Re:Connect – Kiera Dreamseeker {Part 2} – Day 297


I confess, when I accessed the Organization’s computer, I researched more than just the magic rose. I failed to mention that there is consist buzz around the Organization about a place called Castle Oblivion. It was a place of great importance, at least to Xemnas. The higher ranking members would often travel back and forth from there. Some members early on were even killed there, including Vexan, Lexaeus, Marluxia, and Larxene. I didn’t mention it before because I didn’t care enough about it.


However, when I went to the Organization’s computer, I also found and entry called “The Chamber of Waking,” and “The Chamber of Repose.” The Chamber of Repose is apparently a place in Castle Oblivion that looks identical to our meeting room here at our castle. Xemnes often goes there to “meditate.” I don’t know what that means, but it sounds bad.


The Chamber of Waking however, is a mystery. Everyone in the Organization has been trying to find it. They say it has an incredible power locked securely inside it, and everyone wants it. The Organization members that were “dealt with” wanted this power for themselves so they could overthrow Xemnas, but it seems Xemnas had a plan in mind for every outcome.


The reason why I mentioned it, is because Axel decided to take Roxas and I to Castle Oblivion. Xion had always insisted in the past that the answers to her past lied inside Castle Oblivion, because she was “born” there. Roxas was elated. He had been worried sick about Xion and had a strong feeling that she could be there. I didn’t, not because I didn’t care about finding Xion, but because, I had a secret agenda of my own. Castle Oblivion has been on my mind lately, as I keep havin dreams about it. I feel like there’s something very important to me in that castle. I think Kiera was there at one point.


“I know it’s a lonely place, but you’ll be safe, Terra, Kiera and I will be back to wake you up before you know it.” 

Aqua got up and headed towards the door. 

Kiera knelt down to look at Ventus’s face. Her heart ached with the thought of leaving him. If she could, she would wait in this room, as long as it took to wait.

Finally, she said: “So long Ventus…I’ll be back soon.” 

Tears rolled down her cheeks, and she quickly wiped them away. She took his hand, bent over and kissed his forehead. She closed her eyes, leaning her forehead against his for a long moment. Then, she went to follow Aqua.


I think I know who is in there…


I felt uneasy when Axel, Roxas, and I arrived. The castle was sitting atop a cold, barren hunk of stone surrounded by darkness. It wasn’t white like I expected. But full of dark greens and browns. The stained glass windows were jagged and misshapen. It almost looked like a fun house, except, I expected no fun. At the same time, it felt familiar. I put a hand on my chest. I felt a sadness, and longing, similar to every time I dream about Ventus, except not nearly as strong. Still, it was prominent. Kiera had been here before. I’m sure of it. I took Roxas’ hand and squeezed it. He squeezed it back, not out of encouragement, but out of the need to assure I was there beside him.

“You ready?” said Axel.

Roxas and I nodded.

“As ready as we’ll ever be” I replied.


The inside of Castle Oblivion was quite the contrast to the outside. Instead of cold, full brown walls, the halls were blinding white. The only features that weren’t white were the peculiar outlines of chains and strange shapes.


I had suspected that something would happen to us once we stepped inside. I heard stories of those who step into Castle Oblivion lose their memories the further they venture in, and eventually, their very minds; Though Nobodies were immune to this curse. However, considering Roxas and I’s “others” were still alive, we may not be so fortunate. I didn’t expect it to happen so soon.


Barely ten seconds after we had entered the castle, Roxas began clutching his head. He grunted, wincing, and squeezing his eyes shut.

“Roxas?” I asked, concerned.

“My…my head!” He groaned.

“Easy man, maybe we should retreat for now-“ Axel started.

Then, Roxas began collapsed to his knees, pulling me down, as I was already pulling him along.

“What’s…happening?” Roxas grunted.

He looked up at me, with a look of pleading.

“Xzylair…!” He struggled.

I clutched his hand. He was squeezing mine hard, as if trying to somehow relieve pressure.

“So much…! Rushing to my bead…!”

“Hey, it’s okay, it’s okay,” I assured, staying calm, “You’re going to be fine.”

I looked up at Axel.

“This was a mistake. We need to go” I declared.

Axel nodded fervently.

“Roxas, let’s get out of here” he told Roxas, “For now…!”

Axel and I pulled him up, Axel carrying most of the weight.

“No, wait…There’s…something…I can…almost…!” Roxas grunted, trying hopelessly to pull away and turn around.

“Roxas, we’re not gonna get anywhere with you acting like this. I promise, we’ll come back-!”


Suddenly, I felt a pull. I halted in my tracks. I heard the whisper of distant memories call to me. I looked over my shoulder. I saw the hallway warp. It pulled itself forward towards me.

“Xzylair?” I heard Axel’s voice echo behind me.


Slowly, I let go of Roxas. I walked back. The door suddenly began to change. Instead of the common, straight, diamond shaped, French door with two rectangular stained glass windows, it was more softly curved. The glass windows on each side of the door were replaced with symbols that I never seen before: a heart, with three points at its bottom: and yet, I recognized it. 

“-Chamber of waking…”

“-I know it’s a lonely place-“

“-I will protect you-!”

“-I swear to you, I’ll come back-“

“-I can’t remember how, but I know we’ve shared the bond of true love-“

“-What now, Aqua-?”

“-We have to find Terra-“

“-Even if it’s only a visit, I’ll come back-“

“-Chamber of Waking-“


“-Chamber of Waking-“




The Chamber of Waking…



I whirled around, snapping back to reality. Axel was struggling to carry Roxas through a dark portal he created. I came to my senses and rushed to help him.


We returned to Twilight Town. Roxas was still mumbling and writhing with the pain in his head. He laid side-first on the ground for a few minutes, whimpering, and muttering to himself. I bent down beside him and kept my hand in his, assuring him in every possible way that I was there. I hated seeing him like this. It gave me great sorrow to watch him in this condition. But I couldn’t act like I didn’t know what was happening.


Finally, Roxas grew quiet. For a moment, he seemed to be sleeping peacefully. Then, he opened his eyes.

“Roxas?” I asked.

Roxas squinted as he observed us.

“Xzylair? Axel?”

He pulled himself up, still a bit weak, but able to stand on his own.

“Easy!” Axel warned.


“You collapsed just as you entered the castle doors. Don’t you remember?” Axel asked.

“I only remember going inside…”

Roxas looked up.

“I’m fine now. Let’s go back to Castle Oblivion” he said.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, Roxas,” I objected, “-Not after last-“


Suddenly, Axel hissed: “Shh!”

We were silent. I could tell Axel was sensing something.

“Someone’s nearby, watching us” he stated.

He looked around.

“Who’s there!?”

Suddenly, I spotted two cloaked figures. One was tall and masculine, the other was small and feminine. I bit my lip.

I knew who they were.

My companions quickly saw them as well.

“Xion!” Roxas cried and started to run towards them.

“Roxas!” I cried after him.

Axel ran as well. The smaller figure created a portal and quickly disappeared inside. The larger figure stood in the way. Roxas growled.

“Get out of the way!” He snapped.

The figure said nothing. He glanced at me. I said nothing, but I knew we exchanged looks of understandment. Then, as quick as they came, the figure took off around a corner and vanished.


Roxas was furious. Axel was more confused than angry.

“I thought the impostor was sighted in Castle Oblivion!” Axel exclaimed.
“Xion…” Roxas moaned, worriedly.
“No way that was Xion!”
“The one who ran away first was Xion. But…why run?”

I saw Axel snatch a glimpse at me and I quickly turned my eyes away. I could sense someone was watching us. Hopefully Axel didn’t sense the same…

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