” Kiera gasped, “that’s what Terra gave you. Are you sure?” 

“Yup!” replied Ventus with a confident smile, “I don’t need it if I’ve got Terra, Aqua, and Kiera. Our best memories are still ahead” 

Kiera beamed as Ventus placed it in the chest. 

“What about you Kiera?” asked one of the lost boys. 

“Well,” said Kiera, “the one thing I treasure the most is something I couldn’t put in a chest.” 

“What is it?” asked Peter. 

Kiera was hesitant for a moment, then she beamed. 


Everyone looked at her for a moment, puzzled. 

“Well, Ventus is too big to put in a treasure chest right? Besides, he wouldn’t like it in there being squished.” 

Everyone laughed at this. 

“Alright then,” said Peter, “Next time ya visit, we’ll have an even bigger chest waitin! Enough for all those treasures and lots more.” 

“Okay, it’s a deal!” said Ventus as he placed the wooden keyblade in the chest. Then, Tinker Bell wandered by, trying to hold up the starshard they had found earlier. 

“Oh, wait, Tink,” said Ventus, “I’m pretty sure that belongs to a friend of mine. Do you think, maybe I could hang onto it?” 

Tinker Bell shook her head and started to fly away. 

“Tink…” Peter said sternly. 

Tinker Bell turned around and reluctantly handed it to Ven. 

“Thank you” he said. 

Suddenly, it started to shine bright. Ventus knew it was going to take him somewhere. 

“Kiera! Take my hand!” he shouted. 

Kiera quickly grabbed him as it shined brighter. When it dimmed, Kiera and Ventus had disappeared from sight.

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