Re:Connect – Kamara Silvernight {Prologue} – Chapter 2

Chapter Two:

Threat from the Other World

I will not go into the details about what happened in between the years I trained at the Monastery of Spinjitzu, and the year I graduated. I trained there for four years. I was the only student. At times, I had wished there were others to play with. All I had for a friend, was my violin, and I played it more than I ever had or ever would again. Sensei Wu, whom I had called him this point onward, also used my violin as a means to relax me. Whenever I began to get frazzled, my powers would go out of control. Music on the wind was the only thing that calmed me.


Training consisted of physical activities. I learned martial arts, which helped me channel my powers in attack and defense. I no longer randomly shot a huge force of wind on accident, or causing anymore tree limbs to fall. I also learned to hear and sense things over the wind. I could hear motion from miles away, which determined whether or not someone was approaching me. I asked Sensei Wu if I was ever going to learn how to use a weapon. He told me that wind users were said to have a powerful weapon different from any others that existed in Ninjago. But time would tell whether or not I would inherit it. I was ten years old when I finally graduated, and returned home.


Before I knew it, highschool rolled around. I developed a huge craving for music, and joined the school’s orchestra for a few years. Not only did I learn more challenging skills on my violin, but I also learned piano and guitar. I was quite the musician! It was then that in my junior year, a short, shy blonde girl named Odette approached me. She explained that she was the drummer for a band her, her brother, and his friend were putting together, and she wanted me to join them. I wasn’t used to playing too much rock and pop, but I decided to join them. I became the lead singer. I would often mix my violin with our music, and we became a smash hit amongst the school. For a while, I wrote letters to Sensei Wu, letting him know what was going on in my life, and asking how he was doing. But he never responded. I almost forgot about him.


One warm Summer day, the sun was beginning to set, and I was heading home from band practice. The breeze blew gently into my face, lifting my high ponytail into the air. I had turned the corner and entered into a traditional neighborhood leading to my house. Then, I sensed someone was following me. I turned around. I didn’t see anyone. But I still couldn’t shake my suspicion. The air currents allowed me to hear things from far away, and I could hear footsteps in my direction, slow, but calculated. I continued, adjusting the violin case on my back. I was now halfway down the road, when I suddenly whirled around. The steps had quickened, and so fast, whoever was following me was now right behind me! I shot my hands forward, and a gust of wind blew up towards my stalker. Whoever was following me deflected it, and headed toward a different direction. I sensed them move again, and I sent another gust of wind towards them. They deflected it again. But this time, they actually showed their face.


I was shocked. In front of me, was a old man, with a straw triangular hat, a white tunic with a black belt, and a long, white beard.

I finally asked, “Sensei?”

The man smiled. “It’s been a long time, little one” he responded.

I practically dropped my violin when I ran to embrace him.

“It’s been so long! I was afraid something had happened to you!” I exclaimed in his ear.

Sensei Wu laughed. “You have little faith in me, Kamara!”

I let go of him and secured the violin case on my shoulder.

“So what brings you back Sensei?” I asked.

Wu put his hands behind his back. He looked troubled.

“I can’t stay long I’m afraid. There is something vital I must discuss with you and your parents” He informed.

I raised an eyebrow. What could have happened that got him worried? I never saw him worried before.

I nodded. “Well, you’re welcome in our house as long as you need. I’m sure my parents will be happy to see you!”

Sensei Wu smiled. “Thank you, Kamara.”


My parents were delighted to see Sensei Wu again. My mom decided to allow my two little brothers to eat in front of the television in the living room, while my Mom, Dad, Wu, and I ate in the dining room. We sat criss-cross on the floor and, after we said grace, we began to eat and chat.

“So Wu, Kamara mentioned that you had something to discuss with us…” my dad inquired after a few minutes.

Sensei Wu wiped his mouth with a napkin before responding. “I don’t know how to put this nicely but…” He glanced at me, concerned as he said, “I fear that darkness is creeping back into Ninjago.”

Mom froze in mid-drinking-motion. Her face suddenly grew serious as she gently placed her cup back down on the table.

“In what way?” she asked.

In the way she spoke, it was almost as if she had a hunch as to what Sensei Wu was going to say next.

“Skeletons from the Underworld have attacked one of the west villages.”

Now it was my dad’s turn to grow pale. Both of my parents looked at each other concerned. I was surprised. The skeletons were real? I thought that was just a story! Then again, I at that time I had only scratched the surface of that ancient world.

“How? I thought they had no way of coming to Ninjago!” I added.

Wu shrugged. “My only suspicion is that my brother, Garmadon, is behind this. As you know Kimberly, Stanton, he has kindled his vengeance against me for centuries.”

I learned about Garmadon from History class. He was one of the sons of the First Spinjitzu master, who thirsted for power and attempted to steal the golden weapons to make Ninjago in his image. I didn’t think he was real either. But after meeting Sensei Wu, I started to realize there was more things from that world than I expected.


“So what’s your plan?” I asked, “I mean, if you’re brother’s behind this, clearly he needs to be stopped!”

Sensei was quiet for a moment. He knew what to say, but he hesitated to say it.

“Kimberly, Garmadon seeks the golden weapons of Spinjitzu. I need to find them before he does” Wu explained, “But I’m getting old. I can’t do it by myself. I need Kamara’s help.”

Mom and Dad looked at each other. They were worried. They knew that I was an elemental user, and that I was the only one that would help Wu. If the skeletons were returning to reek havoc on the surface-dwellers, they could potentially start a war.


I excused myself from the room while I let the adults talk. I sat on the steps to the 2nd floor to be alone with my thoughts. It was an interesting time for me. I had almost forgotten Sensei’s world, and the world I had to eventually stepped into. It was so surreal. Part of me was a bit afraid. I didn’t want to face those mythical monsters. I wanted to sleep soundly and not be scarred for life. But another side of me was exciting and intrigued. I wondered that if I left to help Sensei, what I would learn. Would I grow stronger? Could I become a true master of wind? I could become a hero.

I heard the doors to the dining room slide open and my dad gestured me back into the dining room. They reluctantly agreed to let me go with Sensei, and made me swear that I would be careful. I ran upstairs to pack up my things, and my violin. Sensei and I would leave the next morning to travel back to the monastery, where we could arm ourselves and start our journey.


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