Transformers: Renascent – Into the Fray – Chapter 1

Chapter One:

The hum of the ship’s engine rumbled in the darkness. Taylor McCarthy stepped into the driver’s seat in the yellow Volkswagen Beetle sitting next to her. She strapped herself securely in the seat, and took multiple deep breaths.

“You alright, ‘Gale?” A voice asked.

“Yeah, yeah,” the red-headed human replied, “I just…haven’t done this in a long time.”


“Coming up over the drop point” announced one of the men.

The Volkswagen revved its engine. Its radio suddenly turned on and switched to a station. A rock song blared through its speakers. The door of the ship slowly opened.

“Let’s up the volume!”

“And…GO, GO, GO!”


As soon as the door was opened wide, the beetle grinded its wheels into the platform of the ship. It shifted into drive, and dove off.


“I come from the land of the ice and snow, 

From the midnight sun and the hot springs flow…”

The Volkswagen transformed. Gears and plates and elements of the beetle folded and rotated. Taylor found herself attached to the waist and the cold open air pelting her in the face. She was now tied to the front of a yellow masculine robot.

“…The hammer of the gods,

We’ll drive our ships to new lands,

To fight the horde, we sing and we cry,

Valhalla, I am coming…”

“Still alright, Captain!?” The robot called.

Taylor squinted her eyes upward to see her friend’s glowing blue optics and warm red cheek lines the pitch dark.

“Ah-I’m…I’m still alive!” She called back.

The bot smirked.


The clouds drew back to reveal a dimly-lit city below them. Taylor was holding onto the straps of her pack so tight, her fingers were beginning to burn. She felt moisture build up in her nostrils as the bitter air went right through it. The city got closer and closer. Taylor could see the outlines of a vacant street coming at them hastily.

“…On we sweep with, threshing oar,

Our only goal with be the western shore…!”


Then, they impacted the ground. Taylor couldn’t help but squeak in fright. Bee front rolled, carefully avoiding Taylor’s face-plant to the concrete, and transformed back into vehicle mode. Taylor was now back in the driver’s seat.

“…Ah-ah, ah!

Ah-ah, ah…!”

The redhead breathed a sigh of relief. She quickly reached into her pack to pull out some items.

“You seem to be more jumpy than usual” Bee commented.

“Hey, you try being a human teacher for two Earth decades! It…surprisingly doesn’t require jumping out of planes!” Taylor rebuttled.


The pair soon met up with six dark, clay-brown jeeps filled with soldiers equipped with night vision goggles, rifles, and secure helmets. Bumblebee skid to a halt. They stood in the middle of nowhere, on a long, crippled highway which led into the desert and into a cluster of small rock formations. The highway had been abandoned, long since used, the perfect area to avoid prying eyes. The jeeps were pitched on the outer lanes, with a spike strip laid across the road.

“Where are the others, Major?” she called the soldier in command.

“Optimus and Ironhide have been pursuing them, caught them trying to siphon gas from one of the drilling sights. They took most of the ‘cons out, but two took off and haven’t stopped since.”

“So why haven’t they opened fire on them and blown them up?” Bumblebee asked.

“They were carrying energon, in a populated area no doubt. If Prime or ‘Hide had attacked, they would’ve most likely taken lives” the major explained.

“They probably did that on purpose,” Taylor added, “No ‘con cares about collateral damage, but Prime does.”

“They did manage to sever both of the ‘Con’s radios, but there’s no telling if they had already called for reinforcements or not.”

“Look! Here they come!”

The soldiers took their positions. Two had the end of the spike strip secured, ready to pull it as soon as the Cons got close.


The Cons approached. Then, flew past them.

“The strips were ineffective!” one of the soldiers cried.

Immediately, Bumblebee revved his engine and took off to pursue them. The soldiers attempted to fire, but the Decepticons were quickly out of range. Taylor gripped the steering wheel tightly. She looked in the rear-view mirror and saw Prime and Ironhide behind them. However, for whatever reason they had slowered.

Then, on the radio came, “Those ‘cons are quick little slaggers! We were barely able to keep up before they took out our tires! Dang Earth trash!” That was Ironhide, clearly aggravated.

“Knightingale, Bumblebee, you are to pursue them! Jazz will join you as soon as he is able!” informed Optimus Prime’s cool-headed, baritone voice.

“Copy that, Optimus!” Bumblebee replied.


“We come from the land of the ice and snow
    From the midnight sun where the hot springs flow
    How soft your fields so green
    Can whisper tales of gore
    Of how we calmed the tides of war
    We are your overlords”


He hit the accelerator hard, and Taylor flew back into the seat. They had a five mile gap between them and the Decepticons. Thanks to Bumblebee being a smaller vehicle, he was able to catch up to them fast. However, the Decepticons saw they were in pursuit, and sped up even faster. Soon, even Bumblebee wasn’t fast enough and were being left in the dust. He growled, aggravated.

“This form was the worst one to pick!” he exclaimed.

Then Taylor remembered something. “Hey, might be a good time to try out that new tech! I can try to take out their tires and slow ‘em down!”

“You didn’t get much practice in. You think you can pull that off?”

“Yeah, sure…! It’ll be fun!” Taylor failed to sound convincing.

Finally Bumblebee replied, “Alright. Go!”


Bumblebee shifted into the right lane. Taylor pulled a large, metallic case from the foot of the front-passenger seat. She placed her hand on the handle of the driver seat door.

“On we sweep with threshing oar
    Our only goal will be the western shore!”

Taylor suddenly threw the case forward and jumped out. Time slowed as she was in mid air. The metal case suddenly transformed into a sleek-silver motorbike. Taylor landed on its seat as soon as it was fully formed.

“So now you’d better stop, and rebuild all your ruins,

For peace and trust can win the day despite of all your losing!”


The engine roared. Taylor skidded slightly into the dry, cracked ground, kicking up massive amounts of dust. She gritted her teeth as she regained control. She pressed the accelerator hard, speeding up to 70mph. Dust billowed into the air as she gained momentum. Soon, she could once again see the Decepticons back bumpers in the dark.



Taylor reached into a toolbelt she had around her waist and pulled out two small discs. As she approached them, the Decepticons spotted her. Their back window dismantled inward and up came a two-barreled turret.

“Scrap” Taylor hissed.

They opened fire. Taylor hastily swerved back and forth, avoiding the pelting of hot bullets. She hit the accelerator even harder.



The motorbike wasn’t going to go much faster. She had to take them out now. She pulled out another device from her belt, this time, some kind of metal, fingerless glove. She teetered off the road slightly, and then into the dirt and dust. She had to get in front of them. The turrents followed her. She activated a button on the glove and a holographic shield appeared, causing the bullets to bounce off. Once she was in position, she lifted the shield briefly, and threw the discs with all her might. The discs flew underneath the Decepticon’s undercarriages. The Decepticons suddenly began to swerve out of control. Sparks flew as the tire rubber blew off, leaving the metal rims to come in contact with the dry concrete.


Taylor hit the brakes. The Decepticons tumbled, causing considerable damage to their roofs and hoods. They finally skidded to a halt and transformed into robot mode. Taylor stopped as well. She got off the bike, and it transformed back into a case. She grabbed the handle and tossed it off the road. She watched as the Decepticons regained composure and snarled at her. A machine clamped onto her right wrist and transformed into a large, glowing, blue bladed sword. The other hand still had the metal glove enclosed around her hand. She was unwavered from where she stood. Then, the Decepticons drew their guns. A helmet formed around Taylor’s face. They fired.


Taylor once again dodged their fire with the shield. Then, she slowly advanced forward. It started as a walk, then became a sprint. The sound of the bullets rang in her ears, but she remained focused. Once she got close enough, she bent down on her knees, and lept. With her superhuman agility, she glided over their heads. With her bright sword luminesing in the darkness, she lifted it, and punctured one of the ‘Cons in the neckline. The Decepticon shouted in surprise. The other continued to fire at her, but it only resulted in him accidently assailing his partner, causing him to sprawl on the ground. The standing Decepticon drew his jagged blade, dripping with dark energon and attempted to swipe at her. She jumped, avoiding its sharp edge. She side rolled left onto the ground and struck his hand holding the purple blade. It came off and plunked on the ground. Taylor’s blade transformed into a blaster and she fired at his chassis, over and over. The Decepticon should have been rendered immobile but he was still kicking. His other hand transformed into another gun and he shot desperately in her direction. She raised her shield. A loud beeping went off, signalling the shield was about to deactivate from the force. Taylor tried to navigate around the bullets, but the Decepticon was on full alert. He wasn’t about to be taken down by a human so easily. He moved quickly, pulling himself back onto his feet. Suddenly, instead of more bullets, the Decepticon shot a large object her way. She realized it was a grenade. She once again threw up her shield and braced for impact.


It exploded. Taylor was sent flying and hit back-first onto the ground. There was loud ringing in her ears. Her vision was slightly blurry, but she got back onto her feet. She could see the glow of the red heated barrel of the Decepticon’s gun. Taylor’s shield was officially shut down. She pointed her blaster and fired. As if the Decepticon became a member of the undead, he only flinched. He was determined to squish this obnoxious human. He kept pushing forward, now getting too close for comfort.


Suddenly, a shining red blade split right through the middle of the Decepticon. The Decepticon let out a short cry, before his circuits completely fried and shut down. There, emerging from the dust, was Bumblebee. Taylor sighed in relief.

“Thanks Bee!” she called.

Bumblebee walked over to her and held his hand out to her. Taylor clasped one of his fingers and pulled herself up.

“No problem!” He replied, with a grin.


Just then, a white audi drove up behind them and transformed into a robot with shiny blue shades covering his optics.

“Well, looks like y’all did fine without me” He commented, chuckling.

“Never underestimate the power of the little guys!” Bumblebee declared.

He looked at Taylor. Taylor grinned. She sighed, rubbing her back.

“Yep, I’m going to definitely feel that tomorrow!”


Loud thumps came up from behind them. Optimus Prime and Ironhide finally managed to catch up with them on foot.

“Dagnabbit, the fight’s over” Ironhide mumbled.

“Neither of you were harmed?” Optimus asked Bumblebee and Taylor.

The two shook their heads.

“A bit shaken up, but other than that, no problem!” Taylor responded.


The military keeps also met up with them and the soldiers examined the damage.

“We’ll get a team to clean up this mess” said Major Lennox, “We’ve determined that the Decepticons didn’t call for backup, so we’ll be in the clear. You should head back to base.”


“With all due respect, the fights could be as successful as this if you would let me do more than just exercises, Prime” Taylor commented.

“I allowed you to participate in order to learn how to protect yourself if the scenario should arise” Optimus replied, “It is too great a risk to allow you into the field.”

Taylor folded her arms and pouted. Bumblebee transformed into vehicle mode and opened his driver’s seat door. Taylor reluctantly climbed inside, and the two took off.

“I don’t know Optimus,” Jazz commented, “She’s proven herself capable with Bumblebee’s help. Don’t you think you’re being a little paranoid?”

Prime made no response as he watched the yellow beetle disappear over the horizon.


Double uploads the next couple weeks, Tuesday and Thursday and 4pm! Hope you enjoy!

Stay safe and wash your hands! ❤ ^^

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