Transformers: Renascent – Sanctum of Silver Springs (One-Shot) Part 4 Ending

The third level was specifically for the Autobots. This large, vast room doubled as a medical bay, and research laboratory. When Bumblebee, Taylor, and Major Lenox arrived, they spotted Ratchet, the chief medical officer of the Autobots.

“Hey Ratch, we made it!” Bumblebee announced.

Ratchet turned around and smiled.

“Knightingale, good to see you! I assume your trip to Silver Springs was peaceful?” he greeted.

“Yes, no Decepticon in sight and little social interaction! But, the town’s very quaint. I’d like to explore some of it when I’m off duty. That is, is Bumblebee’s able” Taylor replied.

“No problem!” said Bumblebee, “Though, I’m not fond of the idea of just sitting in car mode on the street while you’re having all the fun.”

“Well, I’d be happy to try to make a way for you to explore without problems, Bumblebee,” Ratchet sympathized, “But unfortunately, inventions were Wheeljack’s expertise; and Primus knows, if he managed to get off Cybertron, we don’t need him here while we’re setting up, or he’ll blow up the place!”

“I understand Ratchet. Don’t worry about it. It’s not important” Bumblebee assured.

He still sounded disappointed, which made Taylor feel sorry for him. She would love nothing more than her best friend sharing her experiences with her. But, it would have to wait.


The Autobots’ medical bay consisted of two giant beds lying side by side. There was a portable shelf system next to both in case of emergency cases, with two small computers beside them on top. Beside the two beds was a massive, mother computer, in which Ratchet was working to reboot. The rest of the room was empty, aside from some emergency medical stabilization tubes, which were in need of repairs. Suddenly, Taylor realized the mother computer looked very familiar.

“Wait, is that-?” she asked.


Before she could finished, the computer whirred as it rebooted, displaying the Autobot insignia. To the right, a small scanner antenna appeared and scanned the room.

Then, a monotone, robotic voice said, “Identified: Ratchet, Chief Medical Officer, Lieutenant Bumblebee, Captain Knightingale, and Major William Lennox, Prime Human Commander of the Non-biological Extraterrestrial Species Treaty.”

Taylor smiled a huge, gappy grin.

“Teletrann 1!” she announced in awe.

She turned to Ratchet in amazement. “You managed to salvage him from the ship?”

“That’s right!” Ratchet replied, “His power source had been blown by all the damage caused to the Ark, but the emergency backup system kept all of the system data safe. Although there is a main command computer system up on Level One, Teletrann will be our private source of data. Only the ones with proper identification will be able to access it.”

“That’s amazing!” Taylor exclaimed.

“I didn’t tell you because I wanted it to be a surprise” Bumblebee responded, “We all thought we lost everything when the Decepticons attacked. Guess it goes to show how durable we are.”

Taylor was amazed.



Just then, there was a rumble coming from the tunnel in which Lennox, Bumblebee, and Taylor had entered in. It sounded like the engine of a massive truck. Everyone recognized the sound of that engine.

“Ah, at last” Ratchet commented.

There emerged the massive red and blue semi-automatic pickup truck: Optimus Prime. He slowed to a halt, steam coming from the side exhausts, and transformed into robot mode, towering above everyone.

“Captain Knightingale, you have arrived,” He said his deep, rumbling voice, “Excellent.”

Taylor nodded. “Yep, safe and sound. Ready for orders, Prime.”

Optimus Prime nodded in approval. He glanced at Major Lennox for a moment.

“If I may proceed” he added.

“Of course” Major Lennox responded.


“You were brought here primarily to be a consultant. You have been on this planet long before any of the rest of us. We will be counting on you for advice and strategic planning.”

Taylor’s heart sank. “Wait, that’s it?”

She cleared her throat. “With all due respect, sir,” she stated, “I am fully capable for combat. I may just need a refresh of memory with some training, like the obstacle course upstairs.”

Optimus stared at her, with a glint of concern in his optics. That look was uncommon.

Ratchet spoke up. “Optimus and I agreed that as of now, it’s too dangerous for you to be out in the battlefield, for both you, and everyone else. The powers you had obtained is unpredictable and untested. Your human eye has already been affected by your last use.”

Taylor blinked, and removed her glasses, looking at her reflection through the lens.

“I can see just fine!” She objected, unintentionally sounding a bit whiny.

“Nevertheless,” Optimus Prime said, this time with a disapproving tone, “There may be worse consequences if you do it again. Don’t. Do it. Under any circumstances.”

Now Taylor definitely felt scolded by her dad.

After a moment of silence, Taylor replied, dismayed, “Yes sir.”

She bent her head down, ashamed and sorrowful. Optimus Prime and Bumblebee frowned, exchanging looks of being torn.


However, Optimus Prime shook those thoughts away and said, “Major Lennox?”

Lennox looked up and nodded. He pulled out from his jacket a small package that he wanted to give Taylor earlier, but waited for Prime. He handed it to Taylor.

“This is your identification card, and your teaching certificate,” he explained, “We’ve reciprocitized it for you, along with a new driver’s license. There is an emergency insurance by the U.S. government to allow you pay for anything you may need.”

Taylor slowly took it and opened it. She noticed that at the very bottom, was a pair of metal dog tags. She lifted them out of the package.

“Why do I need these?” she asked Lennox.

“It’s standard procedure. All humans are required to wear those.”

Taylor rubbed her thumb on one of them. They both read, “Taylor McCarthy,” along with an identification number, the date the dog tags were issued, and a home address. It wasn’t to her new home in Silver Springs however. It was her old address in Michigan, the Witwickys’ address.

Lennox added softly, “I figured if…anything were to happen to you, you would want them shipped to that address.”

Taylor looked up and smiled sadly. “Thank you. But hopefully, that won’t happen.”

When everything was arranged, Optimus Prime spoke, “You and Bumblebee are free to do whatever you like until you receive further orders. Just please, don’t go farther than the town.”

Bumblebee and Taylor nodded, replying in unison, “Yes sir.”


Taylor realized she was getting tired. It had been a long day, and she still had to clean up her new house enough to sleep soundly in it.

“Captain Knightingale?”

Taylor looked up and saw Optimus Prime, looking down at her with slight concern.

“Are you in need of recharge?” He asked. Taylor rubbed her eyes for a brief moment before responding, “A little sir, and I’ve had little time to settle in the house. Not that I’m complaining, sir.”

Prime frowned.

Then, he ordered with sincerity, “You have my permission to leave.”

Taylor was unsure. “Are you positive sir?”

Optimus Prime nodded. “You have an opportunity that we don’t: an opportunity to live a peaceful life among humans. I don’t want you to lose that chance.”

Then he added, “I also advise that tomorrow you should take the chance to explore the human town at the bottom of the mountain.”

Taylor looked at him for a long moment, admiring her leader’s integrity, and grateful to have him as her overseer.

“Thank you, sir.” Optimus Prime bowed.

Taylor smiled, and excused herself to find Bumblebee, so he could take her home.

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