Fantastic Pin Trading & Where to Find Them – Busch Gardens, VA

Busch Gardens, VA has introduced a new pin trading program, with a wide variety of pins to choose from, including mystery packs, and can trade with staff members, also referred to as “Ambassadors,” and other guests!

How to Start Pin Trading:

Best Pin Trading Locations:

Felt and Feather: Located in England, and right by the Emporium, Felt and Feather carries every pin available for purchase, along with a wide selection of lanyards to choose from!

IMG_0871 Watermarked.JPG

Tweedside Gifts: Residing in Scotland, the Tweedside Gifts has a wall dedicated to pins and lanyards. However, it is missing the country, 4-pack pin sets. The mystery variety packs are also often out of stock.

IMG_0888 Watermarked.JPG

German Shop near Festhaus: I was never able to catch the name of the shop, but the green pin trading station is hard to miss. This station has pretty much everything. Plus, inside the shop has a spin-around shelf full of Seaworld pins that aquatic fans will enjoy!

IMG_0900 Watermarked.JPG

Selecting a lanyard:

There are so many colorful lanyards to choose from! There are also starting packs for $30 available, containing four pins to begin trading.

IMG_0873 Watermarked.JPG

IMG_0874 Watermarked.JPG

IMG_0880 Watermarked.JPG

IMG_0882 Watermarked.JPG

IMG_0878 Watermarked.JPG


Personally, I didn’t care for the lanyard in the starter packs, so I decided to select a separate lanyard and pin pack. My first lanyard was Busch Gardens themed containing stamps of the countries, attractions, and animals!


Selecting pins:

There are three categories of pins: country pins, mystery packs, and individuals.

Country pins typically consist of four pins for $25. Every country at Busch Gardens has its own pack: France, Germany, Italy, etc. Even America has its own packet!

My personal favorite is the Germany pack. I’ve been researching Oktoberfest for an upcoming story, so I recognized the cultural significance of each one.

There are three main Mystery packs: Busch Gardens attractions, Old Country retired attractions, and the newly introduced Carousel Horses. There are also miscellaneous Seaseme Street mystery packs available in the Felt and Feather, as well as other select gift shops.

My first pin pack was the Busch Garden attractions, with the hopes of obtaining the Griffin pin, which is one of my all time favorite roller coasters. I was fortunate to receive it after two packs.

Other packs include Sesame Street themes if you’re a fan.

IMG_0877 Watermarked.JPG

Individual pins typically range from $8-$20. There’s a wide variety of options, consisting of the Old Country theme, Tourist poster-esque pins, coaster Mail-stamp theme, and even Seaworld!

There are also limited time pins for Holidays and other events, some are given away at limited quantity. Keep an eye out for them!

Trading Pins:

Trading pins are super easy! Select Busch Gardens staff members will have lanyards full of pins. Simply ask to get a closer look at their selection, choose a pin in your possession you want to discard, and exchange it with them.

The staff members also have pins exclusive to them. I proudly possess the entire collection of Polaroid photo pins, and my brother has the entire collection of the silver animal pins. There is also a playing card collection, so if you’re a fan of Aces and Jacks, keep an eye out for them!

Please be kind and respectful to the staff members while conducting your exchanges. A good-natured trade could make their day.


Thanks for reading! If you have any additional questions, leave a comment down below and I’ll answer them the best I can!

Until then, here are some pictures of my current pin collection!

Pin Collection Watermarked.png67218873_1193187394186454_6491279684158881792_n.jpg


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