Re:Connect – Kiera Dreamseeker {Part 2} – Day 252

The Stranger

She collapsed onto the ground. He panted and gasped for breath, clinging to his side. His sword-like key disappeared and he straightened. She grunted and pulled herself up.

“Ch-Cheater!” she snapped.

The stranger chuckled dryly.

“I will admit, you’re pretty good. Much better than the last one they sent to kill me.”

He healed himself and stood up. Slowly, he walked over to her. She attempted to scramble to grab her weapon. Instead, he planted his foot onto her hand and grabbed it himself. He lifted it to his eyes and examined it. Despite the fact that his eyes were covered by a blindfold, he could see the all too familiar Keyblade. He sighed heavy.

“As if two of the people I care about most sleeping wasn’t enough…”

She looked up.

“How…How are you able to hold my keyblade?” she gasped.

The stranger scoffed.

“There are many things you don’t know, nobody.”

He dropped her keyblade forcefully onto the ground and began to walk away.

“…I thought I’ve seen everything your Organization had to offer,” He said with a hint of sadness in his voice, “Then a Nobody comes along wielding my sister’s keyblade!”



“We’re almost done Kiera. Just a few more days, and we’ll be ready.”

“I’m still not sure about leaving Mom and Dad behind ____. Won’t they be mad?”

“They’ll understand. We can’t be kids forever. One day, we have to move on.”

“Yeah…I guess you’re right…”

“Hey, ____ ?”


“Will you promise…to always come back to me?”


“I know you’re excited to leave the islands but…if something happens, don’t forget about me.”

Riku was a bit surprised by her question. 

“Of course. I could never forget my little sister.”



She made her keyblade return to her and she charged at him, whirling around and about to give a powerful attack. He quickly summoned his keyblade and blocked her attack and slashed her face. She crashed on the ground, too weak to move. The stranger opened a dark portal.


The stranger stopped dead in his tracks.

“Please…! Your sister…! Who was she…!?” she gasped.

The stranger stood there frozen for a moment. He turned to look at her, then walked through the portal, silently.



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