The Piper Chronicles: Terror-Tide in Molokai – Chapter 12

Chapter Twelve:

Love Calms the Waves

Once again, a wireless communication system was in place. This time, not only for the Aulani tribe, but also Leilani. Everything was put in place, so that everyone could be heard. Leilani seemed nervous.

“I haven’t sang in so long,” she stated, “What if I mess up, and he cannot understand me?”

Piper grinned. “Just focus on the passion and earnestly you feel. No artificiality, just pure raw emotion. He will understand, I’m sure of it.”

Leilani smiled.

“You are a kind child, Piper Dominique.”

Then, the Doctor spoke over the phone.

“Alright, we’re ready. Take two.”


Leilani seemed to take a deep breath, but nothing came out of her mouth. She was nervous. She knew the right chant, and the two travelers had updated Keonu, Puani, Nani, and the rest of the Aulani tribe on what was happening. The pressure was all falling onto Leilani to put things right. Piper have a thumbs up.

“You can do it” she mouthed.

Leilani chuckled quietly. Finally, she opened her mouth again, and began to speak:

“From the root-matted mountain retreat

My eyes look out at Moananuikalehua,

And I beg the sea to be calm

The tall lehua trees grow there, by the sea,

The tall lehua trees of Hopoe

Men fear the lehua blossoms and go below,

 They walk the ground below, below,

The pebbles at Kea’au grind in the surf,

The sea at Puna shouts to the hala groves,

Rough is the sea of Puna,

That is Puna of the rough sea,

Move close to me,

O companion,

You keep away so,

Here is the evil thing, the cold,

There is no cold,

Yes, there is when you are away,

O companion,

Our skins become clammy and cold.”


The ground trembled. But this time, a prominent wail of anguish surged throughout Molokai. Sure enough, a message was received by the Tardis (and by extension Piper’s cell phone).

“My love! You have heard my call!” 

Unlike the timelords, Leilani didn’t need a digital message to understand her lover’s pain.

“Eneki, ko’u aloha, please do not do this!” She pleaded,

“I know you grow weary of the sea, I am weary of my prison that keeps us apart. 

These people do not deserve to be punished for it.

 Spare their lives, remain patient just a little longer. 

I promise you, we will one day unite, and remain together till the end of time.” 


There was silence. Everyone stood holding their breath. The only sounds that could be heard was the soft clamoring of the waves on the shore, and the birds returning to their nests.

“Do you think he got the message, Uncle Doctor?” she asked.

“Only one way to find out.”


Finally, Eneki spoke.

“Life in the sea is lonely. The fish and the plants in the sea cannot speak to me. 

They care not for the heart and soul of a mountain. 


The humans do not care either, they only show concern when they’re lives are threatened. 

They care not for me.” 

“That’s not true!” Piper suddenly blurted, “Humans are naturally fearful of what they don’t understand. Sometimes they even take their fear too far and cause calamities. But most do not turn away from those who are in pain!”

She wasn’t sure if Erek could understand what she was speaking, but she continued anyway.

“Uncle Doctor and I heard your call, and we came to help! Please!”


Just then, a familiar chant was heard. Piper, Leilani, and the Doctor were surprised.

Fragrant with the breath of hala and lehua,

This is the sight I long to see,

Of this, my present desire,

Your coming fills me with eagerness.”

It was Keonu. He heard the words of Piper, and began the chant he had sung to the mourning vragmen once before. Soon, the entire village joined in his son:

“Now that you have come,

Love comes with you,

Greetings, greetings.”


Piper’s hearts were entranced in the rhythms of the song.

“Hula was born on this very island, Molokai. It came into being to tell the legends of the gods, and the tales of great men,” she continued, “But it was also created to establish a connection; connections between each other; and connections to those in the sky above. The people of Aulani have spoken to you, and they welcome you. You, and Leilani. Trust me, this is a once in a lifetime offer of friendship, even in yours. Take it. Be united in fellowship, and love”

The words of the Aulani echoed throughout Molokai.

“Your coming fills me with eagerness,

    Now that you have come,

Love comes with you,

Greetings, greetings.”


Eneki spoke:

“Your words have moved me, malihini,

    Though the wait pains me, I have hope of the coming joy,

    I have heard your cry my love, I have heard the call of the Aulani,

    I will answer with mercy, and accept their tidings,

    I come with humbleness.”


Everyone let out a sigh of relief. Piper beamed from ear to ear. The power and warmth of magma returned to Leilani. Her smooth, stone hair inflamed, and molten rock flowed from her head. Hope had returned to her, and life was restored in her. She looked at Piper.

“Thank you, e kuʻu hoaaloha. I will never forget the deeds of you and the Doctor.”

Piper grinned. She held her phone up to her ear.

“What do you think? Did I do good?” she asked, cheekily.

She could hear the Doctor chuckle.

“I couldn’t have said it better myself, Piper.”

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