Re:Connect – Kamara Silvernight {Part 2} – Chapter 10

The Beast Unleashed

With a hard thrust, Kamara pushed Harden away. She swiped the Windblade and let a sharp wind gust shoot at Harden. Harden lifted up black smoke and used it as a shield to block it. Kamara lept into the air. She manipulated the air currents into a tornado like swirl and propelled it towards her enemy. Harden lost his footing slightly, but it wasn’t until Kamara caused the roof od the building slowly crumble, when he jumped to the side onto safe ground. His mace dissolved back into black smoke. He raised his hands as swirls of darkness came speedily towards Kamara. Kamara swiped left and right, slicing the inky curls into pieces.

“I will not kill you, imouto” said Harden, “But I will beat you down!”

Kamara growled.

“You won’t take me again! I will not back down!” she shouted back.

Kamara whirled around in half Spinjitzu motion and jettisoned through the air like a bullet with the Windblade as the front. At first, Harden dodged, but he wasn’t quick enough to avoid the second and fourth time she flew by. Harden was kicked off the building and hit the ground. A crater formed under him as he lie motionless for a moment. Kamara drifted down to the ground. Police cars were everywhere, lights flashing, alarms blaring. They were rushing to get everyone out of the houses. Kamara was a bit surprised.

“Did someone warn them I was going to be here?”

Suddenly Harden jumped up and shot another blast of darkness. Kamara blocked it with her Windblade, but sent her flying back. She skid across the concrete road, breaking it up as she went along. The civilians were now crying, panicked. Kamara pulled herself, panting.



Kamara froze, then turned around. There was the rest of the ninja: Kai, Cole, Zane, Jay, and of course Nya. As soon as Kai disabled his vehicle, he let out a long lash of fire, creating a barrier between them and the Kurai Kodomo. Kamara was relieved to see they were still in one piece, but something else began to swell in her. The boys unsheathed their weapons.

“Get away from her, Harden!” Cole shouted.

Harden scoffed.

“Or what?” he asked, “I am the Dark Child of Black Magic! Your puny elemental weapons cannot defeat me!”


Kamara shot out her hand and blew a huge gust of wind. Harden was thrown back and slammed against a wall. It crumbled on his impact. They began to run up to her.

“Come on, let’s get you out of here!”

Suddenly, Kamara snapped. She swiped her hand, and a strong wind sent the ninja flying back as well. Only they harmlessly tumbled on the concrete road.

“Kamara?” Kai exclaimed in disbelief as he jumped back up.

“Just…Stay away from me!” Kamara cried.

She clenched her fist.

“I’m done with you fighting my wars for me!”

She turned back into the direction of Harden, who was slowly recovering from the blow.

“I’ll fight him myself!” Kamara decided.

“That’s extremely foolish Kamara!” Cole warned.

“I don’t care!” Kamara shouted, “Get the people to safety! I will not cower any longer!”

Then, she got into a stance.

“No, Kamara! You don’t have to do this!” Kai pleaded.

But she ignored him.



Kamara began spinning and whirled into a tornado. The wind gusts picked up all around them. It became stronger, and stronger. The rough breeze suddenly turned into hurricane force winds. The ninja looked in horror. Kamara rarely ever used spinjitzu, and this was why: Spinjitzu of wind-users were not concentrated, they were literal, deadly tornadoes.

“Come on!” Cole exclaimed.

They directed their attention to the people who were struggling to escape. Cole managed to raise up a rock wall to shield them from the most direct gusts. The rest helped children inside buses, and secured them before they took off out of the city.


In the commotion, the Kurai Kodomo had been struggling to dodge all the debris Kamara was kicking up. At the same time they were in awe. The power their sister possessed! They imagined it being theirs to command! However, bits of tree branches and concrete bits were hitting them in the face causing cuts and bruises. They were slowly being beaten down until finally, the winds stopped. Kamara slowly lowered to the ground and opened her eyes. She stared at the Kurai Kodomo as they regained composure. She summoned her windblade.

“I am the Kaze no Ninja!” she shouted, “Dare to fight me Dark Children!”


“I don’t know about you guys,” said Kai, “and I don’t know what game Kamara thinks she’s playing, but I’m not going to let her do it alone.”

“She’s confused! The last few days have been really hard on her” Nya added.

“You’re right Nya. Even if she doesn’t like it, we’re her sword-brothers,” Cole said, “We’re supposed to look after each other, no matter what!”

The Spinjitzu masters unsheathed their weapons.

“One last push guys!” Cole encouraged the best he could, “We can do this!”



The ninja charged into the Kurai Kodomo as bright elemental tornadoes, knocking them around like pinballs and bashed them against each other. Before they could recover, the ninja slew at them with their golden weapons. The Kurai Kodomo clumsily defended themselves. Inazuma whirled his kusarigama and charged with electricity. Cole raised up bits of Earth from the ground, deflecting it, and causing a dirt shower over them. He took another piece, this time a huge slab of concrete and pelted it at the green-haired boy. Inazuma was knocked back, crushed by the weight of the slab. Masuka summoned a wave to her aid. Zane concentrates his shrunken and three them. The wave froze and crashed over Masuka. Glacia lashed out freeze blast after freeze blast but Kai jumped and back flipped around until he was close enough to shoot fire at her. Glacia was hit face first by the fire. She tumbled back, clutching her face. Kai winced a little. Shifter attempted to sneak up on Kamara and raised a chunk of Earth to throw at her.

“Kam! Look out!” Jay exclaimed.

He directed electricity from the Nunchucks of Lightning, and shot it at Shifter. Shifter was directly hit and spazzed out into the ground. Kamara was surprised, but also annoyed.

“I thought I told you guys to get away!” She shouted.

“And let you have all the fun?” Kai exclaimed with a grin, jumping forward and blasting Shifter in the face before he could recover. Kamara tried so hard to be angry, but she instinctively smiled.

“You’re the worst” she chuckled.

“Am I though?” Kai asked, a mischievous glint in his eye. Kamara didn’t answer, only rolled her eyes.


Just then, out of nowhere, Safrina jumped forward like an animal and blasted fire out of her fingertips and hit Kai, flying back into a building.

“Kai!” Kamara exclaimed distressingly.

Then, she heard someone behind her and lashed out a sharp wind gust. It was Harden. He raised inky smoke as a shield before summoning his dark mace.

“I got him!” Cole cried, “Jay, Zane help her!”

Zane nodded, and the two went after Harden. Cole ran towards Kai and Safrina to help him!


Kai struggled as Safrina kept lashing her sword at him in uncoordinated fury.

“You know, the similarities between you and your father is uncanny” she stated, breathlessly, “Just the hair.”

“You knew my dad!?” Kai exclaimed.

“Of course I knew him!” Safrina snapped, “He was the one that burned down my village! And without help or an apology!”

Kai was shocked.

“No! That doesn’t sound like him at all!” He argued.

Safrina roundhouse kicked, summoning fire and sending it in his direction. He blocked it, but the force send him skidding back, sparks flying between his shoes and the pavement. Safrina scoffed.

“How would you know? He left you!” She spat, a maniacal smile growing on her lips.

“He didn’t leave me!” Kai cried.

A newfound strength rose up inside him.


He spun in spinjitzu form and flew towards Safrina. She was unable to deflect him as the bright orange colors of the tornado hid Kai’s every move. He punched her and kicked her left and right before finally Safrina shouted:


And tripped him with her weapon. Kai fell flat on his face. Safrina attempted to stab him while he was down but Kai rolled out of the way in the nick of time.

“Your father was a coward! He left Shuushi Village to die! He killed everyone I loved! If he were here, I’d make him suffer!” Safrina growled, “But he’s not here. So I will make his descendants suffer!”


“Hey jaguar! Over here!”

Safrina whirled around to find rock fly in her face. She tumbled back. Cole held out his hand to Kai.

“You alright?”

Kai took it and Cole pulled him up.

“Yeah…” was all that Kai said.

Safrina our so many thoughts in his head, he was beginning to lose focus. There was a horrid shriek. Safrina lept up from where she was thrown and literally spat fire at them! She created a large, beautiful but terrible sharp ring of fire and then jettisoned it after them. They didn’t have time to react, and flew back and hit an abandoned car. Cole was built enough that he was protected from getting seriously hurt, but Kai felt the bones in his back creak and snap. He found himself paralyzed and tumbled forward, exhausted and unable to move.


Somehow, it caught Kamara’s attention. Time slowed. With her distracted, Harden was able to get the upper hand. He unleashed a wave of dark magic and shot it at Zane, Jay, and Kamara. They were sent back. Jay scraped his face on the pavement as he slid. Zane ran stomach first into a large piece of debris, and Kamara tumbled until she stabbed herself on a large screw sticking out on another piece of debris. She shouted in pain. She hastily backed away, pulling it out and clutching her stomach. She looked around, breathlessly. The ninja were done, they couldn’t fight anymore. Their limbs were sore and aching. Their heavy eyelids beckoned sleep. Kamara pulled herself up. The rest of the ninja did the same, but Kai couldn’t budge. Kamara dragged herself over.

“What’s wrong with him?” She asked Cole, concerned.

“I think his back might be broken” Cole replied.

A shiver went down her spine. Kai grunted, still trying to sit up, but was only met with steering torture.

“Kai, Kai stop!”

Kamara suddenly exclaimed alarmed, bending over him. Without thinking she grabbed his hand and clutched it tight. Kai finally stopped squirming. He looked over at her and smiled. Kamara smiled back, but soon anxiety struck her. She looked around her. The buildings were in shambles. The roads were broken up and decrypted. Windows were smashed and cars abandoned on the road. She looked at her sword-brothers, battered and exhausted.

“This is all my fault” she mumbled, “This was all because of me. These people’s homes and businesses, their livelihoods are destroyed because of me. My sword-brothers were almost killed because of me! I’m such trash of a human being! Why am I here?”

A thunderstorm began to form over their heads. A few feet away, she could see Harden and the rest of the Kurai Kodomo inching closer. She sighed, heart heavy.

“Why won’t you go away!? Why can’t you leave us alone!?” She shouted.

She gently put Kai’s hand back down and stood up.

“You keep hammering us, over and over, pushing us further and further to the breaking point, all because you think I’m destined to be one of you!”

The wind was being circulated. The foundation around them rumbled.

“Well guess what? I’m not!” Kamara continued, “I’m much worse!

Something in her eyes were beginning to change.

“I tried so hard to hold back! Be a cooperative person, do some good, have people actually like me. Well I give up!”

Her eyes changed color, from dark chocolate brown to bright, neon red.

“I’ve had it with you! I’ve had it with everyone!”

The wind blew harder and harder at a rapid rate, the storm cloud forming into a hurricane. Kamara summoned her Windblade.

“Go back into the hole from whence you came, or I will destroy you!”


Kamara raised her hands towards the sky. Almost like a vacuum, the power of the storm was being sucked towards her. The thunder crackled and roared and the lightning flashed. Masuka, Glacia, and Inazuma we’re debating whether or not they should run. But Shifter, Safrina, and Harden just watch in awe and wonder. Soon Kamara became the storm. The clouds were sucked from the sky and circulated around Kamara in a nightmare of a tornado. The whole sky was clear but the storm bottled up around her.

“I SAID” Kamara shouted, “GO AWAY!”

Suddenly, she shot out her hands towards the Kurai Kodomo, and the effects of the storm shot out from her fingertips. The ground instantly cracked from under them, and they fell into the ground. Kamara kept lashing harder and harder, covering the crater with layers and layers of debris.


The rest of the ninja looked on rapped horror. They had never seen Kamara like this before. They didn’t know she had it in her. After a while, they began to realize the Kurai Kodomo were gone, but Kamara wouldn’t stop! Just then, Kai felt the strength to sit up, his back not hurting as much.

“Woah, Kai! What are you doing?” Jay cried.

“We’ve got to stop her!” Kai exclaimed, “If she doesn’t stop, she might think about destroying Ninjago!”

“But how!? She isn’t going to hear us over this noise!” said Cole.


“Well, if you must know…Sensei Wu taught it to me.” 

Kai’s eyes widened in disbelief. “No…!” 

Kamara shrugged. 

“Sensei Wu? Our Sensei Wu?”

Kamara nodded. “It was somewhat like therapy,” she explained, “He used my passion for music and dancing to help me control my powers.”


“Does anyone know how to play an instrument? A string instrument?” He suddenly asked.

Everyone shook their heads.

“No. Never had the time. Never had the patience.”

Kai growled. If they could just find a musician…


“Help me! Somebody! Help!”

Cole and Zane jumped to attention. It was coming from a collapsed building behind them. They ran over to it and began digging out the rubble as best they could. Until at last they found an older man with a solid black case shaped like a cello.

“Oh, thank you ninja! I thought I was going to die down there!” He exclaimed, trembling. Kai recognized what the case was.

“Yes! An awesome coincidence!”

He limped over to the man, ignoring his sword-brothers’ warnings.

“Is that your cello?” He asked.

The man nodded.

“Yes, I’m amazed that it even survived!”

“We need your help,” Kai said cooly, “Ninjago depends on it.”

“But how can a cello be loud enough over the noise Kamara’s cooking up?” Cole asked.

Kai pulled out a communicator Nya had given to them before she left.

“Sis? How close is the Bounty?”


Kamara could no longer think straight. Her mind and senses were clouded by rage and pain, and that fury was causing Erganto City to crumble under her will. She couldn’t stop, and she didn’t even realize what she was doing. She was becoming a mindless beast.


Just then, she heard a sound, a harmonious sound. It was familiar, like a melody she had heard before. It was sleek and clear. It was ominous but powerful. Her senses were slowly coming back to her. The sound which was foggy at first became clearer. It became dominant and clear. The fog of anger and darkness was rolling away. She saw a light above her. She looked up and saw it was a floodlight, from the Bounty. With the lingering rage, she shot out her hand intending for the Destiny’s Bounty to crumble and break. But her powers were weakening. She shook the ship a little bit, but nowhere near enough to send it spinning out of control. She discovered she was floating high in the air overlooking Ereganto City. The memory of fighting the Kurai Kodomo came back to her. Only the Kurai Kodomo were nowhere to be seen. Only a crumbling, decrypted town. She slowly lowered back to the ground. What happened was the ninja managed to get the cellist up to the Destiny’s Bounty so Nya could plug it into the ship’s speakers and could play it over the rumbling of the storm. Kamara heard it, and sure enough, it calmed her down. She observed the city in horror. She did this? Her anger and grief led to all of this? When she finally landed on the ground, fear began to overtake her. Her heart raced and her head pounded. She had to run. It wasn’t right, but she had to get away. She couldn’t let anyone see her. She turned her heel and was about to take off.


“Kamara, wait!”

Someone grabbed her wrist. It was Kai. The ninja were behind her, ready to take Kamara down if she tried to fight back. But she didn’t. She just froze. She breathed hard, and rapidly. No one could see her face, but she was growing pale, and anguish rolled up in her throat. Finally, she collapsed to her knees, and quietly burst into tears. She didn’t say a word. It was always trapped halfway up. Tranquil silence surrounded them. Not one sound was heard, not even the wind.


A pair of arms wrapped around her. Kamara stopped and gasped. It was Kai. At first, she was overwhelmed and tried to fight back, but her body refused to move. He didn’t speak. He just held her close, trying to comfort her. Kamara finally gave up, and just continued to cry.


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