Re:Connect – Kiera Dreamseeker – RPG Game Title Screen

The idea behind this was to recreate certain scenes of the series in RPG game form. The game would be primarily focused on fight scenes from the series since there is a notable lack of description because I just really hate writing fight scenes. So this would be the game to make up for that.

I have no idea when and if this’ll ever be done. If this is ever completed, it will be a YouTube mini series. However, I was pretty proud of the title screen, so I’d thought I’d share. Uploads will resume starting Thursday (October 8th) at 4pm EST. We will be continuing with Kiera’s story, which takes place shortly after 358/2 Days or Part 2 as she slowly regains her memories of her past life in the present.

Links to original artwork:

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Tomboyhns | H.N.Simpson, “Re:Connect – Xzylair Dreamseeker Stained Glass.” Tomboyhns Productions. WordPress. 21 Mar. 2019

Tomboyhns | H.N.Simpson, “Re:Connect – Kiera Dreamseeker – Kiera & Ventus Stained Glass.” Tomboyhns Productions. WordPress. 1 May. 2019.

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