Re:Connect – Kamara Silvernight {Part 2} – Chapter 3

A New Member

“So, what about you?” Kai asked, “What’s your life story?”

Kamara leaned forward, hesitating, “There’s not really much to tell.”

Kai leaned forward as well, mimicking her, waiting patiently.

Kamara chuckled. “Well, I was born in Funshi, a much larger village than this about an hour away. I was in school for a short while until I discovered my powers at six years old. That’s when Sensei Wu found me, and I trained in his monastery until high school.” Kamara shifted her weight, “I joined a band, we became good friends, then Garmadon attacked, I met you, and boom! Life story.”

“What about Jade?” Kai wondered, “She seems the odd ball out of the group, right?”

Kamara sighed. “That’s because she’s adopted. She’s always been the focused, quiet type. But she has her cheeky moments. They just don’t come often.”

“Are you close?”

Kamara shrugged. “I’d like to think we are. I don’t know if she’d say the same.” Kamara frowned. “She’s gotten me out of trouble more than I can say. I think she just looks out for me because I’m pitiful.”

“I don’t think you’re pitiful.”

Kamara looked at him with an eyebrow raised.

Kai cleared his throat. “That is…I don’t think you’re incapable of defending yourself! I mean come on, you’re a master of wind for crying out loud! That’s a pretty big power.”

Kamara still wasn’t convinced, but she smiled anyway. The food came about two minutes later and they ate in silence. They were both thinking the same question:

“Why did they feel so comfortable talking about their lives to each other? Was that a sign something good was going to happen in this new relationship?” 


It was late when Kamara had finished her performances and the two had stepped out into the cold evening air. The art walk had ended, and the last of the tourists began to vanish.

“Brrr! I didn’t think it was going to get this cold, I would’ve brought a coat!” Kamara exclaimed.

Kai unsheathed the sword of fire and transformed it into the blade cycle. But before he got on, he took off his coat and said:


He took the coat and draped it on Kamara’s shoulders. Kamara was surprised.

“What are you doing?” She asked in a threatened tone.

“The blade cycle will warm you up eventually. I just thought you might need it until then” Kai explained.

Kamara’s cheeks got a little red.

“Thanks…I think…” she said.


Suddenly, Kamara froze. Her eyebrows furrowed.

“What? What is it?” Kai asked.

“Someone’s watching us,” Kamara warned, “In the shadows. He’s sweating nervously.”

Just then, a bolt of lightning shot out from the darkness! Kamara summoned her Windblade and deflected it in the nick of time, but the force sent her flying back.

“Woah, woah!” Kai exclaimed as he ran right into her.

Then, he signaled to Kamara. Kamara nodded. Kai disabled the Sword of Fire and ran into the darkness. A figure began to emerge from the black.

“You are Kamara Silvernight?” a voice spoke.

Kamara took a step back.

“Who wants to know?” she demanded.

Suddenly, her phone started to ring in her purse. She grabbed it and answered it.

“Kamara! There’s a dangerous criminal in your area! He’s really close!” 


Suddenly, a chain and dagger emerged from the darkness, flickering with electricity, right towards Kamara!



The red ninja jumped in the way with his sword and once again deflected the blast. Kamara whirled into the air, kicking up dust and hiding herself and transformed into her ninja suit. She floated down to the ground and grasped her Windblade tightly.

“Thanks Kai” She said.

“No problem.”

“So it’s true…” the figure said, “Nanba Roku: Dark sister of wind.”

Kamara’s eyes widened. The figure stepped out of the shadows. He had overgrown green hair, blue eyes, black leather jacket, and dark khaki pants. It was a young man.

“Who are you!?” Kai exclaimed.

“I have come to collect my sister from the Warriors of light” The boy said calmly.

“She is not their sister!” Kai cried.

Kamara manipulated the air currents and swiped the boy of his feet. She flew in fiercely and slashed at him with her sword. But he dodged her and she landed backside to the building. Kai whirled his sword and let out a ball of fire. The boy front rolled, avoiding his blast. Then, the boy thrusted his hand forward and a bolt of electricity burst forth. Kai dodged it in the nick of time. He called into his radio.

“Uh guys! We could use some help!” He cried.

“I’m here Kai. What’s wrong?” His sister’s voice spoke, urgently.

Kai dodged another bolt of lightning.

“The Dark Children!” Kai cried, “They’re back!”

“I’m changing course!” Nya exclaimed, “Full thrusters! I’ll get the rest of the team down there as soon as I can! ETA 10 minutes!”


Kamara was knocked back when she used the Windblade to dodge and her shoes skid on the concrete parking lot and sparking.

“So, you are another recruit I see” Kamara observed, “What do they call you?”

Nanba Shichi” was the boy’s answer.

Kamara jettisoned herself up to the top of the building and scrambled to pull out her phone.

“Jade, you still there?”

“Yeah, I’m here. I’ve been listening into your fight.” 

“I thought as much. Tell me, do you know any weaknesses this guy has?”

“He channels his powers through his kusarigama, like Jay does with his nunchucks. If you could get his weapon away from him, you may have a chance at apprehending him!” 


Kamara thought for a moment. She watched as Kai was trying to push forward towards the Dark Child. Then, Kamara had an idea. She needed something quick, and something that he couldn’t sneak up on them with. Kamara jumped down and let out a lash of sharp wind at the boy before meeting back up with Kai.

“Kai, I’ve got an idea, but it’s a little crazy.”

Kai looked at her for a moment, suspicious until another lightning blast whizzed past.

“Okay, I’ll take crazy!” He exclaimed.

“I’ve been brainstorming with a new technique: Combining my wind powers with either of you guys’ elements. The combination of elements could really do some damage.”

Kamara looked on to the street. She was seeing a couple people looking out from the windows of their houses.

She added, “Of course, we need to do as less collateral damage as possible.”

Kai nodded. “Okay, let’s give it a shot.”

From under her mask, Kamara was grinning.


On the count of three, the two jumped out of the shadows, facing the boy.

“Ah, there you are” he said in a strangely cool tone.

“Kai, do your spinjitzu,” Kamara ordered, “But don’t go towards him until I say so.”

“What?” Kai exclaimed, “I’ve never done spinjitzu in place before!”

“Please, I need you to trust me.”

After a lightning bolt whizzing by his ear, the fire ninja reluctantly said, “Alright, let’s do this! Ninja-GO!

Kai whirled into a fiery tornado. Kamara took a deep breath. The wind currents began to pick up. Clouds began to rapidly roll in, covering the starry night sky. Kamara was fully aware that is was a cool night, and if hot air collided with it. The boy whirled his kusarigama and whipped it at Kamara. She backflipped.

“You’re not very good at this, are you?” she taunted.

The boy gritted his teeth, but the next second Kamara was gone, just as ninjas are.

“Alright Kai, this is where is gets crazy” Kamara whispered into the comm system in their suits, “But don’t move.”

“I hope you know what you’re doing” he said nervously.

“Oh, are you scared, almighty fire ninja?” Kamara teased.

Kai scoffed.

“Kidding! Kidding! Alright, back to business.”


Kamara closed her eyes. She simulated in her mind, picking up someone onto her shoulders, and redirected the wind as such. Kai instantly noticed what she was doing. She was picking him off the ground. 

“Uh Kam, whaddya you doing?” he squeaked.

“Trust me, just hold your stance!”



“Please don’t drop me.”

Kamara chuckled.

“I won’t.”

That statement caused him to waver a little as he was lifted high into the air. Higher, higher, higher, until he reached the clouds into the sky. He was getting more and more unsure of what Kamara was trying to do, until suddenly, Kamara cried:

“Unleash your flames into the atmosphere!”

Kai wanted to question her, but there was no time. He concentrated his Sword of Fire, and with a mighty heave, he let shunted his arms out to the sides. Fire burst from his arms and fingertips and into the atmosphere. Thunder crackled and light burst into the clouds. Kai freaked a little.

“Uh Kam, can you get me down?” He asked, nervously.


The boy looked up at the sky at the spectacle that was created. Then he scoffed.

“Are you stupid? Don’t you know creating a storm means more ammo for me?” He asked.

Suddenly, his kusarigama was forcefully yanked from his hand. His face went pale at the shock. There the wind ninja stood, with his kusarigama.

“You know,” Kamara observed, “This was my most skilled weapon until I got my Windblade.”

Then, she lashed out the kusarigama and spun it around his legs and tripped him. He fell on his back to the ground and grunted in pain. Kamara chuckled. She yanked the chains back from around him and he cried again.


Kamara was gathering the line of chain when she heard a poof! A net came out of nowhere and covered the boy with the net and heavy metal balls to keep him from escaping. It was Nya, from the Destiny’s Bounty. Kamara grinned. The rest of the ninja emerged from the shadows: Cole, Jay, and Zane: The black, blue, and white ninja.

“Ha-hey! Not too shabby, Kam!” Cole exclaimed.

“Yeah, and nice touch with the thunderstorm!” Jay added.

Kamara chuckled. Then, she realized something. Kai! And there he was, falling from the sky, panicking at the loss of control over his body.

“Whoops!” Kamara cried.

She reached out her hands and caught the red ninja under a current. Instead of falling to the ground with the risk of breaking his back, he fell slowly. However, Kamara was losing concentration and ended up sending him flying towards her! Before she could get out of the way, Kai collided with her and they rolled. Kai landed on top of her. Kamara grunted.

“Kai, Kai! I can’t breathe!”

Kai lifted his head and saw that he was too close to Kamara’s face for comfort.

“Ah!” His face went pale and quickly shuffled off of her.

Then, he growled, annoyed. “You said. You. Wouldn’t. Drop me!

Kamara looked up at the sky and chuckled.

“Oh calm down, I got you down without breaking your skull!”

The rest of the ninja laughed.

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