Transformers: Renascent – (Cover) Into the Fray

TFR Into the Fray 2.0 Watermark

The Autobots have reached an agreement with the U.S. Military, and they have settled into Mt. Ninovan in Silver Springs, Colorado. But, no sooner have they moved in, that they experience serious problems, one that will require Taylor McCarthy, known to her friends as Captain Knightingale, to take great risks to save her already endangered people. This time however, she is not alone.

Well, this is a long time coming, isn’t it? The time I dedicate to writing has been very out of wack since last Summer. I will binge-write, then have a block for months on end, before the next binge. This is a result of that. But, I’ve finally finished! Hope you enjoy my upcoming continuation of Transformers: Renascent!

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