Re:Connect – (Character) Ninjago: Kamara Silvernight

Kamara Silvernight Character Cover Watermarked.png

So, those of you who’ve been following me on DeviantART know that Kamara’s been one of my original characters for a long time. She’s been a very important character for me, born circa 2012, and I haven’t given up trying to tell her story. However, a lot has changed since I first created her, as well as my writing style, so I’ve been having to go back and update it. It’s been a challenge updating the story while also keeping the original themes, but I truly believe her time is coming soon, real soon.

Fun fact: Her original last name was “Silverknight,” but I’ve since changed it to “Silvernight.” Since “Kamara” means “Like the moon,” I wanted her last name to also fit that theme: “Kamara Silvernight.”

Ninjago Background (c) LEGO

Ninjago (c) LEGO

Re:Connect Logo (c) Tomboyhns

Kamara Silvernight (c) Tomboyhns

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