Re:Connect – Kiera Dreamseeker {Part 3} – Chapter XVIII


The barrier surrounding Aurora’s heart suddenly lowered. Aurora’s heart slowly levitated upwards towards the roof. Ventus and the three fairies looked up in awe as the shining orb of light exited through an open window, and disappeared into the night.

“What…? What happened?” Flora wondered.

“Aurora’s heart’s been freed!” Merryweather announced happily.

Ventus glanced back at his unconscious friend as Kiera began to stir. She pulled her eyes open, and looked up at her best friend, lovingly.

“Ven…” she mumbled with a smile.

She sat up. Suddenly, Ventus pulled Kiera into a loving embrace. Kiera’s heart nearly stopped, and her face went red. 

“You just fell asleep without warning. I was so scared!” Ventus hissed, squeezing her tighter.

“Ven?” Kiera gasped.

Ventus raised his heads and cupped her face. 

“Are you okay?” he asked, sincerely.

Slowly, Kiera raised her hands to touch his. She nodded, simply.

“Yeah, I’m alright now” she replied with a smile.

Ventus grinned, and pulled his hands away.


Ventus helped Kiera back on her feet. Kiera glanced at the Good Fairies.

“Aurora’s alright now. She freed herself.”

The Good Fairies exchanged glances, puzzled.

 “How do you know this dear?” Fauna inquired.

 “I…I’m not really sure…I just know…” Kiera replied.

“I say we get out of here” Ventus recommended.

The Good Fairies nodded. Ventus firmly grasped Kiera’s hand as they exited the room. Kiera was surprised. She turned away slightly, a shy smile curling her lips and her cheeks went rosy.


The Good Fairies, Ventus, and Kiera entered into a large chamber, with a decrypted staircase on both ends, leaving up to a stone throne. The room was empty. They started to exit without delay, when all of the sudden, a low voice echoed throughout the room:

“Someone has released Aurora’s heart.”

A billow of green fire appeared. A figure appeared in a black and horrid yellow shape. It was a woman, clad in a long, ratty black cloak, with long purple nails and black horns on her head. The fairies quickly shrunk into tiny colored lights and fluttered behind the keyblade wielders to hide themselves.

“Tell me, child, was it you?” She finished, pointing at Kiera with her glowing scepter.

Her eyes bore into Kiera’s soul and she went pale. 

“Maleficent!” Merryweather gasped. 

Ventus’ hold around Kiera’s hand grew tighter. He summoned his keyblade and stepped in front of her.

“Only because you stole it in the first place!” Ventus snapped, pointing at Maleficent. 

“A keyblade…” Maleficent’s voice echoed among the walls, “Ahh, I see. You must be Ventus and Kiera.”

“What!?” Kiera and Ventus exclaimed in surprise.

“How do you know about us? And the keyblade?” Ventus demanded.

“My powers ensure I’d know of the key to bringing me hearts. Your friend Terra gave me a demonstration.”

Kiera was shocked.

“Terra!? He was here!?” Ventus cried.

“Why, yes. In fact, it was he who stole Princess Aurora’s heart.”

Now Kiera was the one mad. She summoned Dreamseeker.

“That’s a lie!” She shouted.

Maleficent gave a frustrated frown.

“I was asked to leave you unharmed…but it seems I have no choice!” 

Maleficent was powerful. Even with the three fairies on Kiera and Ventus’ side, Maleficent still proved to be a formidable opponent. She would darken the room and hinder the vision of the keyblade wielders, and the only way of looking where they were going was the dangerous, purple lightning Maleficent was shoot from the pale yellow orb in her staff. Against all odds, Ventus and Kiera has each other’s backs. They made sure each other was healed regularly, and made sure to hide behind pillars to avoid blasts. Finally, Kiera had an idea.

“Ventus!” She called, “D-Link!” 

Ventus looked at her and nodded, determined. The two pulled out their wayfinder’s and shot them up into the air. 

“D-LINK!” The two shouted in unison.

The wayfinders turned into shining green and red orbs. The began swirling around them rapidly. The two lept into the air, floating back to back. They pulled out their keyblades straight forward, and began spinning around towards Maleficent. They whirled around faster and faster, until they were barely recognizable. Maleficent attempted to dodge their attacks, but they grew too fast. Finally, Maleficent was crippled, and thrown to the ground. Ventus and Kiera landed back onto the ground. They were exhausted, but were satisfied with their victory. They exchanged glances with each other, grinned, and gave each other a high five.


Maleficent limped and struggled with every step to climb to the top of the stairs.

“Alright, what did you mean about Terra stealing Aurora’s heart!?” Ventus interrogated, “Terra would never do something like that!”

Maleficent grunted and turned around.

“You don’t believe me? That’s unfortunate, for he agreed so easily” she replied in a smooth voice.

Ventus frowned.


“There’s no way!” Kiera rebuttled, “Ventus is right! Terra would never hurt an innocent person!” She raised an eyebrow and added, “You seem to be a pretty powerful fairy. How do we know you didn’t put a spell on him and made him do it?”

“What are you talking about Kiera? Terra is too smart for mind games!” Ventus argued.

“What other explanation do we have, Ven?” Kiera insisted.

Ventus didn’t answer. He was growing discouraged.

“Ven! Don’t be fooled!”

Kiera and Ventus whirled around. It was Aqua!

“Aqua!?” Kiera and Ventus gasped.

Aqua ran into the throne room.

“Terra would never do that, Ven. You know as well as I do,” Aqua assured, “Maleficent is trying to get into your head!”

“Yeah!” Kiera agreed.

“Ahh…The truth can be most cruel, even amongst the closest of friends” said Maleficent, “After all, one never knows the secrets of another’s heart. I’m sure you’ll agree…Ventus, Aqua, Kiera.” 

“SHUT UP!” Kiera shouted, “THUNDARA!”

Kiera shot a powerful bolt of lightning at the roof. Stones began falling from the riff as it crumpled. 

“Let’s get out of here! Now!” She cried.

Kiera grabbed Ventus’ hand, and they, Aqua, and the three fairies took off out of the room, all the way down the stairs, and back outside. Finally, they managed to cross the bridge and to safety. 


Everyone finally paused to catch their breath as they made it back into the forest. The birds tweeted happily in the trees and a small breeze shook the branches. The three wielders panted. 

“Is…is everyone okay?” Aqua asked. 

“Yeah…I think so” Kiera replied.

Finally, once everyone calmed down, Aqua said:

“Kiera, you were supposed to take Ventus home. So why haven’t you headed back?”

Kiera frowned, and bit her lip. She opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out.

“It’s not her fault, Aqua,” Ventus spoke up, “I made her come with me. I need to see Terra.” He glanced at Kiera. “I trust what you and Kiera say about him…, but I need to see it for myself.”

Aqua opened her mouth to speak, but hesitated.

“I’m sorry Aqua, but I just can’t go home yet.”

Ventus turned to Kiera.

“Kiera, you ready to go?” 

Kiera was unsure. She didn’t want to leave Aqua on these terms. However, she reluctantly nodded. She hit her shoulder piece, and her armor and vehicle appeared. Ventus did the same. Kiera looked over her shoulder. 

“Aqua, I promise I’ll take good care of Ven” she assured, “I swear…!”

Aqua just stared at them, disbelief and worry, frozen. Then, the two took off into the air, and took off into the portal. Kiera’s heart swelled with guilt, as if she was performing an act of betrayal against her friend.

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