The Piper Chronicles: (Cover) Terror-Tide in Molokai

Finally! Another story finished and ready for revision! Also, yay another pic where I don’t look like complete garbage! đŸ˜œ

I haven’t done one of these more Doctor Who novel-inspired covers for the Piper Chronicles in a long time (at least, not any successful ones that I liked). It turned out real nice! I think I’m gonna keep Piper Chronicles covers more flexible and eclectic from now on.

When Piper and the Doctor arrive on a small beach in Molokai, Hawaii for the Molokai Ka Hula Piko Festival, they discover a red herring that leads them to 700 A.D., where tremors threaten the island of Hawaii. Is it a natural occurrence, or something more alien?

Terror-Tide in Molokai will be coming up after Re:C – Kamara Silvernight (Part 1), and just in time for the Summer, so stay tuned!

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