Autumn Solstice Playlist 2019 | Fall Chills and Halloween Thrills

Hey everyone! Here’s my playlist for Autumn 2019. If you want to listen to my playlist, it’s available on Spotify!

First off, I’ve got select music from Loreena McKennit’s “The Story So Far” album. All her music makes me think of Autumn. Her eclectic style of combining Spanish and Celtic gives a perfect spice. Even the Mummer’s Dance, which is actually set in Spring, still makes me think of the chilling wonder of Fall; and of course, her song All Soul’s Night is practically a love letter to ancient Samhain, arguably the first Halloween. Lorena’s music is mostly set to Old English poetry, which is full of eerieness and sadness.

Next up is Disney music. I’m sure we all listen to Classic Disney villain songs such as Poor Unfortunate Souls, and Friends on the Other Side, and I’m sure This is Halloween from Nightmare before Christmas is an anthem at this point, but I’ve also got Grim Grinning Ghosts from the “Haunted Mansion” and the Twilight Zone instrumental from “Twilight Zone Hollywood Tower of Terror” from the Disney Parks. I’ve also got the Disney Villains Medley Cover compared by one of my favorite artists Peter Hollens on the playlist as well.

There are miscellaneous 80’s songs I have on the list. Of course, I have Thriller by Michael Jackson and the Ghostbuster’s Theme, but I also have Walk Like An Egyptian by the Bangles (It’s not technically a spooky or Halloween song, but I permanently associate it with Halloween since it played at King’s Dominion Haunt on repeat)!

There are a few eerie, haunting songs scattered about media that I find and am hooked on instantly. Such songs are O Death by Ashley H (you may recognize this song from the video game Until Dawn (18+)), and Come Little Children. On my playlist, I have Come Little Children/Hanging Tree Cover by Peter Hollens, who again, is one of my favorite artists.

So that’s a brief summary of my playlist for Autumn! Again, if you want to listen to it yourself, I’ve got it on Spotify! Leave a comment down below some of your favorite Halloween music! Happy early Autumn!

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