Re:Connect – Kiera Dreamseeker {Part 3} – Chapter V

An Unexpected Turn

The spar was long, and grueling, and seemed to go on forever. Aqua and Terra displayed the same methods of fighting as before: Aqua, graceful and nimble, while Terra strong and firm. Ventus and Kiera worried slightly at first. For a while, Aqua was gaining the upper hand, and Terra was growing frustrated. Finally, Eraqus raised his hand, and Terra and Aqua stopped. 


“Very good. Terra, I must ask you to remain. Kiera, step forward.”

Ventus smiled giddily.

“There you go! Big moment!” He hissed.

Kiera smiled and playfully nudged him before stepping forward into the spotlight. Terra was surprised to be paired up with Kiera. He expected that Aqua could be the one to combat their youngest contestant, as she was clearly coming out to be the strongest.

    “Kiera, for your trial, you will face Terra in combat. I will repeat again: this is not  competition, only moments of truth. Begin.”

Kiera summoned Dreamseeker, Terra summoned Earthshaker. Kiera was concerned. How was she not supposed to see this as a competition? Terra then smiled at her.

“Remember, this is only a training session” Terra encouraged.

Kiera smiled, and nodded. 


She charged at him first. Terra easily blocked her. Kiera jumped back. Then Terra struck next. Kiera rolled out of the way, then side-swept him. Terra stumbled back slightly, but held his ground. Kiera’s method of fighting was a mixture between Aqua’s style and Ventus’ style: Graceful, but swift. Though Terra was definitely stronger than her, Kiera was quicker. She became skilled at avoiding his attacks and striking from behind. Kiera was energetic and fast. Soon, Terra was able to strike her less and less. Ventus and Aqua watched from the sidelines, excited. It was especially difficult for Ventus to refrain cheering.


The fight went on. Kiera stood her ground. Terra was starting to wear out. Kiera waited for him to catch his breath, but still be on her guard. Terra was growing restless, and aggravated. Kiera assumed he was alright. This wasn’t the first time Kiera had the upper hand. Kiera glanced at Ventus, who smiled back at her, encouragingly.


Suddenly, Terra came charging at her again, this time, with more fury in his eyes. Kiera blocked him, but he didn’t jump back. Instead, he bore his weight down on her. Kiera’s arms shook as she pushed. At that moment, something changed in her friend’s eyes. Briefly, there was a flash of yellow. Terra’s face grew dark, as the anger in his eyes spewed through. Terra was truly furious, looking down at her like she was the enemy, and not one he considered a little sister. Kiera’s knees suddenly buckled. Why was he angry at her? He said it was just training? Suddenly, Kiera slipped and fell on her back. She cried out in pain. Xehanort and Eraqus both leaned forward. Eraqus grew concerned again. Dark purple smoke outlined Terra’s appearance. Kiera was shocked.

“Darkness? From Terra?!”

Kiera felt the wound on her shoulder seer with pain again. Terra suddenly realized what happened, snapping back to reality and the darkness was suppressed. He saw Kiera lying on the ground, groaning. Suddenly, his eyes widened with fear.

“Kiera!?” He cried in horror.

Eraqus suddenly raised his hand, indicating the end to the match. But it didn’t end. 


Kiera pulled her shirt collar back, revealing the wound in her shoulder. It turned dark purple and black, and thick smoke spewed from it. 

“What’s…? Happening…!?” She grunted. 

Eraqus rose from his seat.

“Kiera! That’s enough!”

But Kiera couldn’t stop. The smoke surrounded her. First it swirled like a tornado, then it entered her mouth and nose and she couldn’t breath. Everyone was horrified.

“Kiera!” Ventus called.

Kiera cried in fear. Then, she straightened. Her eyes flashed yellow and she growled:

“Is ThIs WhAt YoU wAnTeD, TeRrA?” 

The darkness clung onto her like sticky cobwebs. She lunged at Terra, twice as fast as she was before. She struck him, blow after blow. Terra dodged some of it, but was starting to take the hits. 

“Kiera, stop!” 


Ventus tried running to help, but Aqua pulled him back.

“No, don’t!” Aqua warned.

“Kiera!” Ventus shouted again, “Kiera stop!”

Terra grunted as he kept trying to dodge her. He wasn’t trying to fight her anymore.

“Kiera, what’s wrong with you!?” He cried. 

Ventus was now restless and fighting to get away from Aqua.

“Let me go, Aqua! Kiera needs me!” He shouted.

“She’s too dangerous! You’ll get hurt!” 

Finally, Ventus managed to pull away and summoned his keyblade, Wayward Wind


He managed to wedge himself between Kiera and Terra and shield Terra from a fatal blow. However, it sent him flying back against Terra, who flew into the wall.

Kiera suddenly froze, her eyes widened in horror. Terra regained his posture, but noticed Ventus was unconscious in his arms. Kiera’s heart raced.

“Ven!?” She gasped.

She looked down at her hands, realizing what was happening and tears filled her eyes. 

“Did I just…attack him!?” 

Suddenly, she arched her back upwards in surprise, then fell to the ground unconscious.


Eraqus lowered his hand. He had cast a spell that caused Kiera to fall asleep. The smoke instantly cleared, and she returned to normal. Everyone stood silent in shock.

“In all my years, I have never seen anything like that before” he declared.

“Master, what was that?” Aqua asked.

“Something forbidden” Eraqus said simply. 

He glanced over at Terra, who held Ventus in his arms. Terra looked up, the blood drained from his face, white as a ghost. Eraqus looked away with a angry, but also disappointed look on his face. 

“Aqua, please take Kiera to her room,” he ordered, “Terra, take Ventus back to his. Then the both of you will remain in your quarters until I have summoned you.” 

“But-!” Terra started.

“-Yes master” Aqua interrupted. 

Aqua looked over at her friend, a grieved look on her face, then at Ventus, her heart aching. Then, she slowly walked over to Kiera and pulled her up, cradling her in her arms. Then, the students departed from the hall.

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